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Braxton Family Values season 1

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Braxton Family Values season 1 poster
11 episodes (258 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Toni Braxton, Towanda C. Braxton, Michael Braxton Sr, Vincent Herbet, Evelyn Braxton, Trina E. Braxton, Traci R. Braxton , Tamar Braxton Genre:Reality Channel:WE tv Status:Continuing

4.5 (2 votes)

Braxton Family Values season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Bermuda Triangle (air date: 2011-04-12)

Ready to relaunch her singing career, R&B superstar Toni invites her four younger sisters to join her for a benefit concert in Bermuda. But old rivalries and resentments threaten to ruin what was meant to be a joyful family reunion.

Episode #2: Taste Of A Wedding Singer (air date: 2011-04-19)

The Braxton sisters fear that Trina’s weight gain and alcohol abuse are symptoms of a depression. They consult a family therapist, then surprise Trina with an intervention. After a rocky start, progress is made, and the sisters hold hands at the end.

Episode #3: It’s My Birthday (air date: 2011-04-26)

Toni’s plans for a quiet birthday are ruined when Tamar convinces her that the sisters should jet to Miami to celebrate. They take a yacht tour, attend a Dolphins game, and shop for a vacation home. Back in Atlanta, Towanda sets Toni up on a date.

Episode #4: I Love LA (air date: 2011-05-03)

Toni, her mother, and her sisters arrive at Tamar and Vince’s house in Los Angeles, where they’ll be staying while Toni is honored at a Lupus LA charity event. Tamar gives them an annoyingly detailed list of her “house rules” that she expects them to follow, as well as a “to-do” list of activities. But the Braxton ladies are thrilled when Tamar surprises them with their brother Mikey’s arrival from Maryland. Later, Tamar talks Toni into getting a spray tan so she’ll look good for the event. Toni hates the results, and her sisters make fun of her bad tan. The sisters have a slumber party in their pajamas, and drink Champagne. At breakfast the next morning, the sisters are appalled by Traci’s poor table manners. Tamar says she’s going to take her to a charm school, and suggests that Evelyn get a Botox treatment. Toni insists on accompanying Tamar and her mother to the plastic surgeon, but becomes squeamish and leaves the room when Evelyn gets an injection. Evelyn is happy with the result.

Episode #5: From Russia with Love (air date: 2011-05-10)

Toni meets with Vince to discuss her upcoming gig in Russia, and the state of her career. She wants to do a Vegas show, but she’s concerned no one will hire her because of her Lupus. Vince reassures her. Traci is upset when she learns that she can’t go to Russia due to a visa issue. As rehearsal goes poorly, as Trina doesn’t know her moves, and Tamar calls to say she can’t go to Russia either. Toni asks Towanda to fill in, and she agrees. Trina goes to counseling with Gabe, who apologizes for his infidelities. Towanda shops for a wardrobe for Toni, who is hard to please, then rehearses with Trina. Sure enough, Toni isn’t happy with her choices, and Towanda is upset that Toni shopped on her own and didn’t tell her. Trina and Towanda pack and say goodbye their husbands and kids. Towanda’s not sorry to leave Andre, but she struggles not to cry when she says goodbye to her kids. When they arrive in Russia, they learn that some of their luggage has been lost. Luckily, Toni is able to borrow a dress for a TV appearance. Later, Trina and Towanda go to dinner while Toni relaxes. Trina breaks a tooth during the meal. The next day, Towanda and Trina shop and drink Vodka with pickles. Toni worries about the luggage, and Towanda feels Toni is blaming her. They visit a boutique, and Toni finds a dress to wear at her concert. In their dressing rooms, Towanda grows nervous about performing, and Trina realizes she left her makeup kit at the hotel. Toni’s fears that the audience won’t like her performance seem to be coming true during her first song, as they are quiet. But they applaud at the end; that’s how Russian audiences behave. Toni invites an audience member onstage to dance, and he gets a little too grabby. At dinner, Trina has too much to drink as usual. And when Towanda goes to her room in the morning, she realizes Trina had continued to party in her room, and is grossed out when Trina shows Towanda her broken tooth. Back home, Towanda is joyfully reunited with her kids.

Episode #6: Getting the Band Back Together (air date: 2011-05-17)

Vince meets with Toni’s sisters and proposes doing a family album. He’s not sure if Toni will be involved or not. Tamar is the only one who has reservations, since she wants to do her own album, and won’t do it without Toni. Towanda and Andre argue as they move into Toni’s house. Toni is privately concerned that they will be too messy. Trina exercises with Gabe, who tells her he’s thinking about buying a house. She wants to talk to their therapist, Dr. Sherry, before making a decision. Towanda and Traci tell Evelyn about the album possibility. Towanda is concerned about creating chaos living in Toni’s house. Trina has dinner with Gabe. She is touched that he wants to show her the house he’s considering buying for them. Tamar, Traci, and Trina discuss the upcoming studio recording session. There is tension as to whether or not Toni will do the album. Towanda is being driven crazy by her kids, Toni’s kids, and Andre. Vince talks to Toni about recording with Harvey then brings up album with sisters. Toni says she doesn’t want to do a family album. Trina tells her sisters she is going to move to new house with Gabe. They are against it. Towanda has a heated discussion with Andre about him not being a provider and being a slob in Toni’s house. The sisters go to the studio to record a song and ambush Toni about the family album. Gabe shows Trina the house, and she says she’ll move in with him. Towanda tells Toni she needs to find an assistant to replace her. Vince tries to convince Toni to do the album.

