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Cops season 11

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Cops season 11 poster
36 episodes (226 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Paramount Network Status:Continuing

9 (30 votes)

Cops season 11 episodes list:

Episode #1: Atlanta, GA 2 (air date: 1998-09-12)

Atlanta, GA - Officer R.D. Woody and Officer Ryan Thomas go to a standoff with a suicidal man in a truck. Fulton County, GA - Officer Debbie Banker goes to a 911 hangup call at an apartment to find a couple arguing. Atlanta, GA - Officer Jeff Glazier and Officer Jacquie Diederich notice a car in the ditch and find the driver has been shot in the head.

Episode #2: Atlanta, GA 4 (air date: 1998-09-19)

Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael Centola arrests a female with bizarre makeup on her face after she drove through several red lights without stopping. Officer R.D. Woody drops off Officer Ryan Thomas so he can do surveillance on an area known for prostitution and drug dealing. Senior Officer Maury Escher and Eugene Johnson patrol during black college spring break.

Episode #3: Atlanta, GA 5 (air date: 1998-09-26)

Atlanta, GA - Officer Kevin Otts acts as the pursuit car for a road block to find people without licences, insurance or driving stolen cars. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw go to a burglary in progress to find a man locked inside an apartment after breaking in through a window. Senior Officer James Price joins the chase for a stolen vehicle.

Episode #4: Atlanta, GA 3 (air date: 1998-10-03)

Atlanta, GA - Seargent Carrie Mills executes a search warrant for marijuana against a man who claims he doesn't sell it yet they find a duffel bag full in the attic. Officer R.D. Woody and Officer Ryan Thomas arrest a man after another claims he pointed a gun at him. Officer Wilson Carstaffin, Jr. is flagged down by man who says a girl has been stabbed.

Episode #5: Atlanta, GA 7 (air date: 1998-10-10)

Atlanta, GA - Senior Officer J.C. Clements finds the same car that took off on him two months earlier and tossed a gun out the window. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw apprehend two men who stole property from a vehicle. Officer Jeff Glazier responds to a home invasion to find an elderly female that was pistol whipped.

Episode #6: Atlanta, GA 1 (air date: 1998-10-24)

Atlanta, GA - Officer Greg Dabney attempts a stop on a vehicle he saw turn around in the middle of the street but it flips over as it tries to escape. Officer Nick Guzley and Officer Danny Agan, Jr. stop to find out why a man is sitting in his pick up truck and notice as they approach that he's naked except for wearing pink women's panties. Officer R.D. Woody investigates two cross dressers who were caught using someone else's identification with a credit card.

Episode #7: Atlanta, GA 6 (air date: 1998-10-24)

Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael O'Connor goes to an area reportedly where illegal drag racing was occurring. Senior Officer J.C. Clements pulls over a truck with a broken taillight an area where heroin is frequently sold. Officer Matt Cooper and Officer Craig Blakley pursue a speeding car and arrest the two occupants after a foot chase.

Episode #8: Virginia Beach, VA 1 (air date: 1998-10-31)
Episode #9: Virginia Beach, VA 2 (air date: 1998-11-07)

Petersburg, VA - Officer Keith Schilke joins a vehicle pursuit which ends when the car crashes into a ditch. Virginia Beach, VA - Officer Adam Bracey finds a man and a woman undressed in the back seat of a car parked outside a busy nightclub. Officer Mark Miller investigates a home invasion involving an undercover officer.

Episode #10: Virginia Beach, VA 4 (air date: 1998-11-14)
Episode #11: Virginia Beach, VA 5 (air date: 1998-11-21)
Episode #12: Atlanta, GA 8 (air date: 1998-12-05)

Fulton County, GA - Captain David F. Chadd joins a raid on a haven for known criminals, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael Centola responds to a call of two men fighting in a trailer park. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw perform a traffic stop on two men not wearing their seat belts.

Episode #13: Atlanta, GA 9 (air date: 1998-12-19)

Atlanta, GA - Officer R.D. Woody and Officer Ryan Thomas find a suspected drug dealer talking on a pay phone outside an Arby's restaurant who then tries to escape while being questioned. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Andrew T. Griffin respond to a woman calling from a pay phone who was in an altercation with a male who lives with her in a car. Officer Kevin Dakin responds to a stolen vehicle call from a man that recognized it as his, and finds the thief passed out in the passenger seat.

