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Cops season 14

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Cops season 14 poster
36 episodes (271 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Paramount Network Status:Continuing

9 (30 votes)

Cops season 14 episodes list:

Episode #1: Palm Beach County, FL 11 (air date: 2001-09-01)
Episode #2: Atlanta, GA 12 (air date: 2001-09-01)
Episode #3: Coast to Coast 1 (air date: 2001-09-08)

(Des Moines, IA - 9:22 PM Fight Call)

Episode #4: Coast to Coast 3 (air date: 2001-09-15)

(Des Moines, IA - 8:18 PM Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Joe Morgan has been there eleven years and likes the city because it is small, but not too small, there is still lots to do. An off duty cop is in a foot pursuit. Pursuit; domestic disturbance; car chase. Chattanooga TN/Atlanta, GA #1412. 9/15/01

Episode #5: Coast to Coast 4 (air date: 2001-09-22)

Police take part in what turns out to be a dangerous pursuit, officers get called to a domestic dispute and police spot a suspicious vehicle.

Episode #6: Coast to Coast 5 (air date: 2001-09-29)

(Chattanooga, TN - 2:01 AM Man with a Gun) Fox Station - Officer Jonathan Chambers says whatever happens at work stays at work. He talks to his wife briefly and gives her the highlights because she's interested in what happens and leaves it at that, otherwise it'll drive him crazy. He responds to a man-with-a-gun call, and later apprehends a suspect who attempted to sell stolen property. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Morgan and Helle question two brothers who were involved in a fistfight. In Atlanta, GA, Officer Cotter interviews a woman who claims that her boyfriend allegedly punched her in the mouth while she was walking down the street. #1414. 9/29/01

Episode #7: Coast to Coast 6 (air date: 2001-10-06)

Stories include a suspicious odor comimg from a car window, a domestic dispute and an undercover sting.

Episode #8: Coast to Coast 2 (air date: 2001-11-10)

A naked man is covered in blood, police find a nude couple in a truck bed and officers are involved in a high-speed chase.

Episode #9: Coast to Coast 7 (air date: 2001-11-17)

(Chattanooga, TN - 6:40 PM Stolen Vehicle) Fox Station - Officer Christopher Smith says his uncle was a police chief which inspired him. His partner Officer David Holloway wanted to be a cop since he was age five. He wants to be the best cop he can be, help people and catch bad guys. They observe as the driver of a stolen vehicle crashes into the side of a house. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Eddleman happens upon a fire at a local motel, a blaze later determined to be the work of an arsonist. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Cornwell gives chase when a speeding motorcyclist ditches his vehicle and flees on foot. #1416. 11/17/01

Episode #10: Coast to Coast 8 (air date: 2001-11-24)

(Atlanta, GA - 5:05 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff says police are like regular people just doing their jobs. He then pursues a white Dodge Durango seen in a known drug area. Officer Huff pursues a driver who eventually loses control of his vehicle and slams into a wall. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Willoughby questions a woman with a large plug of hair missing from the back of her head, which she she claims was the result of being assaulted by a man she met at an AA meeting. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Curtis loses sight of a fleeing suspect, and with the help of a witness, discovers the man relieving himself in a public port-a-potty. #1417. 11/24/01

Episode #11: Palm Beach County, FL 12 (air date: 2001-12-01)
Episode #12: Coast to Coast 9 (air date: 2001-12-01)

(Fort Worth, TX - 10:48 PM Traffic Stop) East Division - Officer Michael Martinez has worked in four departments in the zero tolerance units with good people. He questions two male suspects and a prostitute riding in the same car, and when the driver suddenly pulls away, Martinez gives chase and observes as the male suspects abandon the woman on a dangerous stretch of the interstate. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Pendygraft stops and questions a suspect who claims he was on his way to a friend's house, but during a routine search, the officer uncovers a large quantity of marijuana crammed into the suspect's pants. #1418. 11/31/01

Episode #13: Palm Beach County, FL 13 (air date: 2001-12-15)
Episode #14: Palm Beach County, FL 14 (air date: 2002-01-05)
Episode #15: Coast to Coast 10 (air date: 2002-01-12)

COPS Coast To Coast. Suspects abandon a car and flee into a residential area, a driver admits to drinking and officers investigate an attempted burglary.

