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Dallas season 8

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Dallas season 8 poster
30 episodes (1970 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, Sheree J. Wilson, Sasha Mitchell, Dack Rambo, George Kennedy, Charlene Tilton, Mary Crosby, Kimberly Foster, Howard Keel, Steve Kanaly, Barbara Carrera, Susan Howard, Victoria Principal, Linda Grey, Ken Kercheval, Audrey Landers, Anne Francis, Bert Remsen, Derek McGrath, Ian McShane, J. Eddie Pe, Karen Carlson, Leigh J. McCloskey, Lesley-Anne Down, Lois Chiles, Marty Schiff, Susan Lucci, Barry Jenner, Jim Davis Genre:Drama Channel:CBS Status:Ended

9.3 (12 votes)

Dallas season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: Killer at Large (air date: 1984-09-28)

Afton finds Bobby shot in J.R.'s office. Lucy suspects J.R. framed Peter. Ray tries to warn J.R. against Randolph. Sue Ellen and J.R. have a new "marital arrangement" after the showdown with Peter. Lucy, J.R., and Sue Ellen rush to Dallas Memorial where Bobby undergoes an operation. J.R. realizes the killer was after him. Tract 340 comes in and Cliff is delighted. Bobby is blinded by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry with J.R. after Cliff strikes oil. Afton suspects Cliff shot Bobby. Jenna and Pam meet by Bobby's hospital bed. An attempt is made on J.R.'s life. Afton leaves Cliff. Pam stops Katherine from going into the hospital to see Bobby. Marilee seduces Cliff. Bobby is skeptical about J.R. "watching" Ewing Oil business while he's away. J.R. and Bobby learn that the killer is still at large.

Episode #2: Battle Lines (air date: 1984-10-05)

J.R. suspects Cliff Barnes in the shooting of Bobby and he pressures the police to find answers fast. Vaughn Leland tries to patronize Cliff but he threatens to file a complaint against Vaughn about unfair banking. Pam questions Cliff about his marrying Afton. Bobby asks Ray and Donna to check the office phones for bugs. Bobby tells Jenna they can't get married until he regains his sight. Sue Ellen is touched by J.R.'s brotherly loyalty during Bobby's incapacitation. Cliff and Sly have an honest exchange about J.R.'s setup. Bobby fears J.R. will take advantage of his absence at Ewing Oil and he asks Donna to watch over things for him at the office. J.R. asks Sue Ellen whether it was her who tried to kill him. Sue Ellen reveals to J.R. that there was no "affair" with Peter Richards. Pam tells Bobby about Katherine's devious trick in writing the letter which led to their divorce. Donna and J.R. draw their battle lines, as do Pamela and Jenna. Cliff celebrates his offshore strike with Jordan Lee.

Episode #3: If at First You Don't Succeed (air date: 1984-10-12)

J.R. tells Bobby about Cliff's arrest. Cliff is released on bail. J.R. reveals to Bobby how he set Cliff up on the offshore drilling. Cliff admits to Pam that he wanted to kill J.R. Sue Ellen invites Donna Krebbs for dinner and is reprimanded by J.R. Donna and J.R. have a confrontation about her "filling in" for Bobby at Ewing Oil. Jenna Wade is mad at J.R. for bugging Bobby's phone and for the shooting. Pam vows to continue the Barnes-Ewing feud. Sue Ellen tells Jenna the story of her and Dusty Farlow. J.R. tries to sabotage Donna's work at Ewing Oil. Martha Randolph confronts J.R. about what he did to her husband. J.R. feels like he has turned everybody against him, and he turns to Sue Ellen. Pamela and Sue Ellen have a terrible fight over the Barnes-Ewing feud and Cliff's alleged shooting of Bobby. After striking oil big time, Cliff has an invasion of salesmen in his office. Bobby gets impatient with his eyesight problem. Lucy visits the place where her mother used to work as a waitress.

Episode #4: Jamie (air date: 1984-10-19)

Bobby confronts deadly danger in his hospital room. Bobby's assailant is caught. J.R., Cliff, and Pam discover that Katherine is mentally disturbed. Lucy works as a waitress. Bobby's eyesight comes back and he's released from the hospital. Cliff romances Mandy Winger. Donna buys a small oil company but Ray is not too thrilled about it. Cliff suspects Katherine skipped bail. J.R. tries to explain to Bobby about the bugs in his office. Ray discovers Lucy's new job. J.R. fears he may have been underestimating Cliff. J.R. and Pamela have an unpleasant exchange about her dating so soon after Mark Graison's death. Jason Ewing's daughter Jamie arrives at Southfork.

