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Castle poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama, Crime
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
8.8/10(13542 votes)
Jon Huertas Jon Huertas as Javier Esposito
Molly Quinn Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle
Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle
Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle
Penny Johnson Jerald Penny Johnson Jerald as Victoria Gates
Ruben Santiago-Hudson Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Roy Montgomery
Seamus Dever Seamus Dever as Kevin Ryan
Stana Katic Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett
Stana Katic Stana Katic as Kate Beckett
Sunkrish Bala Sunkrish Bala as Vikram Singh

Castle follows Rick Castle who is one of the world's most successful crime authors. But when his rock star lifestyle isn't enough, this bad boy goes looking for new trouble and finds it working with smart, beautiful Detective Kate Beckett. Inspired by her professional record and intrigued by her buttoned-up personality, Castle's found the model for his bold new character whether she likes it or not. Now with the mayor's permission, Castle is helping solve crime with his own twist.

Castle season 1

Castle season 1 poster

We encourage you to see the Castle series in the genre of police drama which recently joined the ranks of other serials. We hope that he will cause your interest and you will be to wait for the next season. Richard Castle is the main character picture of events. He is a talented writer of detective novels. His works are very popular and are in great demand. The last work of the writer caused quite a stir. Everyone is used to the fact that every story has a happy ending. But in this detective story is the opposite. The protagonist of the novel, was tragically killed. The history of the book goes on, but in the real world. The fan of his work embodies the events of the book to life. His actions are coincide precisely with the actions of the detective. Кillings occur are one by one. Such casualties forced to take action. FBI agent Kate Beckett appealed for help to the author of the novel. Castle agrees to become a member of the operation of the investigation. He helps the investigation, in some cases thanks of his skills and tactful mental abilities. The team faces with the most acute examples of murders literally every day. They will be find answers to many questions.

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Castle season 2

Castle season 2 poster

The second season of the American series is ready to present you another batch of the more intense adventures and swirling intrigues. Consistent work the team of FBI with Castle continues. This mysterious killer was carried away seriously enough. He performs in the usual accuracy of each crime. He followes on the book. They are amazed at what they see. Richard is in delighted that he has to take part in the investigation. He sees muse in the face of an FBI agent. In addition, he expects that can tighten the novel with her. The protagonist of relying on the friendship with the mayor remains in the department after a successful capture of a ruthless criminal. Agent Keith Bennett unhappy that the Castle has not a serious approach to this task. But the writer in his repertoire as always. He believes that there must be a sense of humor even in such a terrible situations. On the other hand, he has excellent logic and brilliant creativity. The investigation found the answers to many mysteries thanks to the strong side of the hero. Richard was not able to win the attention of Kate as a woman. She is of the number of those women who have the indomitable character and take a tough stance. But the hero do not lose heart. He enjoys the fact that there is.

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Castle season 3

Castle season 3 poster

Events in the next season of Castle inextricably linked with the plot of the previous season. Each episode of the third season is divided into a plurality of secondary plot the trajectories that are closely linked. Richard started writing a new book after a previous case was closed. Now Beckett had to get used to working without him. Their link was interrupted. But not for long. After some time, an FBI agent investigated new incidents. She was surprised when she saw with next victim Richard Castle. Kate had to detain him, but she felt that he was not guilty of this crime. Castle realized that yearns for investigations when he came to the department. He decided to go to the mayor of the city with a request to put him to this investigation. Castle wanted to prove himself as a consultant again. He relied on the fact that Beckett will be pleased with this decision. He wanted the manifestations of unexpected and pleasant actions from her side. But that did not happen. Neither he nor she are not at risk to make the first move. At this time there are new facts about an old murder that Beckett leads. She hopes that they will point to the many and possibly give a chance to solve the crime.

