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Dwight in Shining Armor season 4

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Dwight in Shining Armor season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Another Slice of Pilot (air date: 2020-09-20)

While waiting in line for a food truck, Prince Chlodwig the Unstable tells his side of the story about what happened to him on the day the Champion Spell was broken.

Episode #2: Guy Club (air date: 2020-09-27)

The Guy Club guys come back through a portal in Gretta's fridge with some new members from the cosmos, but the fate of the world hangs on sending one of the new guys back home. Gretta and Baldric attend a parent teacher conference that confuses Gretta's history teacher.

Episode #3: The Severians (air date: 2020-10-04)

Gretta is confronted by Militsa, a princess of the Severians who has set out to free her tribe from the rule of the Rogemorians. Gretta refuses Militsa's request on the grounds of tradition. But after Militsa steals a Severian artifact from Gretta's house, Dwight, Gretta, and Baldric search for the Severians to get answers.

Episode #4: Kirk the Berserker (air date: 2020-10-11)

Gretta, Baldric, and Hexela help Dwight pick out a luck charm before he coaches a Woodside seniors' dodgeball game, but when Dwight blows the Viking whistle he picked out, he conjures the ghost of a cursed Viking berserker who is invisible and inaudible to everyone but Dwight.

Episode #5: Smooch (air date: 2020-10-18)

Dwight helps Hexela promote her salon on social media. But when a new magical lip-balm turns Gretta, Hexela, and Nana into goats, Dwight, Baldric, and Kirk the Berserker must turn to the infuriating Contrarian for a counterspell.

Coming soon:
Episode #6 2020-10-25 The Draugar
Episode #7 2020-11-01 Hansel and Gretta
Episode #8 2020-11-08 Four Weddings and a Health Code Violation
Episode #9 2020-11-15 Biffels
Episode #10 2020-11-22 The Grim Reaper
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