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Dexter season 3

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Dexter season 3 poster
12 episodes (1714 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, James Remar, Julie Benz, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, Desmond Harrington, Keith Carradine, C.S. Lee, Christina Robinson, Erik King, Billy Brown, Preston Bailey, Charlotte Rampling, Ray Stevenson, Jason Gedrick, Aimee Garcia, Josh Cooke, Yvonne Strahovski, Jonny Lee Miller, Colin Hanks, Edward James Olmos, Mos Def, Julia Stiles, Jimmy Smits, Jaime Murray, John Lithgow, Christian Camargo Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Channel:Showtime Status:Ended

9.1 (1548 votes)

In the third season of Dexter there is a real friend – Attorney Miguel Prado, who soon finds out about the murders, and decides to use Dexter for his own purposes. Dexter marries Rita, who is expecting his child.

Dexter season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Our Father (air date: 2008-09-28)

Dexter has put his life back together but things may fall apart soon. His new victim is also being targeted by Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado. Deb has to decide how to handle Internal Affairs, as they want her to turn on her new partner.

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Episode #2: Finding Freebo (air date: 2008-10-05)

Dexter continues the hunt for Freebo, knowing he is still in town after finding Teegan's body. Dexter and Rita must make a decision about her pregnancy. Dexter isn't sure whether he can raise a child. Deb searches for the identity of her body, not knowing the link to the Freebo case. Dexter races to beat the rest of the police to Freebo.

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Episode #3: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (air date: 2008-10-12)

Dexter and a pedophile have a run-in; Dexter is unable to restore Freebo's good name after he is accused of a murder he didn't commit. Also, Dexter's friendship with Miguel weighs on his mind.

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Episode #4: All In the Family (air date: 2008-10-19)

After a failed marriage proposal, Dexter attempts to convince Rita that he wants more than a financial merger and fatherhood. He wants a family with Rita. Deb lands a new case. Miguel's brother, Ramon, is dead set on finding Oscar's murderer, which worries Dexter and Miguel.

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Episode #5: Turning Biminese (air date: 2008-10-26)

While Dexter struggles with how to handle Rita’s desire for them to move in together before they get married, Miguel tells Dexter about a husband who has gotten away with killing two of his wives for financial gain. Meanwhile, Debra works with Anton, her confidential informant, to track down one of Freebo’s criminal confidants.

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Episode #6: Sí Se Puede (air date: 2008-11-02)

Miguel is put on test by Dexter. Meanwhile, Rita is forced to reconsider her choices. The Skinner strikes again, this time killing the young boy who worked as Freebo's doorman and Debra begins to feel like she had some part in it.

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Episode #7: Easy As Pie (air date: 2008-11-09)

Dexter begins working with Miguel but they quickly have differences in selecting a potential new victim. Meanwhile Rita discovers that Miguel's wife suspects him of an affair. And an old friend of Dexter's asks for help in ending her life.

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Episode #8: The Damage a Man Can Do (air date: 2008-11-16)

Dexter undertakes to teach Miguel the Code, but doesn't realize he's whetting his partner's thirst for blood. Meanwhile, Debra is one step closer to finding the Skinner but a secret revealed about Anton sends him packing.

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Episode #9: About Last Night (air date: 2008-11-23)

The friendship between Dexter and Miguel become strained even as Rita resolves to confront Miguel about his suspected infidelity. Meanwhile, Debra searches furiously for Anton when it's revealed that he was abducted by the Skinner.

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Episode #10: Go Your Own Way (air date: 2008-11-30)

A series of chess-like moves ensues when Dexter and Miguel vie for the upper hand, with Miguel winning Rita's affection by presenting her with a lavish wedding gift. Elsewhere, Debra wonders if her relationship with Anton is worth the trouble.

360p (avi 550.3 MB)
Episode #11: I Had a Dream (air date: 2008-12-07)

While preparing for his big wedding day, Dexter has to figure out a way to remove Miguel from his life for good. In the meantime, Rita has troubles of her own, when Syl reveals that Miguel has been seeing one of his old flames. Debra finds a new clue that brings her even closer to catching the Skinner.

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Episode #12: Do You Take Dexter Morgan? (air date: 2008-12-14)

It is the day before Dexter's wedding and Dexter must deal with two people targeting him, while preparing for his special occasion. Meanwhile, Angel tells Deb he's put her in for a promotion, but after he finds out some information her shield may be gone before she gets it.

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