Episode #16: Coast to Coast 11 (air date: 2002-01-19)

(Chattanooga, TN - 9:28 PM Robbery Call) Fox Station - Officer Phillip McClain was born and raised there and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Like most cities they have their problems. The biggest thing that keeps him there is that he wants to factor himself in the equation of ridding the city of some of its' criminal element. McClain responds to a robbery report at a local motel, and upon entering the nervous suspect's room discovers bags of crack cocaine stuffed in the bathroom ceiling vent. In Fort Worth, TX, Officer Maldonaldo orders a a driver to pull off the road after the man was observed leaving a known drug house. In Des Moines, IA - Officer Morgan assists a father whose five-year-old son suddenly ran out of the house and disappeared into the neighborhood. #1419. 1/19/02

Episode #17: Coast to Coast 12 (air date: 2002-01-26)

(Fort Worth, TX - 11:04 PM Stolen Vehicle) East Division - Officer Brian Clark says one of the useful tools they have are K-9 unit and a helicopter called Air One. It's piloted by a civilian and an officer observer. They get involved in pursuits and missing persons. It has a several million candle power light called 'Night Sun' and a Fleer system that can see heat sources on the ground and can tell a dog from a person, pretty efficient. He follows a car involved in a robbery with 3 people going east on Ave I, North on South Caller. He gives chase when a gang member driving a stolen vehicle refuses to pull off the road and later he gives chase when the suspect and his passenger bail out of the car and flee on foot. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Moody and Gallardo are called to a local bar where they learn that a suspect threw a drink at a woman when she refused to dance with him, which triggered a fight between the suspect and the woman's boyfriend. Officers answer a call at a Chattanooga, TN bar. #1422. 1/26/02

Episode #18: Coast to Coast 13 (air date: 2002-02-02)

COPS Coast To Coast. Officer's chase through a neighborhood, deal with an intoxicated suspect and a suspect bails out of his car during a routine traffic stop.

Episode #19: Coast to Coast 14 (air date: 2002-02-09)

(Fort Worth, TX - 11:02 PM Roll Call) East Division - Sgt. Phillip South talks about a string of home invasion where 4-5 black males hit Vietnamese residences between 10p - 1am, no description of people or vehicles. There MO is to kick in the front door, 4 go in and 1 looks out. They take TVs, VCRs and cash. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Jacoby helps apprehend the driver of a stolen vehicle and, upon searching the suspect, recovers several distinct tools associated with professional car thieves. In Des Moines, IA, Officer Cornwell stops a suspect for a routine traffic violation and finds a biohazard container filled with syringes and methampehtamine inside his van. In Chattanooga, TN, the Street Crimes Unit arrests several suspected drug dealers during a buy-bust operation. #1423. 2/9/02

Episode #20: Coast to Coast 15 (air date: 2002-02-16)

(Fort Worth, TX - 9:08 PM Suspicious Activity) East Division - Officer J.R. Mendoza is very proud of being a cop, it's a family tradition with sever members including his father, a few uncles, younger cousin and brother are cops. He loves the city, gotten a lot in return. His partner Officer Antonio Maldonaldo II says they are going to a known drug house and they are going to watch it and see if they can catch any deals. He goes out with binoculars to watch. They draw their weapons and order a suspect to exit his vehicle after they observe him participate in an drug transaction. In Des Moines, IA Officer Wilson is dispatched to investigate a domestic dispute and receives a report that two suspects are armed with a knife and a pair of scissors. In Fort Worth, TX Officers Mendoza and Nolan search a driver's vehicle after observing the occupants leaving a house used for drug dealing. #1424. 2/16/02

Episode #21: Coast to Coast 16 (air date: 2002-02-23)

(Fort Worth, TX - 4:16 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) North Division - Officer W.E. Spakes has been there 3 years in NPD2 Baker District. It's primarily a Hispanic community, a barrio. The biggest problem is communication since he doesn't speak Spanish well. He is Baker 14 and goes to a stolen car pursuit that lead to a crash on 28th and Angle in a residential area. The car is the wrong way in the bushes, the front tire is gone, the hood and front end is wrecked and there is smoke coming from the engine. Officer Ernesto Flores caught the black passenger in a red shirt soon after. The Mexican driver in the yellow shirt and blue jeans is missing. They find him in a fetal position next to the car in the bushes. W.E. gives him a sternum rub which makes him move. He is OK. They brief Sgt. William Hernandez on the scene afterwards. Des Moines, AI (8:55 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer John Poplawski is Polish & Spanish and people wonder where he got his name. It works out because he is able to communicate with the community. Officer Kenneth Brown is his partner. They speak with a woman who claims her daughter's intoxicated boyfriend damaged a mailbox and then fled the scene. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Willoughby apprehends a driver who ignored instructions to pull over. #1425. 2/23/02

Episode #22: Coast to Coast 17 (air date: 2002-02-23)

(Tampa, FL - 1:55 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - Officer David Dennison says his dad was a cop for 29 years, still is and he worked graveyard too and he always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He is dispatched to investigate a burglary-in-progress at a local warehouse filled with expensive merchandise. In San Bernardino, CA, Officers Alcala and Arca search for a 77-year-old suspect who kicked in the door of a residence and threatened the occupants with a large knife. In Fort Worth, TX, Officers Tate and Eddleman stop a driver operating a car with an expired registration and, upon searching the vehicle discover a shotgun, drugs and more. #1427. 2/23/02

