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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives season 6

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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives season 6 poster
13 episodes (300 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Guy Fieri, Duff Goldman , Hunter Fieri Genre:Food Channel:Food Network Status:Continuing

8.6 (16 votes)

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: Funky Joints (air date: 2009-04-06)

Bizzarro Italian Cafe (Seattle, WA), Chef Point Cafe (Wautaga, TX), Jamie's Bar & Grill (Sacramento, CA) Guy Fieri chases down some funky joints doing serious cooking: Near Fort Worth, a gas station with a menu includes duck l'orange; In Seattle, a café where former circus performers are serving up home made pasta with elk; And in Sacramento, a dive bar doing prime rib - in a smoker.

Episode #2: Their Own Way (air date: 2009-04-13)

Blue Water Seafood (San Diego, CA), Brandy's Restaurant & Bakery (Flagstaff, AZ), Kuma's Corner (Chicago, IL) Guy Fieri meets cooks doing things their own way: In Flagstaff, AZ, a family place where the beef stew is made from tenderloin; In San Diego, a restaurant in a fish market run by two brothers, and in Chicago, a dive bar serving nearly two dozen different burgers named for rock bands.

Episode #3: A Little Bit of Everywhere (air date: 2009-04-20)

Bar Gernika (Boise, ID), Cafe Rolle (Sacramento, CA), Havana Hideout (Lake Worth, FL) Guy Fieri rolls out to great joints with international favorites including a Sacramento storefront where a French chef is serving home made pate'; Basque specialties at a local place in Idaho; And near Palm Beach, FL, Latin-infused favorites cooked up in a converted truck.

Episode #4: A Burger, A Bowl and a Slice (air date: 2009-04-27)

La Piazza Al Forno (Glendale, AZ), Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack (Seattle, WA), Twisted Root Burger Co (Dallas, TX) Guy Fieri checks out some places doing America's favorites: Burgers done every which way at a joint run by culinary school grads in Dallas; An Arizona pizza joint serving up family recipes; Plus a Seattle chili shack.

Episode #5: Biscuits, Bagels and BLT's (air date: 2009-05-04)

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe (Portland, OR), Bubba's Diner (San Anselmo, CA), Flakowitz of Boynton (Boynton Beach, FL) Guy Fieri checks out some serious scratch cooking: In Portland, a breakfast joint where they're making buttermilk biscuits with sweet potatoes; In San Anselmo, CA, a diner where the BLT comes with softshell crab; And in Boynton Beach, FL, a deli making all kinds of east coast classics from bagels to matzoh ball soup.

Episode #6: Who'Da Thunk It? (air date: 2009-05-11)

Backroad Pizza (Santa Fe, NM), Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine (Arlington, TX), Westside Drive-In (Boise, ID) Guy Fieri uncovers some unexpected joints the locals love: In Boise, ID, a 50-year-old drive-in where you can order prime rib; In Santa Fe, NM, a pizza joint where they'll top your pie with green chilis and Jamaican cooking in Forth Worth,TX.

Episode #7: Go-To Joints (air date: 2009-05-25)

Black Duck Cafe (Westport, CT), Otto's Sausage Kitchen (Portland, OR), Sol Food Puerto Rican Cuisine (San Rafael, CA) Guy Fieri checks out some beloved local places: In San Rafael, CA, a Puerto Rican restaurant serving an adobo steak sandwich; In CT, a pub located on a beached barge and in Portland, a family-owned meat market and deli where they're making hot dogs from scratch.

Episode #8: Homestyle (air date: 2009-06-01)

Giuseppe's on 28th (Phoenix, AZ), Southern Kitchen (Tacoma, WA), Zia Diner (Santa Fe, NM) Guy Fieri checks out homestyle cooking in Seattle, where a southern chef is bringing southern classics to the northwest; In Arizona,aclassical musician who is serving up native Italian recipes; And in Santa Fe, the adobe diner where corned beef hash gets a southwestern spin.

Episode #9: All Kinds of Classics (air date: 2009-06-08)

Blue Marlin Fish House (North Miami Beach, FL), Fred's Texas Cafe (Fort Worth, TX), Pine State Biscuits (Portland, OR) Guy Fieri samples some classics from coast to coast: In Portland, a neighborhood restaurant serving up Southernstyle biscuits; In Fort Worth, TX, a roadside joint putting some heat in their standards; And in North Miami Beach, FL, a shack in a state park making all kinds of smoked fish.

Episode #10: All Over the Map (air date: 2009-06-15)

Georgia's Greek Restaurant & Deli (Seattle, WA), Los Taquitos (Phoeniz, AZ), Rocco's Cafe (San Francisco, CA) Guy Fieri rolls in for a world of flavor: In Phoenix, a family-owned joint where five sisters are cranking out authentic Mexican tacos; In Seattle, an auto shop turned Greek restaurant serving leg of lamb; And in San Francisco, a little Italian place making grandpa's Bolognese & clams.

Episode #11: Old Time Favorites (air date: 2009-06-22)

Blueplate Lunch Counter (Portland, OR), Donn's Hilltop-Kodiak Grill (Boise, ID), LA Camaronera (Miami, FL) Guy Fieri checks out some places keeping the feel of the past alive: In Idaho, the local landmark brought back to life, where they're dishing up big plates; In Portland, the old-time lunch counter where folks love the grilled cheese and home made tomato soup; And in Miami, the family joint doing seafood the way their grandparents did back in Cuba.

Episode #12: Comfort Cookin' (air date: 2009-06-29)

Dottie's (San Francisco, CA), Over Easy (Phoenix, AZ), Comet Cafe (Milwaukee, WI) Guy Fieri catches some comfort food in Arizona, where a Paris-trained chef is doing ham steak with red eye gravy; In San Francisco, folks line up for chili cheddar cornbread & pumpkin oatmeal pancakes; And in Milwaukee, try bacon wrapped meatloaf, and a deep fried ball of turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes.

Episode #13: Mama's Cookin' (air date: 2009-07-27)

Mama E's Wings & Waffles (Oklahoma City, OK), Polka (Los Angeles, CA), Avila's (Dallas, TX) Guy Fieri rolls out to places still doin' it mama's way: In Oklahoma City, a couple doing wings & waffles soul food style; In Dallas, a family home turned family restaurant; and in LA, a Polish joint in a strip mall serving pierogis & stuffed cabbage.

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