Episode #5: Family (air date: 1984-10-26)

J.R. is very suspicious of Jamie's intentions. The Ewings question Jamie about her family. Sue Ellen insists that Jamie stay at Southfork. Eddie Cronin comes to Lucy's defense at the place where she works. Bobby can't get over Pam, which naturally irritates J.R. Jamie feels embarrassed taking gifts from Sue Ellen and Jenna. J.R. "tests" Jamie by asking her questions about the oil business. Jenna is very happy after her first night at Southfork. Cliff gets a very attractive offer from Jeremy Wendell of Westar but Pam is not too thrilled. J.R. confronts Jamie once again and tries to buy her off. Sue Ellen meanwhile is happy to be around Jamie. J.R. wants Sue Ellen to "spy" for the family and find out whether Jamie is really a Ewing. Pam is suspicious of Westar's offer to Cliff and she questions Wendell about it. Jenna gets suspicious about whether Jamie is for real. Cliff uses Mandy Winger to find out about Wendell's intentions.

Episode #6: Shadow of a Doubt (air date: 1984-11-02)

Pam is determined to find out what's going on with Mark Graison's car and other disturbing "signs." J.R. learns of Wendell's offer to Cliff. Donna, Ray, Jenna, and Bobby celebrate Donna's little oil venture. J.R. risks spoiling the good relations with Sue Ellen because of his suspicions of Jamie and constant confrontations with her. J.R. tricks Cliff out of the deal with Wendell. Bobby and Jenna make wedding plans. Bobby meets Mandy Winger. Lucy has a fight with Eddie Cronin's girlfriend. Wendell tries to come up with a new strategy after being turned down by Cliff. Mandy is used by Cliff for housekeeping duties. Pam receives flowers with Mark's name on them.

Episode #7: Homecoming (air date: 1984-11-09)

J.R. warns Bobby against Pam and Cliff's combined power after Pam inherits Mark Graison's wealth. Donna is excited about her oil venture. Pamela tells Jerry Kenderson about Mark's suicide letter. A cable announces the return of Ellie and Clayton. J.R. and Bobby realize that life will be different at Southfork with Clayton around. J.R. and Bobby have a fight over Jock's portrait. Mandy Winger overhears Sue Ellen talking to Jamie about Cliff and J.R. Pam is determined to find out whether Mark was actually on the plane when it exploded. Ellie Ewing Farlow meets her niece Jamie Ewing. Eddie Cronin discovers Lucy's secret; she's a Ewing. Clayton feels uncomfortable, with the family talking about Jock so much. Ray and Donna worry over Clayton adjusting to Southfork and reminders of Jock Ewing everywhere.

Episode #8: Oil Baron's Ball III (air date: 1984-11-16)

Wendell invites Cliff Barnes to sit at the Westar table at the Oil Barons' Ball. Sly needs a break from work and from interacting with Cliff. Miss Ellie confides in Donna about Clayton's adjustment to Southfork. Bobby tells Pam she's overreacting to the recent "events" concerning Mark Graison. Eddie Cronin investigates Lucy's past. Bobby and Jenna set a wedding date. Bobby wants to spare Pam a wedding announcement at the ball. J.R. tries to get Jamie a job. Ellie tries to make Clayton comfortable and she orders new bedroom furniture. J.R. is impressed by Mandy Winger. Cliff is worried about Pam's emotional state. Pam is upset again about Bobby and Jenna marrying. At the Oil Barons' Ball J.R. makes a surprise announcement and Pam feels devastated.

Episode #9: Shadows (air date: 1984-11-23)

Jenna is excited about the upcoming wedding. Bobby is mad at J.R. for making the wedding announcement at the ball. Donna and Miss Ellie are worried over Clayton's adjustment to Southfork. Pam covers up her real feelings about Bobby in front of him. J.R. hires a private eye to investigate Mandy Winger. Sue Ellen and Jamie spend time together but Jamie is bored and wants a job. Ellie wonders whether Clayton went to Houston on purpose, to stay away from Southfork. Pam is determined to find out what happened to Mark Graison. Lucy dates Eddie Cronin. J.R. eases up on picking on Jamie. Renaldo Marchetta shows up and asks Jenna for a meeting. Sue Ellen wants J.R. to hire Jamie at Ewing Oil. Marchetta tells Jenna he wants Charlie in his life. Jenna learns of the number Katherine Wentworth pulled with Charlie's birth certificate. J.R. and Miss Ellie argue over Jock's portrait which she eventually takes down.

