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Childhood's End season 1

Childhood's End season 1 poster
3 episodes (5945 views)

Air weekdate:Daily Cast:Mike Vogel, Julian McMahon, Charles Dance, Hayley Magnus, Osy Ikhile, Charlotte Nicdao, Ashley Zukerman, Daisy Betts, Yael Stone Genre:Mini-Series, Science-Fiction Channel:Syfy Status:Ended

7.1 (10 votes)

2016 for the world's population has brought a significant event. Arrived peace aliens which named as Higher rulers said that they have the necessary capacity to give to the planet a view of paradise. This will be the so-called utopia in which there is no place for wars and horrible excruciating diseases. Aliens believe that only with the help of the external world, illiterate society can give a chance to go to a new level changes. Spaceships with intermediaries were in each country. They watched for all the events that occur on the ground and report to Higer rulers. From the outset, they were invisible to the public. Then the mediators decided to make their presence obvious. All of you know that for everything in this life you have to pay and a gracious invasion will be no exception. Earthlings will have to sacrifice their culture, the benefits of science and directly their freedom. It was only many years later people will discover the real truth, at the moment of loneliness. If you want to know what the order of events preceded of this then you need to find time to watch this exciting series.

Childhood's End season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Overlords (air date: 2015-12-14)

An alien presence arrives on Earth with the intention to end all suffering and guide humanity into a utopia. But when the aliens refuse to reveal their appearance, some wonder if this dream is instead a nightmare.

360p (avi 692.8 MB)
Episode #2: The Deceivers (air date: 2015-12-15)

Now living in a golden age of peace, some humans begin to notice changes in their children that lead them to question the aliens' motivations.

360p (avi 661.1 MB)
Episode #3: The Children (air date: 2015-12-16)

A new age dawns as children begin to exhibit advanced abilities. But what does this mean for the future of humanity?

360p (avi 582.7 MB)

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