Episode #23: Coast to Coast 18 (air date: 2002-03-02)

(Tampa, FL - 12:02 AM Traffic Stop) Hillsborough County, FL - Officer White arrests a suspect operating a vehicle with a suspended license who admits to having consumed a few drinks earlier that day. Fort Worth, TX - Officer Genualdo questions a victim who claims that a suspect put a knife to her neck, robbed her of money and fled the scene. Later, a police helicopter is dispatched to investigate when a man fitting the suspect's description is spotted running across a nearby river. Tampa, FL - Officer Dennison searches. #1426. 3/2/02

Episode #24: Coast to Coast 19 (air date: 2002-03-09)

From Des Moines, Iowa: A vehicle pursuit involving a driver who honks repeatedly while holding a cross out the window. From Fort Worth, Texas: Officers stop a woman leaving a known drug house. From Fort Worth, Texas: Two cars drag race right in front of an officer.

Episode #25: Coast to Coast 20 (air date: 2002-03-16)

523 Coast to Coast 20 (Tampa, FL - 11:14 PM Man with a gun call) 911 Communication Center - A call comes in to 911 by a black woman screaming that a man is after her with a gun and hangs up. District 2 - Officer Jason Tkach takes the call to the 1600 block at River Cove. Before she can say where she is the phone goes dead. Tire thieves; a car contains crack cocaine; liquor-store incident. Ft. Worth TX/Tampa FL #1429. 3/16/02

Episode #26: Palm Beach County, FL 15 (air date: 2002-03-23)

From Palm Beach, Florida. Police chase a suspicious man who was loitering in a parking lot and get called to a domestic dispute at a mobile-home park.

Episode #27: Palm Beach County, FL 16 (air date: 2002-04-06)

In Palm Beach, Florida, a man threatens to kill people at an car rental company when they refuse to rent him a car and a driver throws something out a vehicle window that draws suspicion.

Episode #28: Coast to Coast 21 (air date: 2002-04-06)

(Tampa, FL - 3:41 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - MPO Robert Newberry decided to get into law enforcement when he was five. He was working at a racetrack that his dad was part owner of and one day his dad saved him from a wild race car making all this noise and he took off running and he grabbed him and he always looked up to him for that. Two black men were seen trying to steal tires off a car in a dealership on the main road. They find one hiding under a red car as the K9 looks for the second one. They all run down the road and catch him in a parking lot. The guy screams, wails and cried to god he didn't do it and only ran because he was scared. He said he needed the money or else they would kill him, but he doesn't know them and was just holding the tools. Ft. Worth, TX (4:07 PM Suspicious Activity) Officer J.R. Mendoza talks about how he is still going to college. He sees a car sitting alone under a bridge alone in a known drug area. He goes above it on the overpass and looks down and sees a woman in a blue pickup truck using a needle. He and Maldanado go down and bust her and her husband Barnet of three years is the driver. She says her shoulder is injured, she is scared and hasn't ever been cuffed before. They find crack and he is getting arrested and she cries, pleads and says it is hers. San Bernardino - Two men drive a stolen car to a liquor store. The fat guy wants a discount on half a pint of Vodka because it is his birthday. He says he knows the owner Charlie, but he isn't there. The cashier won't do it and he gets belligerent. The cops talk to him and find out he is on parole and now he can go back to jail for Christmas. #1430. 4/6/02

Episode #29: Palm Beach County, FL 17 (air date: 2002-04-13)
360p (avi 175.0 MB)
Episode #30: Palm Beach County, FL 18 (air date: 2002-04-20)
360p (avi 174.9 MB)
Episode #31: Coast to Coast 22 (air date: 2002-04-27)

(Palm Beach County FL - 1:42 AM Suspicious Activity) District 3 - Officer Phyllis Kearney wanted to get into law enforcement in Ireland, but the economy was pretty bad so she had to do it here. There is such a difference between Irish cops. They call them gardy. They don't carry guns unless they are in a special branch So when she came here and carried a gun her mother freaked out. She isn't used to it. When she visited she was pretty worried, but saw the people she worked with and was content. She comes upon two women, a blonde helping a brunette who is on the ground. She is bruised on the head and says her husband hit her with a bat during an argument. She swears she will kill him when she gets a hold of him; officers spot a car being driven backward down a one-way street. San Bernardino CA/Fort Worth TX #1431. 4/27/02

360p (avi 175.0 MB)
Episode #32: Coast to Coast 23 (air date: 2002-04-27)
360p (avi 175.3 MB)
Episode #33: Naked Cops 1 Special Edition (air date: 2002-04-27)

