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Clipped poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Comedy
Channel: TBS
Status: Ended
6.0/10(2 votes)
 Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale as Danni
 Mike Castle Mike Castle as A.J.
Matt Cook Matt Cook as Mo
 Ryan Pinkston Ryan Pinkston as Ben
Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale as
Diona Reasonover Diona Reasonover as Charmaine
George Wendt George Wendt as Buzzy
Lauren Lapkus Lauren Lapkus as Joy

A group of misfits from high school who work together at a Charlestown, Mass. barbershop called Buzzy's. Their dreams may lie across the Charles River in Boston, but for now, their work, their lives and their loves - not to mention their sense of humor - remain in Charlestown.

Clipped season 1

Clipped season 1 poster

The protagonists of the season, who once studied in the same class, now working in a barber shop. That's how they work can not be called normal. While they serve their clients are simultaneously discussing their personal lives. This is especially as for of five girlfriends who are very emotionally tell about the details of their rendezvous. In short, a humor here is enough. All this continued until the one moment. The insurers visited the hairdresser and ordered to raise rates on entitlements of staff. The owner of the barber shop to cut costs, decided to reduce staff. As usual all begin to hope that their dismissal not concern. And them nothing remains except to choose the one who will get away.

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