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Castle season 5

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Castle season 5 poster
24 episodes (2271 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Penny Johnson, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Molly C. Quinn, Sunkrish Bala, Toks Olagundoye Genre:Comedy, Crime, Drama Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.8 (470 votes)

We provide a unique opportunity for our valued viewers to plunge into the world of new adventures and attractive tricks with your favorite characters. Behind four brilliant seasons that left for you unforgettable inspiration. It's time to report you about further developments. You remember how delighted Richard Castle participated in the investigation of criminal offenses committed by one of the fans of his books. He did not spend time in vain as it turned out. He found a great experience and was inspired to write the future his work. The hero is constantly trying to prove to all that his brilliant mental faculties are very useful for the investigation. Thus the Castle became an integral part of the activities of homiside. His family have become accustomed to a new hobby of Richard. They really miss him and are waiting him eagerly. The season will surprise you that Richard and Kate finally recognized each other in their feelings. They will also conduct another investigation into the killer who shot to Becky during the funeral. Over time they will find the key that will lead them to unexpected results. They will learn much more than expected. You will learn about it and not only from the fifth season.

Castle season 5 episodes list:

Episode #1: After the Storm (air date: 2012-09-24)

After four seasons of "will they" or "won't they," Richard Castle and Kate Beckett finally gave in to their feelings for each other. Season 5 picks up on the proverbial morning after, with Castle and Beckett facing new questions -- Was this a one-time fling, or are they now a couple? But before they find the answers, they must take on the forces responsible for Beckett's mother's murder that now threaten Kate Beckett's life.

360p (mp4 250.5 MB)
Episode #2: Cloudy With a Chance of Murder (air date: 2012-10-01)

On Beckett's first day back from her suspension, she and Castle are thrown into the salacious world of local TV news when WHNY's veteran weather girl is found dead. As if navigating an industry full of backstabbing and ruthless ambition weren't difficult enough, they have to do it while hiding their new relationship from their coworkers.

360p (avi 339.2 MB)
Episode #3: Secret's Safe with Me (air date: 2012-10-08)

When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, Beckett and Castle discover her death may be linked to a repossessed storage unit up for auction. Was the unit connected to her death? Was something inside it worth killing for? The investigation leads Castle and Beckett to colorful “Storage Wars”-like treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites as they uncover the shocking truth.

360p (mp4 280.1 MB)
Episode #4: Murder, He Wrote (air date: 2012-10-15)

Castle and Beckett’s plans for a romantic weekend in the Hamptons are interrupted when a dying man stumbles into Castle’s backyard, collapsing into his pool. Unable to escape the lure of the investigation they join up with the small town’s well-intentioned, but inexperienced sheriff to find the killer.

360p (avi 347.6 MB)
Episode #5: Probable Cause (air date: 2012-10-29)

While investigating a shocking ritualistic murder, Beckett and her team uncover surprising evidence linking Castle to the killing. As the evidence against him mounts, loyalties are tested. And when surprising revelations come to light, Beckett begins to wonder how well she really knows her new lover and partner of four years.

360p (mp4 220.0 MB)
Episode #6: The Final Frontier (air date: 2012-11-05)

When a body is found at a sci-fi convention, Castle and Beckett are warped into the heart of fandom -- a world of egotistic celebrities, diehard costumed fans and enough drama for two galaxies.

360p (mp4 286.6 MB)
Episode #7: Swan Song (air date: 2012-11-12)

When the lead guitarist of a rock band is murdered, the documentary crew that were following the band turn their cameras on Castle, Beckett and the team as they try to solve the case. The result is a documentary style episode of "Castle," which offers us a unique glimpse at our characters as they navigate a world that goes far beyond the rock & roll stage.

360p (mp4 368.9 MB)
Episode #8: After Hours (air date: 2012-11-19)

In the aftermath of a disastrous "Meet the Parents" dinner, a bickering Castle and Beckett are sent to retrieve the only witness to a murder, but they get ambushed and are forced to take the witness on the run. Stranded in the middle of the night in a bad part of town, with no phone, badge or gun, Castle and Beckett must find a way to protect him from a team of mobsters -- that is, if they don't kill each other first.

360p (mp4 245.2 MB)
Episode #9: Secret Santa (air date: 2012-12-03)

When a bearded, rotund man in a red Santa suit with an ID reading Kris Kringle falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle and Beckett are on the hunt to find the person who killed Santa. But everything isn't holiday cheer, as they discover St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare for their first Christmas together.

360p (mp4 285.0 MB)
Episode #10: Significant Others (air date: 2013-01-07)

When a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Castle's ex-wife (Darby Stanchfield), Meredith, moves into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono, and to make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness.

360p (avi 347.9 MB)
Episode #11: Under the Influence (air date: 2013-01-14)

When an up and coming DJ is killed at a pop star's album release party, Beckett and Castle must dive into the raucous world of New York's music industry. Then, when the investigation leads to a troubled teenager, Esposito takes the kid under his wing, hoping to put him on the right track before it's too late.