Episode #10: Charlie (air date: 1984-11-30)

Miss Ellie gets suspicious about Lucy being away from home so often. Clayton finds Jock's portrait gone from Southfork. Bobby and Jenna fear that Marchetta will tell Charlie he's her father. Pam has a new hope of finding Mark after a piece of the plane is found. J.R. and Wendell discuss doing business together. Cliff is upset to learn that Sly is on a leave of absence. Bobby confronts Marchetta. Charlie learns about Marchetta and disappears. Marchetta denies having taken Charlie. J.R. introduces himself to Mandy Winger. Cliff asks Mandy to meet with J.R. for him. Eddie and Lucy have a fight after he tells her that he knows she's a Ewing. Lucy tells Clayton he's not her grandfather. Ray finds Charlie. Pamela is convinced that Mark Graison survived the crash.

Episode #11: Barbecue Five (air date: 1984-12-07)

Jamie starts working at Ewing Oil. Jerry Kenderson tries to talk Pamela out of pursuing Mark's "trail". Jenna thinks Charlie should meet her father. Cliff uses Mandy Winger to spy on J.R. Pam consults a psychic. Mandy tries to press J.R. for information on his deals with Wendell. J.R. is upset to learn that Sue Ellen bought Jamie a car. Bobby gets nervous when Jenna and Charlie meet with Marchetta. Pam tells Miss Ellie about her renewed hopes for finding Mark. Lucy and Eddie Cronin reconcile. Marchetta tells Jenna that he will remarry her. Marilee Stone and Jamie make a scene at the Ewing barbecue. Ray and Donna argue over Donna's oil company. Miss Ellie meets Eddie Cronin. Jamie presents a document challenging the legal status quo of Ewing Oil.

Episode #12: Do You Take This Woman… (air date: 1984-12-14)

J.R. wants to throw Jamie out of Southfork. Sue Ellen volunteers to talk to Jamie while the Ewings debate what to do about her document. Marchetta gives Charlie a gift from his mother. Pamela hires an investigator to search for Mark Graison in clinics in different countries. Cliff tries to get Jamie to show him the document. Harve Smithfield warns J.R. what will happen if Jamie's document holds up in court. Pam puts up an ad in the paper asking for information about Mark. Charlie disappears and Jenna doesn't show up for the wedding.

Episode #13: Deja Vu (air date: 1984-12-21)

The bride doesn't show up and the wedding is off. Cliff travels to Aunt Maggie's with Mandy Winger. J.R. and Bobby try to find Jenna and Marchetta. J.R. fears that Pam might come back into Bobby's life. J.R. and Cliff work together to keep Bobby and Pam apart. Bobby tries to understand why Jenna ran out on him again. J.R. plots to keep Pam out of Dallas. Marchetta reveals to Jenna his plan involving her and Charlie. Pam decides to travel to the Caribbean to search for Mark Graison. Cliff changes his strategy on Pam's wild-goose chase of Mark. Bobby finds Jenna with Marchetta and learns the shocking truth.

Episode #14: Odd Man Out (air date: 1984-12-28)

J.R. continues to see Mandy Winger. Bobby drinks to forget what happened with Jenna Wade. Marchetta holds Jenna against her will. Clayton and Miss Ellie argue over her handling of Bobby's crisis. J.R. tries to poison Bobby's mind against Pam. Lucy continues to date Eddie Cronin. Donna can't find anything in Sam Culver's files concerning Jamie's document. Pam travels to the Caribbean to search for Mark. J.R. tries to find Jenna but Bobby wants to forget her. Ray and Donna consult Dave Culver about Jamie's document. Pam is convinced that Mark is alive. J.R. pressures Jamie to destroy her document. Marchetta is murdered and police find Jenna with his body.

