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Chuck poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Channel: NBC
Status: Ended
8.7/10(975 votes)
Zachary Levi Zachary Levi as Charles "Chuck" Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey
Joshua Gomez Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes
Bonita Friedericy Bonita Friedericy as General Diane Beckman
Brandon Routh Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw
Brandon Routh Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw
Julia Ling Julia Ling as Anna Wu
Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk as Hannah
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan as Vivian Volkoff / Vivian Winterbottom

This high-concept action comedy follows Chuck Bartowski as the Buy More computer geek turned secret agent. When Chuck unwittingly downloads a database of government information and deadly fighting skills into his head, he becomes the CIA's most vital secret. This sets Chuck on a path to become a full-fledged spy, assisted by the stoic Colonel John Casey; Chuck's best friend, Morgan Grimes; and the CIA's top agent Sarah Walker. With the help of this unlikely team and his unorthodox techniques, Chuck is ready to take Operation Bartowski freelance.

Chuck season 1

Chuck season 1 poster

Chuck Bartowski from Burbank California town near Los Angeles used to consider himself a failure and did not expect any surprises from fate. He is a graduate of Stanford University with outstanding abilities, worked as a salesman of computers and electronic gadgets in the supermarket “Buy More”. He lives in the house of his sister Ellie, a doctor of the local clinic, and is friends with the same loser, like himself, Morgan Grimes. Last time Chuck met the girl when was a student, and now all the free time he spends playing computer games or the Internet. But life changed for Chuck when he received from his university buddy message by email. Message contains encoded secret information that after a file has been opened, was “written” in the Chuck’s brain. From that day the provincial “nerd” became the object of attention of U.S. intelligence, and the best employees of two competing organizations – CIA agent Sarah Walker and John Casey of the National Security Agency – was urgently sent to him. Agents told Chuck that he accidentally became the bearer of a very important and valuable information sent to him by means of the latest technology, known as the “Intersect”.

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Chuck season 2

Chuck season 2 poster

Chuck still wants to retrieve the Intersect out of his head and looking for a person under the pseudonym of Orion, the inventor of the Intersect. Sarah away from the temptation to escape from the British intelligence agent Cole Barker, who feels warm feelings to her. Chuck also learns the true motives Jill, his former classmate: causes of their quarrel and her true identity. Chuck and Sarah are gradually converging. Meanwhile, in the native Chuck’s store: Big Mike falls in love with the mother of Morgan, in Morgan’s fault Big Mike demoted and Emmett grabs a chair control. Morgan could no longer endure the situation and he resigned, carries his dream. After all the events Chuck decides to follow his example. Chuck’s sister, Ellie, marries her dream also come true – father leads her to the altar.

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Chuck season 3

Chuck season 3 poster

Intersect 2.0 is a tutorial for a new generation of spies. Now Chuck has become a global spy with unique abilities. Casey took the training Chuck and turning him into a real professional. After a series of setbacks on the love front, Chuck and Sarah are finally together, but new villain does not sleep. Morgan learns the secret of Chuck and he becomes part of the spy team too.

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Chuck season 4

Chuck season 4 poster

“Buy more” rebuilt and now is the newest base of CIA and NSA. Morgan becomes the store manager and returns all the previous staff led by Jeff and Lester. In addition, after the break with the Hannah, Morgan begins dating with Casey’ daughter. Chuck and Morgan go in search of Chuck’s mother. Later, Casey and Sarah helps them in it. It turned out that the Chuck’s mother is a former CIA agent, which is almost 20 years working in a criminal organization engaged in the manufacture and sale of weapons. She sacrificed family life, leaving children many years ago, in exchange for their safety. Soon, Chuck makes a proposal of marriage to Sarah and they prepare for the wedding.

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Chuck season 5

Chuck season 5 poster

By a simple guy Chuck who works in an ordinary shopping center, get all the secrets of U.S. intelligence. Now in his head – a supercomputer, and it is – the property of the United States. He continues to live a normal life, but at the same time the government has to perform the task. He is assisted by a CIA agent – a great Sarah Walker, and the NSA agent – “Iron” man John Casey, who, in turn, compete with each other. The vibrant mixture of comedy, thriller and romance – all this “Chuck”.

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