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Bull (2016)

Bull (2016) poster
Genre: Drama, Crime, Legal
Channel: CBS
Status: Continuing
8.3/10(695 votes)
Michael Weatherly Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull
Freddy Rodríguez Freddy Rodríguez as Benny Colon
Michael Weatherly Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull
Chris Jackson Chris Jackson as Chunk
Chris Jackson Chris Jackson as Chunk Palmer
Annabelle Attanasio Annabelle Attanasio as Cable McCrory
Freddy Rodríguez Freddy Rodríguez as Benny Colon
Geneva Carr Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan
Jaime Lee Kirchner Jaime Lee Kirchner as Danielle James
Geneva Carr Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan

Bull stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the founder of one of the most prolific trial consulting firms of all time. Brilliant, brash and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition and high tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses and the accused tick. Bull employs an enviable team of experts at Trial Analysis Corporation to shape successful narratives down to the very last detail. They include his quick-witted former brother-in-law, Benny Colón, a lawyer who acts as defense attorney in the company's mock trials; Marissa Morgan, a cutting-edge neurolinguistics expert from the Department of Homeland Security; former NYPD detective Danny James, the firm's tough but relatable investigator; haughty millennial hacker Cable McCrory, who is responsible for gathering cyber intelligence; and Chunk Palmer, a fashion-conscious stylist and former All-American lineman who fine tunes clients' appearances for trial. In high-stakes trials, Bull's combination of remarkable insight into human nature, three Ph.D.'s and a top-notch staff creates winning strategies that tip the scales of justice in his clients' favor.

Bull (2016) season 1

Bull (2016) season 1 poster

This series is about a man which hates lies. He hates dad's sons and daughters, which is spoiled by money and which don't care about the scope of justice. This man's name is Dr. Jason Bull. He is a psychologist a high level, and he is a physiognomist. It is man with a very developed intuition and he can feel and know something that nobody knows. He began to investigate the most intricate and hopeless criminal cases thanks to his abilities. Dr. Jason Bull becomes a chief in company Analysis Trial Corporations. A team of specialists working with him together. Nobody does not can shelter from his gaze and psychological attacks. Dr. Bull fights against injustice, against dishonest jurors, law enforcement and judges. He outputs all liars on the road of truth. No one can lie to him, because he sees through all. He uses his own investigative techniques. He investigates a lot of crimes and justifies innocent people. He knows how to affect the man, so he told the whole truth. The victim of the investigation think they are faced with the usual detective. But people are not even aware that they are hooked on the Bull's tricks. And they will not be able to get around these tricks. You can look at the extraordinary ability of genius and their application in everyday life in our channel.

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Bull (2016) season 2

Bull (2016) season 2 poster

TV show Bull season 2 will develop on CBS channel as well as the first season, with a great deal of humor. Bull’s team will disclose crimes, secret motives and reasons for the actions of certain litigants. The main character, as in the season 1, will act as a subtle expert in human psychology. Jason Bull leads his own consulting firm along with his young but very perspective team in season 2. Bull’s services are very expensive, but high rates justify themselves. Because Jason’s clients will be both ordinary people and highly successful and influential ones who will need the help of such a professional as Dr. Bull in the new episodes of season 2 Bull.

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Bull (2016) season 3

Bull (2016) season 3 poster

Bull season 3 continues the story about a self-confident judicial adviser who specializes in working with juries. He and his team win the most difficult cases. The high authority of the protagonist causes unconditional trust of the richest and most influential clients. Numerous lawsuits testify to professionalism and responsibility of his consulting workers. But Mr. Bull helps only those clients, in whose innocence he is sure. Dr. Jason Bull returns to his beloved, but very hard work after a heart attack. Doctors do not recommend him nervous loads, but another client is waiting for his protection in the upcoming season 3 of Bull tv series.

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Bull (2016) season 4

Bull (2016) season 4 poster

BULL is really scandal serial from CBS and we waited so long to get information about upcoming season. So very soon we will be able to watch the fourth season. In this series Dr. Jason Bull and his company Trial Analysis Corporation will continue to save criminals from the right time, but it seems that Bull himself will need the same services soon. Immediately after the announcement of the 4th season it was announced that Steven Spielberg had severed ties with the series due to the situation with Dushka however producers are sure that this season will raise rating due to the intrigue of the plot. So we just need to wait to know more which affairs will cost freedom for Bull.

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Bull (2016) season 5

Bull (2016) season 5 poster

The viewer learns about new cases to be revealed to the main character. To complicate matters, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world. And now Bull's team needs to adapt to new conditions and learn to work in the virtual court system.

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Jason Bull, PhD in Psychology and owner of a legal advisory firm. The jury, and the judge, are also human, which means they have human emotions and commitment. Consequently, the defense of the accused can be carried out in such a way as to either whitewash him, or so that the punishment is the minimum possible. But a person lives not only by work, personal affairs and experiences also very much affect both the quality and the speed of work, and since a person is significant and influential, acquaintances also play an important role in work. The hero is trying to arrange his personal life, he is still a man, not a robot. He helps his employees, sometimes listening to their advice, because they all went through a good school of life, worked in serious, sometimes even life-threatening jobs, and are professionals in their field.

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