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Diff'rent Strokes season 4

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Diff'rent Strokes season 4 poster
26 episodes (1183 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Charlotte Rae, Conrad Bain, Dana Plato, Danny Cooksey, Dixie Carter, Gary Coleman, Mary Ann Mobley, Mary Jo Catlett, Todd Bridges Genre:Comedy Channel:NBC Status:Ended

7.3 (7 votes)

Diff'rent Strokes season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Growing Up (air date: 1981-10-29)

His friends' stories of their sexual exploits convince Willis it's time he became a man, so now he must convince his girlfriend Charlene.

360p (wmv 288.6 MB)
Episode #2: First Day Blues (air date: 1981-11-05)

Willis has jitters on his first day of high school but hooks up with a bad group who ask him to supply drugs for their party.

360p (wmv 383.4 MB)
Episode #3: The Model (air date: 1981-11-12)

Kimberly's first attempt at modeling may lead to an opportunity in Paris, but her father is not prepared to let her go there on her own.

360p (wmv 351.7 MB)
Episode #4: The Team (air date: 1981-11-19)

Drummond faces a lawsuit when he hires a black man for an executive position, and Willis seeks justice when he is denied a spot on the basketball team because of his race.

360p (wmv 351.3 MB)
Episode #5: The Big Heist (air date: 1981-11-26)

Arnold is accepted into an elite club at school, but his membership could lead him to commit a crime as part of the secret initiation.

360p (wmv 323.1 MB)
Episode #6: Double Date (a.k.a.) Blind Date (air date: 1981-12-03)

Arnold's big plans for his first real date are deflated by his father's restrictions.

360p (wmv 359.3 MB)
Episode #7: The Ski Weekend (air date: 1981-12-10)

Kimberly, fed up with her father's smothering, elects to spend a ski weekend with a popular boy, but her meddling family can't manage to stay away.

360p (wmv 339.5 MB)
Episode #8: Health Club (air date: 1981-12-17)

Arnold and Willis discover that Drummond's health club, which has just named him the recipient of an award, excludes minorities from membership.

360p (wmv 290.2 MB)
Episode #9: Burial Ground (air date: 1982-01-07)

Drummond's company may destroy what could be an ancient Indian burial ground.

360p (wmv 282.4 MB)
Episode #10: Hello, Daddy (air date: 1982-01-14)

Does Drummond have a third son? There's a young man at the door who thinks so.

360p (wmv 356.3 MB)
Episode #11: Jilted (air date: 1982-01-21)

Willis takes his girlfriend for granted and risks losing her to another guy, so he makes a romantic play to keep her.

360p (wmv 305.5 MB)
Episode #12: Dreams (air date: 1982-01-28)

A cancelled fishing trip leaves Arnold having a series of bad dreams that the entire family loses sleep over, until a psychiatrist's examination reveals what really is causing his nighttime terror.

360p (wmv 332.9 MB)
Episode #13: Kathy (air date: 1982-02-04)

Arnold and his friend Kathy face big challenges in their lives and each holds the key to overcoming the other's obstacles, but when Arnold takes the first step forward, their entire relationship takes a big step backwards.

360p (wmv 284.4 MB)
Episode #14: Fire (air date: 1982-02-11)

A fire traps Drummond and his family in their penthouse and has him "working" overtime trying to protect them without letting on that there's anything wrong.

360p (wmv 337.1 MB)
Episode #15: The Squatter (air date: 1982-02-18)

Drummond learns the hard way that converting apartments into condominiums can mean hurting lots of innocent people when he becomes the unsuspecting "victim" of an eccentric tenant he's displacing.

360p (wmv 287.2 MB)
Episode #16: The Car (air date: 1982-02-25)

When his girlfriend plans on taking a drive with someone else, a careless Willis -- refusing to be outdone -- gets an idea for a real joy ride neither of them will forget.

360p (wmv 334.4 MB)
Episode #17: Crime Story (Part 1) (a.k.a.) Crime in the Schools (air date: 1982-03-11)

Arnold and his friend Dudley are scared to death by two teenage bullies who pose the intimidating demand "your lunch money or your life."

360p (wmv 314.3 MB)
Episode #18: Crime Story (Part 2) (a.k.a.) Crime in the Schools (air date: 1982-03-18)

Arnold doesn't know when to leave well enough alone after Willis comes to his rescue, he gets himself involved in an "undercover" scheme to capture the "punks" at school who have been harassing him.

360p (wmv 356.2 MB)
Episode #19: B.M.O.C. (air date: 1982-03-25)

Willis' obsession with joining an "exclusive" high school club rocks the Drummond household and leaves several victims in its wake, including a shaken Arnold who takes his brother's "insensitive" actions to heart.

360p (wmv 326.4 MB)
Episode #20: Green Hair (air date: 1982-04-01)

An adamant Drummond ignores sister Sophia's pleas to get involved in a group effort to combat air pollution, until Kimberly becomes victimized by the unnatural phenomenon.

360p (wmv 376.8 MB)
Episode #21: Have I Got a Girl for You (air date: 1982-04-08)

Aunt Sophia's matchmaking unites an unsuspecting Drummond with her "working-class" hairdresser, but a slip of Arnold's tongue ignites charges that Drummond is a snob, turning a "budding romance" into a roaring feud.

360p (wmv 353.2 MB)
Episode #22: Lifesavers (air date: 1982-04-15)

A quick-thinking, fast-acting Willis saves Arnold from a near-fatal accident and in doing so unleashes an adoring monster who dedicates his life to repaying his "hero."

360p (wmv 409.8 MB)
Episode #23: Stress? What Stress? (air date: 1982-04-22)

Stress is diagnosed as the cause of hard-working Drummond's frequent attacks of pain, but suddenly young, healthy and "normal" Willis learns that he, too, is a prime candidate for the same debilitating "attacks."

360p (wmv 357.2 MB)
Episode #24: The Music Man (air date: 1982-05-06)

Willis sets what he's sure is a "cinch" audition for girlfriend Charlene to sing with his musical group, but his "big plane" hit a sour not when Arnold's intervention threatens to destroy both Charlene's chances with the group and her relationship with Willis.

360p (wmv 441.2 MB)
Episode #25: Short But Sweet (air date: 1982-05-13)

Arnold feels shortchanged, he's growing older but he's not getting any taller and he's convinced that's the reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Episode #26: On Your Toes (air date: 1982-05-20)

A famed choreographer encourages Arnold to learn ballet, but his youthful dancing days could be numbered when Willis' taunting remarks convince Arnold to drop out of an upcoming recital.

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