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DuckTales season 3

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DuckTales season 3 poster
18 episodes (504 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Alan Young, Tony Anselmo, Terrance McGovern, Russi Taylor, Chuck McCann, Brian Cummings, Frank Welker, Hal Smith, Hamilton Camp, Joan Gerber, June Foray, Kathleen Freeman, Peter Cullen Genre:Animation, Children Channel:Disney Channel Status:Ended

8.8 (68 votes)

DuckTales season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Land of Trala La (air date: 1989-09-18)

When Scrooge develops an unnatural ailment, Fenton takes him to a place where money isn't used. But Fenton's plan backfires when he gets the locals to use bottlecaps as currency.

360p (mpg 213.8 MB)
Episode #2: Allowance Day (air date: 1989-09-19)

In order to receive their allowances ahead of time so they can buy a new scooter, the nephews trick Scrooge into believing it's Saturday instead of Friday, resulting in mass confusion worldwide.

360p (mpg 226.8 MB)
Episode #3: Bubbeo & Juliet (air date: 1989-09-20)

In this spoof of Romeo and Juliet, Bubba falls in love with the daughter of Scrooge's new neighbors, who have gotten in a feud with Scrooge.

360p (mpg 227.4 MB)
Episode #4: The Good Muddahs (air date: 1989-09-21)

The Beagle Babes, female cousins of the Beagle Boys, kidnap Webby in ransom for a set of crown jewels.

360p (mpg 227.0 MB)
Episode #5: My Mother the Psychic (air date: 1989-09-22)

Fenton's mother suffers a bad shock when trying to get better television reception. Her new-found psychic abilities are soon exploited by Scrooge, much to Fenton's chagrin.

360p (mpg 222.0 MB)
Episode #6: Metal Attraction (air date: 1989-11-02)

A robot maid built by Gyro falls in love with GizmoDuck.

360p (mpg 226.9 MB)
Episode #7: Dough Ray Me (air date: 1989-11-03)

Inflation shoots up the roof when duplicating coins spread through Duckburg.

360p (mpg 218.0 MB)
Episode #8: Bubba's Big Brainstorm (air date: 1989-11-06)

Bubba's grades are deplorable, so the nephews use one of Gyro's latest inventions to increase his IQ, but they all soon become annoyed with the new Bubba.

360p (mpg 225.6 MB)
Episode #9: The Big Flub (air date: 1989-11-07)

Fenton shoots a series of test commercials, but mistakingly creates demand for a nonexistant product. In desperation, he uses a new bubble gum invented by Gyro, who has not had time to test for side effects.

360p (mpg 212.0 MB)
Episode #10: A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity (air date: 1989-11-08)

Scrooge's nephews are trying to figure out just who Gizmoduck's secret identity is. So far, their predictions all point to Launchpad McQuack.

360p (mpg 222.4 MB)
Episode #11: Blue Collar Scrooge (air date: 1989-11-09)

Scrooge suffers a case of amnesia, during which he protests against himself and dates Fenton's mother.

360p (mpg 225.8 MB)
Episode #12: Beaglemania (air date: 1989-11-09)

The Beagle Boys become the latest music sensation in Duckburg, much to Scrooge's chagrin.

360p (avi 100.3 MB)
Episode #13: Yuppy Ducks (air date: 1989-11-13)

The nephews makes business decisions in Scrooge's name while Scrooge is in the hospital.

360p (mpg 225.8 MB)
Episode #14: The Bride Wore Stripes (air date: 1989-11-14)

Ma Beagle pretends that she's married to Scrooge in order to inherit his fortune.

360p (mpg 209.6 MB)
Episode #15: The Unbreakable Bin (air date: 1989-11-15)

Scrooge acquires a special glass from Gyro that makes the Money Bin invulnerable to attack.

360p (mpg 226.3 MB)
Episode #16: Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby (air date: 1989-11-16)

Webby, who has been feeling overlooked, ends up becoming a giantess after falling into a mysterious pool in the jungle. While she is now the center of attention, she does not like it very much. While Scrooge searches for a way to reverse the process, a corrupt circus owner seeks to kidnap Webby for his new sideshow.

360p (mpg 225.9 MB)
Episode #17: The Masked Mallard (air date: 1989-11-17)

Scrooge decides to become a vigilante after an unflattering report on him on television.

360p (mpg 222.9 MB)
Episode #18: A DuckTales Valentine (Amour or Less) (air date: 1990-02-11)

Scrooge acquires magical love arrows that once belonged to a goddess.

360p (mpg 226.0 MB)
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