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Dawn of the Croods season 2

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Dawn of the Croods season 2 poster
24 episodes (1028 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:A.J. Locascio, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell, Cree Summer, Cree Summer, Dan Milano, Grey Griffin, Grey Griffin, Laraine Newman, Laraine Newman, Stephanie Lemelin Genre:Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Family Channel:Netflix Status:Ended

8 (3 votes)

This cartoon will reveal all the details of daily life The Croods is a prime example of a prehistoric type of family. Their everyday lives are in Sun Valley which only can at first seem in the light of a good atmosphere. In fact, it is a favorite place of many bloodthirsty and vicious animals. Every day, the heroes of the series are defending their existence before the ruthless monsters. Croods have learned to cope with these difficulties and win predators because they need to eat but first of all to feed the children. Time passes and at the same time brings new changes for the family. Now they will not only survive in this region, the head of the family should start as a kind of bait because to find the prey was not so easy. At that time, as a father trying to get food for the other members of the family his older daughter aspires to become a member of the hunting club valley. Over time, she reaches the desired popularity and become one of the strongest in town. The animated series accommodating a history of several episodes will be more and more to interest the audience the constant changes in The Croods. If the viewer seriously looks into the essence of the stories that will be able to learn about the fate of the main characters. See series Dawn of the Croods in good quality and you will remain only the most vivid impression of the story.

Dawn of the Croods season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Gran the Unfriendly Ghost (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 155.4 MB)
Episode #2: Bad Sandy (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 152.8 MB)
Episode #3: It Crushes (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 158.3 MB)
Episode #4: Rebel Without a Paws (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 149.2 MB)
Episode #5: Grug vs. Math (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 150.2 MB)
Episode #6: Footloss (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 185.5 MB)
Episode #7: The Good Surprise (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 143.1 MB)
Episode #8: Night Mare on Eep Street (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 164.8 MB)
Episode #9: What Screams May Come (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 177.0 MB)
Episode #10: Grunt Anything (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 154.2 MB)
Episode #11: I Think Were Alone Meow (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 151.0 MB)
Episode #12: There Will Be Eggs (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 217.4 MB)
Episode #13: FrEepy Friday (air date: 2016-08-26)
360p (mp4 196.9 MB)
Episode #14: Grug vs. Gurg (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #15: Unfair Fair (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #16: Baby Face Off (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #17: The Pursuit of Wrinkliness (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #18: Croodtopia (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #19: Hands on a Hard Egg (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #20: Disaster of Puppets (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #21: Love Will Eep Us Together (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #22: The Tide Is Night (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #23: Rain Gran (air date: 2016-08-26)
Episode #24: Dawn of the Broods (air date: 2016-08-26)
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