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Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who (2005) poster
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Channel: BBC One
Status: Continuing
9.4/10(24296 votes)
Alex Kingston Alex Kingston as River Song
Arthur Darvill Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams
Bernard Cribbins Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott
Billie Piper Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
Bradley Walsh Bradley Walsh as Graham O'Brien
Camille Coduri Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Catherine Tate Catherine Tate as Donna Noble
Catrin Stewart Catrin Stewart as Jenny Flint
Christopher Eccleston Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor
Dan Starkey Dan Starkey as Strax

Adventures across time and space with the time travelling alien and companions.

Doctor is an eccentric alien traveler of great intelligence who fights against injustice, he is traveling through the time and space in his old time machine called the TARDIS. The TARDIS looks like a British police box of 60’s, and it’s much bigger inside than it seems to the first signt. Its name is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS). Doctor Who belongs to the race of the Time Lords from the planet – Gallifrey. Doctor “regenerated” every new season into a new person but he has the same temper and behavior. It allows the producers of the series to replace the leading man during the whole show. In 2013 Peter Capaldi became the main character, for now he is already Twelfth Doctor.

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BBC One TV show Doctor Who for 10 seasons tells the story about an alien calling himself The Doctor. He travels in the police box called TARDIS during time and space. The 9th season of the cult British tv series “Doctor Who” ended up saying goodbye to companion of Doctor Who, Clara. TV show fans will see the new companion of Doctor Who in the new season. This is an ordinary employee of fast food called Bill Potts. However, she is even more eccentric and brave than Clara. The Twelfth Doctor begins an investigation into the activities of the New York branch of a transnational research company in the season 10 of the BBC’s tv series. He suspects that the organization is a cover for dubious plans. As a result, the Dr. Who learns that certain forms of unearthly life intend to populate the bodies of world leaders… As usual, the creators of the tv series Doctor Who pleased fans by release of a special Christmas episode titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”.

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TV show Doctor Who season 11 meets a new doctor, who will plow through space and try to cleanse the world from evil in any of its manifestations. The 13th Doctor became a very interesting woman unexpected for all viewers. The doctor is waiting for even more transformations in the new season. Unlike previous seasons, Doctor Who season 11 will consist not of twelve 45-minute episodes, but of 10 60-minute ones in the era of the Thirteenth Doctor. It remains to be hoped that the new Dr. Who will conquer the hearts of the fans by her strong female image. Last regeneration will begin in the final of season 10, but the character of Peter Capaldi will desperately try to stop it. But despite this the final regeneration will take place in the Christmas series of 2017. As a result, the 13th doctor will appear for the first time in a new form. Like all predecessors, the 13th Doctor with new forces enters into battle with criminal elements not alone. Interesting companions, who became her faithful friends make up her company. A new female doctor will help to renew the series and open up space for jokes about sex change in new episodes of the season 11 Doctor Who.

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BBC announced the date of the premiere of Doctor Who season 12. It will be released in early 2020. Jodie Whittaker will return to the role of Doctor, Chris Chibnall remained a showrunner. Hopefully, he will improve a little and make more interesting plots in the new season.

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