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Cutthroat Kitchen season 6

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Cutthroat Kitchen season 6 poster
14 episodes (245 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Alton Brown, Antonia Lofaso, Geoffrey Zakarian, Simon Majumdar, Jet Tila Genre:Food, Reality Channel:Food Network Status:Continuing

8.5 (13 votes)

Cutthroat Kitchen season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: With a Chariot on Top (air date: 2014-11-02)

One chef rides a chariot in a culinary fight for the ages and then the South rises again in a Civil War-inspired sabotage. Finally, one chef makes an ice cream sandwich out of sandwich ingredients.

Episode #2: Superstar Sabotage: Finale (air date: 2014-11-05)

Four star chefs return to the Cutthroat Kitchen for the Superstar Sabotage Finale. In order to win the tournament, they'll have to face sabotages such as prepping in a ball pit, cooking on a moving boat ride and facing down the notorious miniature kitchen.

Episode #3: Empanada Chance (air date: 2014-11-09)

Three of the chefs will have to make their waffles in weird ways. Then, two chefs get stuffed together as they make empanadas. Finally, two chefs get a workout as they make lemon meringue pies.

Episode #4: Thanks, but No Thanksgiving (air date: 2014-11-16)

In this Thanksgiving episode, three chefs make a mad dash for all of their cooking equipment for Black Friday. Next, a chef loses their cooking vessels and must cook in nuts. Finally, a chef parades around the kitchen in a turkey suit.

Episode #5: In It to Twin It (air date: 2014-11-23)

There are two sets of twins competing for Cutthroat victory and three of them deal with some calzone re-zoning. Then, pirates invade the kitchen and later, one chef has a really sad birthday.

Episode #6: S'Mortal Combat (air date: 2014-11-30)

It's a chilly chili sabotage when two chefs have to harvest ingredients from a block of ice. Then, chefs face the delicious danger of dim sum. Finally, s'mores are made after a chef shoots marshmallows at a giant target.

Episode #7: Sabotage Is Comin' to Town (air date: 2014-12-07)

Three chefs play white elephant to determine their sabotages for their ham dinner. Later, two chefs gather around the tree to open presents filled with their new ingredients. Lastly, a chef cooks their holiday cookies in a fireplace.

360p (mp4 342.7 MB)
Episode #8: When Pigs Fry (air date: 2014-12-14)

Three chefs get sloppy as they dig for ingredients in a slop trough. Then, one chef has to grab their curry spices out of midair. Finally, one chef gets into a big, blue ball to make blueberry muffins.

360p (mp4 339.6 MB)
Episode #9: I Would Do Anything for Loaf (air date: 2014-12-21)

A chef wears Alton's ultimate poncho as they make a breakfast quesadilla. Then, one chef has to cook meatloaf while in a recliner. Finally, a chef has to walk on cupcake boxes when they make cupcakes.

Episode #10: The Cone Ranger (air date: 2014-12-28)

Two chefs have to cook breakfast as a tag team. Then, another chef gets to chop up someone's pork chop with an ax. Finally, someone has to cook an ice cream cone in traffic cones.

360p (mp4 336.6 MB)
Episode #11: The Long Tools and Shortcake of It (air date: 2015-01-04)

A chef has to make breakfast has in a bunk bed. Then, another chef has to recreate Alton's hike out of the Grand Canyon. Finally, a chef has to make strawberry shortcake with long tools.

360p (mp4 338.8 MB)
Episode #12: Tiki Torch-Ure (air date: 2015-01-11)

One chef has to cook fish tacos on tiki torches. Then, one chef has to make pasta salad, using water that they harvest from a patio mister. Finally, one chef has to bake an apple pie inside apples.

360p (mp4 344.0 MB)
Episode #13: Baby Got Backpack (air date: 2015-01-18)

One chef has to make grilled cheese and tomato soup while in a giant high chair. Then someone has to cook orange chicken in oranges. Finally, one chef has to make granola using only the tools from the hiker's backpack that they wear during the whole round.

360p (mp4 337.4 MB)
Episode #14: The Supper Bowl (air date: 2015-01-25)

In this special big game episode, two chefs have to wear tailgates on their backs. Then, two chefs have to cook in bleachers. Finally, one chef has to make brownies while kneeling.

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