Episode #15: Lockup in Laredo (air date: 1985-01-04)

Jenna is arrested for the murder of Marchetta. Pam decides to go on to Jamaica to look for Mark Graison. Bobby learns why Jenna couldn't marry him. Scotty Demarest is hired to represent Jenna. Lucy and Eddie discuss starting a construction business. Jenna pleads not guilty and is denied bail. Bobby has a hard time getting Jenna out of jail. Bobby tries to locate Charlie with Scotty's help. Donna and Ray embark upon going through Sam Culver's papers. Jamie sees J.R. with Serena and uses that against him in front of Sue Ellen. J.R. plots to take Mandy away from Cliff. Mandy tells Cliff that J.R. has more class. J.R. has a confrontation with Jamie who threatens to use her document.

Episode #16: Winds of War (air date: 1985-01-11)

Jamie leaves Southfork, to J.R.'s delight. Clayton warns J.R. that Jamie will use her document against him. Jenna Wade's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. J.R. tries to explain the incident with Serena to Sue Ellen. Jenna gets more nervous about finding Charlie. Cliff wants to find Jamie. Lucy and Eddie sign the papers on their construction partnership. Bobby is contacted by a woman claiming to have Charlie. Mandy Winger feels unhappy being with Cliff. Pam returns from her fruitless search for Mark Graison but doesn't give up. Donna and Ray bring some news about Jamie's document which gets J.R. worried. J.R. tells Mandy that Jamie's document is fake. J.R. wants to spend more time with Mandy. Jamie says good-bye to Sue Ellen who almost turns to the bottle again. After the argument with Jamie, Sue Ellen takes a fresh look at her life. Bobby gets Charlie released. Cliff and Jamie team up against J.R. and Bobby.

Episode #17: Bail Out (air date: 1985-01-25)

Bobby takes care of Charlie Wade after she is released by Veronica. Miss Ellie fears that Ewing Oil will fall into the hands of outsiders if Jamie succeeds. Jamie and Cliff hire a lawyer to examine their claim to Ewing Oil. Pam learns that Mark Graison has been seen in Hong Kong. Cliff makes a scene at Ewing Oil in front of J.R., Clayton, Donna, Ray, and Harve Smithfield. Mandy has a fight with Cliff and turns to J.R. Jenna is released on bail and reunites with Charlie. Jenna doesn't want a wedding until the trial is over. Pam meets Jamie Ewing. Pam refuses to join Cliff and Jamie in their legal fight for Ewing Oil. Bobby and J.R. unite against Cliff and Jamie. Pam tells Bobby she has fantasies about them being together. Sue Ellen warns Jenna against Bobby's "real side." Pam tells Bobby the real reason why she wanted to marry Mark. Pam is furious upon learning who plotted to send her on the wild-goose chase to the Caribbean.

Episode #18: Legacy of Hate (air date: 1985-02-01)

Pam confronts J.R. about her Caribbean trip and joins Jamie and Cliff in the legal battle for Ewing Oil. Jenna can't wait to marry Bobby. Facing problems at Ewing Oil, J.R. opens up to Sue Ellen. Mandy Winger resents Jamie being with Cliff so much. Veronica's sister tells the story of Renaldo. Clayton tries to talk Jamie out of going ahead with the lawsuit. Bobby violently confronts J.R. about Pam's pointless search for Mark. Eddie Cronin and his girlfriend Betty are after Lucy's money. Mandy walks out on Cliff. Punk helps J.R. and Bobby locate witnesses from the 1930s. Miss Ellie urges Sue Ellen to stand by J.R. in the upcoming battle for control of Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie start their lawsuit and try to get an injunction to freeze Ewing Oil's assets.

Episode #19: Sins of the Fathers (air date: 1985-02-08)

Pamela defends Bobby against Cliff's accusations. Ray dislikes Cliff Barnes and defends Jock's memory in the face of Cliff and Jamie's lawsuit. Pam has a fight with Bobby over who was behind her pointless Caribbean trip. J.R. wants to see Mandy more often. Cliff and Jamie get a temporary injunction against Ewing Oil but the victory is very short-lived. Cliff denies his involvement in Pam's search for Mark in the Caribbean. Mandy leaves Cliff. Jenna Wade's case is not getting any stronger before the trial and she fears she may go to prison. J.R. and Ray locate the roughneck from the old picture. Lucy and Eddie's construction project starts. The roughneck comes up with shocking evidence concerning Jock, Digger and Jason, and the Ewings are stunned.