(Atlanta, GA - 3:37 AM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Greg Dabny spots a car with no tail light and goes to pull him over and he runs. Turns out the black male driver with no pants on abducted a young black woman in a short silver dress off the street at gunpoint and forced her into his car to give him a blow job. Cops chase him and he flips the car over a fence and she falls out and has bloody knees. An officer chases a half-naked driver; a nude man breaks into a school; a nude runs through a residential neighborhood; officers order nude sunbathers to cover up; nudity at a Mardi Gras party. Cleveland, OH/Las Vegas, NV/Kansas City, KS/Jackson Co #1434. 4/27/02

360p (avi 174.9 MB)
Episode #34: Too Hot for Fox Special Edition (air date: 2002-04-27)

(Atlanta, GA - 4:07 PM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Michel Centola responds to an unmarked car that needs his marked car in a pursuit and the suspect almost hit him. An unmarked unit chases a dangerous driver; a biting woman says she is a vampire; a woman removes her clothing and jumps into a public fountain; an officer questions a transvestite. Las Vegas, NV from #340/Clark County/Sacramento, CA/Forth Worth, TX/Kodiak, AK/San Bernardino, CA. Reruns as Too Hot for Television on other channels or Outrageous Calls. #1435. 4/27/02

360p (avi 175.0 MB)
Episode #35: Extreme Cops (air date: 2002-09-14)

(Houston, TX - 12:32 AM Car Pursuit) Police officers face life-threatening situations; dangerous car chases; officers detonate grenades during a drug raid. #1436. 9/14/02

360p (avi 174.9 MB)
Episode #36: Coast to Coast 24 (air date: 2002-09-21)

(Fort Worth, TX - 12:58 AM Car Pursuit) East Division - Officer Brian Clark enjoys working the midnight shift. When the call load goes down he can be more proactive and it looks for things. The shift works out because when he's going home his 2 and 4 year old are waking up so he can play with them. Fortunately for his son and daughter they got his wife's good looks and not his chiseled features. A car runs a stop sign at Ave K and he chases him until he bails at Ave L. They get out, but don't go far and he holds two Mexican men at gunpoint and tells them to get on the ground. The passenger has trouble listening, the driver doesn't come out and another passenger ran away. A woman comes out of the house they pulled into and wants to know what's going on. Brian tells them they ran from the police. The driver says he ran because he didn't want his father's car to get towed and he doesn't have a license. Brian says it will get towed now and all he would've gotten was a ticket. The guy in the orange pants lives there, the driver doesn't. He's been to jail before and says the car isn't stolen and he almost wiped out on the last turn. The new law in Texas is that if you run from the police it's a felony. They find a Coke can filled with paint in the car and the driver says he knows the paint is bad, he's not in a gang and knew better than to run. San Bernardino, CA (5:57 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Phil Dupper works in the unincorporated part of town where there are no lights, two people on horses and lots of yards on the streets. He pulls over a bashes up, dirty truck for not having a license plate light. He says he lives right there and has no license. Phil wants him to take it easy. Fred is a white guy with a purple doorag who gets all wiry when he gets out. He cuffs him and searches him. He asks him why he's doing this, his son is probably watching him. He says he did nothing wrong, has nothing, but he finds speed on him. He says he's working on getting his license and he hasn't had a license for 10 years. His truck is dirty from working. He finds a bit of weed in the truck. Phil finds it interesting that Fred has a D.A.R.E. shirt on since he’s sending the wrong message. The Sgt. backs him up. Fred can't believe he is getting arrested, he did nothing wrong. Phil asks about the shirt, he says it's a hand me down shirt he uses for work, he's a bricklayer, he doesn't know. He's been using for a few years, trying to quit. Tampa, FL (11:55 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 2 - Cpl Todd Lunge talks about a call he once took for a domestic with several brothers having a party. One had a bat and he screamed, threw the bat down, it hit the ground, bounced back up and hit him in the head knocking him out, so he was easy to arrest. He spots a red pick up truck parked in a known drug area. He pulls up and there is a woman in a designer bowler hat sleeping on the front seat. A window is open and a door is unlocked so he opens it and shakes her. She says let go, asks what he's doing and says she's fine. He asks if she knows who he is. She says an officer of the law and she was sleeping and doesn't know if there are drugs in there. A guy was giving her a ride home and she fell asleep. Todd spots a Brillo pad and she says nothing in the truck is hers even though there's a pocketbook with woman's clothes and gold shoes. She says it's not hers. Backup arrives and he says it's Signal 10 and puts her in the back of his car. The guy she was with is a black guy with a mustache and no name. In the bag he finds a prescription bottle with her name on it and cocaine inside. He also finds a crack pipe. Todd goes back and reads her rights. The truck is stolen and she says the prescription is not hers and she doesn't have a crack pipe. He says right, he has it now and he'll dump her clothes since they aren't hers. They can't prove she stole the truck, so she'll get trespassing. #1433. 9/21/02

360p (avi 175.0 MB)
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