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We have had 137,000+ links to in our database, now only 20,000 links left. As do not provide us list of deleted files, we had to update links status manually. Now 99,9% of broken links are deleted, and we are working on re-uploading of popular series and completely removing of unpopular.

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Crisis poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Action, Thriller
Channel: NBC
Status: Ended
7.5/10(22 votes)
Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson as Meg Fitch
Dermot Mulroney Dermot Mulroney as Thomas Gibson
James Lafferty James Lafferty as Mr. Nash
Max Martini Max Martini as Koz
Michael Beach Michael Beach as FBI Director Olsen
Halston Sage Halston Sage as Amber Fitch
Lance Gross Lance Gross as Agent Marcus Finley
Stevie Lynn Jones Stevie Lynn Jones as Beth Ann Gibson
Adam Scott Miller Adam Scott Miller as Kyle Devour
Joshua Erenberg Joshua Erenberg as Anton Roth

Centers on an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first day on the job. In his search for the truth, he will have to cross moral and legal lines as he navigates the highest levels of power and corruption.

Crisis season 1

Crisis season 1 poster

The first season of the series “Crisis” shows the full core of vulnerability and weakness of humans. That concerns especially the world’s leaders in the biggest power– and their children. How can the titans of our world be intimidated and made to follow somebody else’s commands? The answer is horrid in its simplicity: just bereave them of the most precious and valuable – their children.
The film shows the life in one of the most elite and refined private schools. Only the refined offsprings of the highest government employees and the American president attend it. Explaining it in different words – the chosen ones and elite, where there isn’t a single chance for humble people to be present. According to the school schedule these children are visiting a sports camp, but soon they discover that instead of sports activities and constant joy they have got into a vicious trap! After that their lives and future depend on merciless and flagrant people.
Get to find out the events’ consequences for the innocent children – watch online all the episodes of “Crisis”.

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