Episode #20: The Brothers Ewing (air date: 1985-02-15)

Clayton has a fight with J.R. over the meeting with Cliff and the roughneck. Before Jenna's trial, kids at school make problems for Charlie. Sue Ellen refuses to give J.R. emotional support in the fight for Ewing Oil. Ray, J.R. and Bobby unite against Cliff and Jamie. J.R. plots to purchase wasteland in case Cliff gets his hands on Ewing Oil. Mandy disappears from J.R.'s life. The Ewing brothers debate what to do to stop Cliff and Jamie. Donna is worried over Ray's involvement in the fight for Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen agrees to accompany Pam to Hong Kong in search of Mark Graison. Lucy and Eddie's construction business moves along. Ray, J.R. and Bobby ask Clayton for help in protecting Ewing Oil against Cliff and Jamie. Miss Ellie sides with Clayton against her children.

Episode #21: Shattered Dreams (air date: 1985-02-22)

J.R. confides in Mandy and tries to get Cliff out of her life. Miss Ellie vows to stay at Southfork with Clayton through the troubled times. Donna argues with Ray over his involvement in the fight for Ewing Oil. Veronica Robinson contacts Bobby. On her way to Hong Kong, Pam feels she's still attached to Bobby. Cliff tries to figure a way to make sure Jamie stays on his side. The venue of Jenna's trial is changed to Dallas. Lucy learns she's been sharing Eddie with his girlfriend Betty. Cliff offers Jamie a job. J.R.'s plan to win over Mandy backfires. Lucy confronts Eddie and tells him off. Pam gets her hopes up for finding Mark in Hong Kong. Clayton proposes a truce to Ray. Veronica is found dead and Jenna's hopes are shattered again.

Episode #22: Dead Ends (air date: 1985-03-01)

Bobby refuses to believe that Veronica died of natural causes. Barnes-Wentworth hires Jamie as a drilling expert. Ray and J.R. investigate Jason Ewing's past. In Hong Kong, Pam suspects J.R. may be behind her trip. Cliff tries to rush his lawyer in the lawsuit against the Ewings. Police say Veronica died of a drug overdose. J.R. wants to have a fresh start with Mandy. Despite an initial setback, Pam is determined to find Mark in Hong Kong. Cliff tries to get closer to Jamie. Ray explains to Donna his reasons for siding with J.R. Sly Lovegren returns to Ewing Oil. Bobby and Jenna locate a man from Veronica's flight. Marilee Stone makes up with Jamie. Cliff insults Mandy and gets a punch from J.R. Pam is disappointed in Hong Kong.

Episode #23: Trial and Error (air date: 1985-03-08)

Sue Ellen consoles Pam in Hong Kong after her dreams of finding Mark Graison are shattered. Mandy Winger fears a deeper involvement with J.R. Christopher misses Pamela and is consoled by Bobby. Ray and Donna have a big fight after she strikes oil. Pam continues to suspect that J.R. is behind her Hong Kong trip. J.R. is seriously worried that Jenna Wade may go to prison and he wants to keep Bobby and Pamela apart. Bobby is forced to testify at Jenna's trial. Donna and Ray have serious marital problems and she moves into Southfork. Veronica's sister refuses to testify at Jenna's trial. Pam accepts that Mark is dead.

Episode #24: The Verdict (air date: 1985-03-15)

Pam and Sue Ellen decide to stop over on the way from Hong Kong. Ewing 17 is shut down for contaminating drinking water and J.R. plots to set up the head of the Texas Energy Commission. Bobby pressures Veronica's sister Anne to testify for Jenna. Ray wants Donna back home. Anne cooperates with Bobby to some extent. Pam and Sue Ellen return to Dallas. Miss Ellie has a breakdown at the trial. Bobby tries to console Pam but Jenna is upset seeing them together up close. Mandy refuses to continue to see J.R. as long as he remains married to Sue Ellen. A verdict is pronounced in Jenna's murder trial.

