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Dominion poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
7.1/10(1026 votes)
Alan Dale Alan Dale as General Riesen
Amy Bailey Amy Bailey as Clementine
Anthony Head Anthony Head as David Whele
Anton David Jeftha Anton David Jeftha as Furiad
Carl Beukes Carl Beukes as Gabriel
Christina Chong Christina Chong as Zoey Holloway
Christopher Egan Christopher Egan as Alex Lannon
Christopher Egan Christopher Egan as Alex Lannon
Jonathan Howard Jonathan Howard as Ethan
Katrine De Candole Katrine De Candole as Uriel

Dominion is an epic supernatural drama set in the near future. Specifically, 25 years after "The Extinction War," when an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, waged war against mankind. The archangel Michael, turning against his own kind, chose to side with humanity. Rising out of the ashes of this long battle are newly fortified cities which protect human survivors. At the center of the series is the city of Vega, a glistening empire that has formed from the ruins of what was once Las Vegas.

Dominion season 1

Dominion season 1 poster

25 years have passed after as army of evil angels, led by the Archangel Gabriel, descended from heaven to earth. Their goal is to destroy all human souls. And now, when almost everything is destroyed, for people who were saved a refuge became the city of Vega, a former Las Vegas. The archangel Michael become to protect all these people. He fights with his army behind their salvation. Meanwhile, the ruling elite of the city has her cunning intentions to seize power in the new world. And now unknown who of them is more dangerous for people.

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Dominion season 2

Dominion season 2 poster

The season two of the “Dominion” series relates the war between the humankind and the archangel Gabriel and his warriors-angels. We’ll see Alex travelling from Vega to the mythological town of New Delphi, which is a human’s enclave concealing some anxiety riddles. He wants to accomplish a military alliance with the dominant figure and leader of this town. Whereas in Vega we may notice Claire Riesen facing a civil war, which plays her off against the dishonored David Whele with his newly found rebellions. In the course of the escalation of the war in some cities Michael has to face an enigma in the shape of Mallory. Mallory is a wonderful little town, which is supposedly unaffected by war and inhabited by angels. Mighty and insidious leader of New Delphi Julian is played by Simon Merrells. Julian is ready to do everything and go all length in order to defend his city. All in all Dominion is able to capture its viewer’s attention and hold till the very captions. Everyone can find emotions to his liking there: love and hatred, vice and virtue, wisdom and reckless actions…

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