Episode #14: Atlanta, GA 10 (air date: 1999-01-09)

In Atlanta, Georgia, police catch a car-jacking suspect, a minivan catches fire and officers catch a robber posing as a parking-lot attendant.

Episode #15: Atlanta, GA 11 (air date: 1999-01-16)

From Atlanta, Georgia. Police chase a suspect through a park, pursue a stolen vehicle and recover a ditched loaded weapon.

Episode #16: Atlanta, GA 12 (air date: 1999-01-23)

An Atlanta PD Officer is hurt in a scuffle and a COPS camera operator, who happens to be a police officer himself, comes to his rescue. Also, an assault case, an arsonist and a drug seizure.

Episode #17: Palm Beach County, FL 1 (air date: 1999-01-30)
Episode #18: Palm Beach County, FL 2 (air date: 1999-02-06)
Episode #19: Palm Beach County, FL 8 (air date: 1999-02-13)

Riviera Beach, FL - Officer Josh Lewis join a pursuit where a car thief is ejected after being hit by a van in an intersection. Martin County, FL - Deputy Bob Pierce catches an alligator. Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Jeff Lower responds to two vagrant males exposing themselves to each other in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

Episode #20: Palm Beach County, FL 6 (air date: 1999-02-20)
Episode #21: Atlanta, GA 13 (air date: 1999-03-06)
Episode #22: Virginia Beach, VA 3 (air date: 1999-03-13)

Petersburg, VA - Officer 1st Class Garret Robinson and Officer Kevin Reilly visit a man who called 911 three times to tell him the proper procedure. Virginia Beach, VA - MPO Brian Watson pulls over a car occupied by two females that seem to be lost in a known drug area. Officer Adam Bracey responds to a domestic call of a male beating a female in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Episode #23: Palm Beach County, FL 9 (air date: 1999-03-27)
Episode #24: Virginia Beach, VA 6 (air date: 1999-04-03)
Episode #25: Palm Beach County, FL 10 (air date: 1999-04-10)

Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Kenneth Voiret goes to a gas station where a woman alleges a man in a wheelchair assaulted her. Deputy Donta Manuel finds a man on the roof of a trailer home. Deputy Kenneth Voiret responds to a call of a drunk woman trespassing.

Episode #26: Palm Beach County, FL 11 (air date: 1999-04-24)
Episode #27: Arizona 3 (air date: 1999-05-01)

Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy David Parra pursues a speeding car driven by a juvenile car thief. Mesa, AZ - Officer Stacey Adams responds to a domestic disturbance for the second time that day. Officer Cheri Johnson works undercover in a stolen bicycle sting operation.

Episode #28: Arizona 1 (air date: 1999-05-08)

From Arizona. A stolen suv pursuit, a domestic dispute ends in injuries and a suspect cannot spell his own name.

Episode #29: Arizona 4 (air date: 1999-05-15)

Mesa, AZ - FTO Tim Hines pulls over a truck for not having a licence plate light, but abandons the stop when two officers need assistance after being run over. Officer Adam Biermann responds with other officers to a call where a man was assaulted by his two brother in laws with a baseball bat. Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy Gary Robertson responds to a robbery at a convenience store where two suspects stole a case of beer, but failed to drive away.

Episode #30: Arizona 5 (air date: 1999-05-22)
Episode #31: Palm Beach County, FL 3 (air date: 1999-06-12)
Episode #32: Palm Beach County, FL 7 (air date: 1999-06-19)

Riviera Beach, FL - Officer Jerry Smith joins a pursuit of a stolen vehicle that ends when it drives down a dead end road. Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Kenneth Voiret mediates between a one armed man and a bartender he accuses of stealing his money. Martin County, FL - Deputy Shawn Boorman sees a drunk man urinating in a flower bed and finds marijuana in his pocket while searching him.

Episode #33: Palm Beach County, FL 4 (air date: 1999-06-26)
Episode #34: Arizona 2 (air date: 1999-07-31)

From Arizona. A Deputy pursues a fleeing subject on foot, transients wander through traffic and a stolen vehicle is pursued.

Episode #35: Palm Beach County, FL 5 (air date: 1999-09-04)
Episode #36: Arizona 6 (air date: 1999-09-18)
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