Episode #25: Sentences (air date: 1985-03-29)

J.R. blackmails the head of the Texas Energy Commission. Pam tells Cliff that she has finally accepted Mark Graison's death. Charlie has a tough life, with her father dead and her mother found guilty of manslaughter. Pam consoles Bobby after the verdict in Jenna's trial. Cliff and Jamie get a lot closer. Bobby makes a shocking announcement in court during Jenna's sentencing. Jamie tells Sue Ellen about her and Cliff. Sue Ellen learns for the first time about J.R. and Mandy Winger. Eddie and Lucy's partnership is dissolved and he leaves Dallas. Pam thinks Bobby lied to her about Charlie's paternity. Sue Ellen confronts J.R. about Mandy and threatens divorce. A court date is set in Jamie and Cliff's lawsuit against the Ewings. J.R. has a surprise meeting with Pam about her, Bobby, and the future. Bobby and Scotty Demarest question a stewardess about Veronica. Ray advises Lucy to contact Mitch. J.R. succeeds in manipulating the Texas Energy Commission's head into making trouble for Cliff.

Episode #26: Terms of Estrangement (air date: 1985-04-12)

J.R. plots to have Pam and Bobby get back together. Cliff fears his offshore operation may be shut down. The airline comes up with breakthrough evidence in Jenna's case. J.R. is offered information on the lawsuit. Mandy Winger tells J.R. off. J.R. has an angry confrontation with Sue Ellen and Clayton. Cliff proposes to Jamie. Sue Ellen and Donna wonder about "the curse of Ewing men." J.R. gets Bobby thinking about going back to Pam. Jamie's brother Jack appears and offers J.R. a deal. Jenna's case is reopened but Bobby faces a problem with Jenna herself. Lucy succeeds in contacting Mitch.

Episode #27: The Ewing Connection (air date: 1985-04-19)

J.R. tells Bobby and Ray about Jack's deal. Jamie is very upset after seeing Jack. Sue Ellen continues in her therapy group. Lucy meets with Mitch in Atlanta. Jack reveals his deal to the Ewing brothers. Pam and Bobby reminisce about old times and kiss. Cliff's Gold Canyon 340 continues to be shut down and Cliff is mad at the head of the Texas Energy Commission. John Ross has a medical emergency. Cliff tries to find Jack. The Ewing brothers sign a deal with Jack Ewing. Cliff rushes his marriage to Jamie. Donna learns she's pregnant. Police spot a suspect who probably killed Veronica. J.R. makes Sue Ellen feel guilty about John Ross' medical emergency and she turns to alcohol again.

360p (avi 349.0 MB)
Episode #28: Deeds and Misdeeds (air date: 1985-05-03)

Sue Ellen feels guilty over John Ross' operation and starts drinking again. Bobby and J.R. argue over Sue Ellen and the crisis with John Ross. Pam helps Cliff sign a deal with Jordan Lee but has second thoughts immediately, after realizing that Cliff wants to defeat the Ewings. J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen leave Southfork and replace her with Mandy Winger. The Ewing brothers get skeptical about Jack's promises. Police arrest a suspect in Jenna's case. Cliff and Jamie get married. J.R., Bobby, Ray and Jack travel to California to try and stop Cliff and Jamie's claim on Ewing Oil. Lucy visits Mitch in Atlanta and is very proud of his position in the hospital. Lucy also briefly meets Mitch's girlfriend. Donna tells Clayton she's pregnant. Clayton offers Donna his help in her problems with Ray. In California, the Ewing brothers learn they need to talk to Jock's first wife Amanda. Cliff is very happy that his tract 340 pumps again. Pam suspects that Cliff doesn't really love Jamie.

360p (avi 348.9 MB)
Episode #29: Deliverance (air date: 1985-05-10)

John Ross recovers after the surgery. Miss Ellie tells J.R. he should show Cliff the new evidence in the lawsuit. Police question the suspect in Jenna's case. J.R. asks Cliff to drop the lawsuit. Bobby and Pam vow love for one another. Ray gets excited about nailing Cliff in court and Donna doesn't like it. Donna conceals her pregnancy from Ray. The suspect confesses to having murdered Marchetta. Mitch asks Lucy to move in with him. The Ewings win the case against Cliff and Jamie. J.R. promises Mandy Winger to put Sue Ellen away into "the hands of professional medical help." Jenna is released and the Ewings throw a big victory party.

360p (avi 350.1 MB)
Episode #30: Swan Song (air date: 1985-05-17)

Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy Winger that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Jenna can't wait to get married and Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy remarry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty reappears. Pam tells Bobby he has to marry Jenna. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about annulment. Then as Bobby leaves Pams house, a car drives straight towards Pamela, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him. The crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentoworth who is dead. Bobby is rushed to hospital where he dies of massive internal injuries.

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