360p (avi 347.5 MB)
Episode #12: Death Gone Crazy (air date: 2013-01-21)

When Beau Randolf, the founder of hit adult video franchise "College Girls Gone Crazy," is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a lengthy list of husbands, fathers and ex-college girls who all have motive. So to find the killer, they must delve deep into the victim’s life, where they find surprises at every turn. Also Alexis starts a video blog, but Castle is not happy that personal and intimate details about her life are being made public.

360p (avi 347.7 MB)
Episode #13: Recoil (air date: 2013-02-04)

While investigating the murder of a young woman, Castle and Beckett find evidence that links her death with Senator William H. Bracken (Jack Coleman), the man responsible for Beckett's mother's murder. Determined to finally bring Bracken to justice, Beckett soon realizes that things are far more complicated than they seem.

360p (mp4 245.7 MB)
Episode #14: Reality Star Struck (air date: 2013-02-11)

Castle & Beckett get an up-close-and-personal view of a "Real Housewives"-esque reality TV series, "The Wives of Wall Street," when they investigate the murder of the show's rising young star. Meanwhile, Castle's attempt to give Beckett a Valentine's Day gift goes horribly wrong.

360p (avi 347.7 MB)
Episode #15: Target (1) (air date: 2013-02-18)

In the first of a two-episode story arc, Castle and Beckett begin a murder investigation that also exposes a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. FBI Agent Harris (Dylan Walsh), an even-keeled professional is brought in to help find the kidnappers.

360p (mp4 239.6 MB)
Episode #16: Hunt (2) (air date: 2013-02-25)

In the powerful conclusion of a two-episode story arc, when the FBI fails to get his daughter back, Castle takes matters into his own hands, reaching out to a shadowy fixer to help him recover Alexis. But Castle soon learns that his daughter's kidnapping may be part of an even more sinister agenda.

360p (mp4 231.8 MB)
Episode #17: Scared to Death (air date: 2013-03-18)

When a young woman appears to have literally been scared to death three days after watching a "haunted" DVD, Castle and Beckett delve into one of their creepiest cases yet. To make matters worse, Castle becomes convinced that he too is marked for death when he accidentally watches the cursed video.

360p (avi 347.3 MB)
Episode #18: The Wild Rover (air date: 2013-03-25)

When a man is found dead in an industrial cake mixer, Castle and Beckett trace the murder to an Irish gang in Staten Island and a beautiful bar owner named Siobhan O’Doul (Cara Buono). Much to everyone’s surprise, Detective Ryan has a complicated history with Siobhan and the Staten Island crime family from his days working undercover in narcotics. When the case hits a dead end, Ryan must go back undercover to expose the killer, complicating his relationship with his wife.

360p (mp4 233.2 MB)
Episode #19: The Lives of Others (air date: 2013-04-01)

In the show’s 100th episode, Castle finds himself in the unfortunate position of NOT being able to work a case. While he’s holed up in the loft with a broken leg, Beckett goes off to investigate the death of an IRS agent without him, leaving Castle miserable and bored. But when he thinks he witnesses the murder of a young woman in the apartment across the street, he is thrown into a "Rear Window"-esque murder mystery that hits much too close to home.

360p (avi 355.3 MB)
Episode #20: The Fast and the Furriest (air date: 2013-04-15)

When Castle and Beckett find giant footprints at the site of a vicious murder, the team is forced to confront the unlikely theory that Bigfoot is the killer. But as they trek into the world of primate research, big game hunting and mythological creatures, they realize that finding the man (or beast) responsible may put them on the endangered species list.

360p (mp4 272.8 MB)
Episode #21: The Squab and the Quail (air date: 2013-04-22)

When Beckett is assigned to protect Erik Vaughn, a charming billionaire entrepreneur whose life is in danger, she's forced to reflect on her relationship with Castle which has begun to plateau. Meanwhile, consumed with jealousy, Castle goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the case and separate the two of them.

360p (mp4 239.6 MB)
Episode #22: Still (air date: 2013-04-29)

Beckett's life is on the line when she steps on a pressure sensitive bomb. While the team searches for a way to disarm the explosive, Castle distracts Beckett by arguing with her about who fell for whom first.

360p (mp4 260.5 MB)
Episode #23: The Human Factor (air date: 2013-05-06)

When Homeland Security inexplicably seals the crime scene of a car bombing, Castle and Beckett find themselves with two mysteries on their hands: who murdered the victim, a government whistleblower, and why are federal agents trying to take over the case? The plot thickens when they discover that the victim wasn't killed by a car bomb but by a missile from a military drone.

360p (mp4 251.0 MB)
Episode #24: Watershed (air date: 2013-05-13)

In the season finale, an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency forces Beckett to reconsider what she wants out of her job and out of her relationship with Castle. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman is found floating inside the water tank of a skid row flop house, but as the team investigate, they discover that her final resting place is just one of many strange things about her death.

360p (mp4 234.4 MB)
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