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Castle season 4

Castle season 4 poster

Obligatorily take the time to view one of the most exemplary detectives of our time. Actions which have continued with each subsequent season never ceases to amaze the audience. And this season is no exception. The famous writer Richard Castle becomes a partner of agent Becky. His innocence was confirmed. That gave him an even greater inspiration to investigate. Richard decided that it is necessary to change something in his life which recently became for him a boring routine. And he decided that this activity gives him a cheerful energy. Moreover, he was pleased that he would work with such a beautiful woman. He is hoped that this common activity will make them closer. So the days passed. Together they led the investigation, exposing the criminals ... Through time, the results were obvious. Their relationship became warmer. It's no wonder the authors of the project decided to extend the life of a wonderful agent who have been injured in the last season. But that is not all. Further relationships of the heroes will move to the next level very soon. We advise you not to miss the new investigation and the manifestation of the fire of passion which arise between Kate and Richard.

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Castle season 5

Castle season 5 poster

We provide a unique opportunity for our valued viewers to plunge into the world of new adventures and attractive tricks with your favorite characters. Behind four brilliant seasons that left for you unforgettable inspiration. It's time to report you about further developments. You remember how delighted Richard Castle participated in the investigation of criminal offenses committed by one of the fans of his books. He did not spend time in vain as it turned out. He found a great experience and was inspired to write the future his work. The hero is constantly trying to prove to all that his brilliant mental faculties are very useful for the investigation. Thus the Castle became an integral part of the activities of homiside. His family have become accustomed to a new hobby of Richard. They really miss him and are waiting him eagerly. The season will surprise you that Richard and Kate finally recognized each other in their feelings. They will also conduct another investigation into the killer who shot to Becky during the funeral. Over time they will find the key that will lead them to unexpected results. They will learn much more than expected. You will learn about it and not only from the fifth season.

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Castle season 6

Castle season 6 poster

The previous season ended with Beckett’s deliberation whether she should accept the job offer as a federal agent in Washington or not. And everything becomes more difficult with Castle’s proposal. In the issue Castle and Beckett are going to deal with the consequences of their decisions in the game where the stakes are very high. Kate tries to find the stolen deadly toxin from the laboratory capable to kill tens of thousands people. But what is worse – Castle appears to be infected with this virus and his life has only 24 hours to run. How will she save him? In the meantime the protagonists have another case to solve. While Becket is still in Washington Castle with guys from 12th department investigate a murder case of ex-movie-star Charlie Reynolds. But the case receives an unexpected turn when the FBI agents Beckett and McCord arrive from Washington in order to take this case under their jurisdiction, creating by this a tense atmosphere in the Department. Why is Federal Bureau so interested with the murder of an actor whose star has set so early?

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Castle season 7

Castle season 7 poster

In season seven of Castle Kate Beckett faces with the hardest case ever when finding Castle's automobile enveloped in flames. Meanwhile the characters investigate the homicide of a toy company Chief Executive Officer and Castle is on the track of his enigmatic disappearance, which involves him into a perilous detection. Then we see the invisible force which murders a pool shark. Beckett and Castle find evidence proving that the killer may possess exceptional abilities. Furthermore we’ll trace another thrilling investigation of Beckett and Castle concerning a shooting of an ice cream vendor, the clues of which allow them to make unexpected conclusions with attesting of a child. Thus Castle has to go undercover at school in pursuit of the pupil. But the season doesn’t just finish at that. We see another case where a web celebrity is killed. Castle and Beckett examine a splashy world of internet glory. Nevertheless they find the pictured from crime scenes posted by murderer in one of the social nets. Keep posted of these and many other spectacular cases brilliantly investigated by Castle and Beckett.

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Castle season 8

Castle season 8 poster

Season eight of the Castle series will introduce us a new supervisor of the twelfth Precinct, Captain Kate Beckett, who appears to be quite resolute about her career. But she is not going to be a captain in the traditional sense of the word. She won’t sit in her study for hours. Kate remains herself and handles investigations with total immersion into details and interrogation process. But still to be a chief is not supposed to be that easy, when it comes to playing by the book. The new position of Kate adds more twists to her relations with Ryan and Esposito. Castle will also do his part, making some new conflicts with Beckett. He will cooperate with Hayley Shipton, an independent investigator. Her character is going to be very dynamic, funny and adventurous. The shut doors won’t prevent this woman from exploring evidences and finding any leads. In spite of the new appointment, the subject about Kate’s promotion as a senator is not dropped. The new storyline will definitely make its followers become glued to the TV screens!

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