Episode #7: Dog of a Birthday Party (air date: 2011-05-24)

Toni Braxton is a six time Grammy award winning performer who has sold over forty million records worldwide, starred in two Broadway plays and headlined her own show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. What the world does not know is that she has four younger sisters, all talented in their own right, but none of them to this point have shared her level of success. It’s mom’s 60th birthday! Toni and her sisters have decided to have the party at Tamar and Vincent’s house in Los Angeles because of the beautiful weather. However, that is all that they have planned. There is no gift yet. There are no special plans for the big 6-0 celebration. The sisters arrive and have less than a day to plan out mom’s surprise party. They quickly divvy up tasks. Toni and Tamar will be in charge of the décor. Traci and Trina will shop for the perfect gift. However, Tamar’s idea of party design winds up being incongruent with Toni Braxton’s. And against the wishes of their sisters, the other two decide the perfect gift for mom is a portable doghouse. The night arrives to celebrate mom and her milestone, but will Toni be able to hire a real party planner/designer in time to spruce up the place? And how will Evelyn react to her portable doghouse in front of all the guests?

Episode #8: To Play or Not to Playboy (air date: 2011-05-31)

The sisters hang out at Toni’s house when Tamar shows up and pulls out a selection of adult magazines to try to discourage Toni from posing in Playboy. Toni finds this ridiculous since Playboy is way classier than these other rags, but the sisters have fun checking out the photos. The sisters take Evelyn to lunch and decide it’s time for her to start dating again. Meanwhile, Toni meets with Vince to talk to him about her Playboy offer. He encourages her to do whatever she wants. She will think it over. Tamar comes up with the brilliant idea of throwing Vince an “appreciation party” to convince him to move forward with her solo album. Tamar takes Towanda and Trina with her to a belly dancing class to learn a routine to perform at the party. Trina is having problems learning the steps and Tamar tries to teach the class. Toni drives Evelyn to her blind date. When her date, Jay, arrives, she discovers he’s a “snowflake” aka white man. She silently disapproves of him when he orders quite a few cocktails, but is later impressed when she discovers he has a driver. That means money! Evelyn tells the girls about her date over brunch at Toni’s. They are happy to hear the guy was rich! Toni reveals she’s decided to do Playboy. Tamar disapproves and Evelyn isn’t thrilled with Toni’s decision either. Tamar surprises Toni with an erotic photo shoot intending to dissuade Toni from doing Playboy. When Toni sees the seedy set up at the photographer’s studio she bails. Tamar doesn’t let the opportunity to go to waste, and poses for sexy photos to give Vince. Toni invites Evelyn over and confesses she wants to move to LA. Evelyn is worried she won’t be able to take care of Toni across the country. At Vince’s appreciation at a Moroccan restaurant, Tamar is upset by Toni’s tardiness. Tamar goes through with the belly dancing routine with Towanda and Trina as planned then presents Vince with a scantily clad framed photo of herself. Overall the party is not a great success.

Episode #9: You Can’t Go Home Again (air date: 2011-06-07)

Trina visits Dr. Sherry for some guidance about her marriage and her alcoholism. She asks Trina to give up alcohol for 90 days. Over brunch, Tamar brings up the idea of flying to Maryland to visit Traci and their brother Michael, and seeing their father. She thinks it will heal all the family’s wounds. Everyone has mixed feelings especially Toni who does not want to go, but changes her mind when Evelyn says it’s what’s best for her daughters. Gabe takes Trina out to dinner before the trip. Trina cannot resist a glass of wine. Gabe warns her she must complete her community service for her DUI. The sisters wait for Toni to arrive so they can leave for their trip to Maryland. On the plane, the girls have a group prayer. In Maryland, the girls show up at Traci’s house and decide to go visit their old childhood home. Per Towanda’s encouragement, they sing songs on the front step, which causes Tamar and Evelyn to break down in tears. The happiness is broken when the rude new owners of the house show up, kick the girls off the property and call the police on the girls for trespassing. The girls meet with their brother, Michael, over dinner. He agrees to invite their dad to brunch tomorrow. The girls and Evelyn visit the church where she was married to their father. Evelyn reminisces fondly about the wedding. The family goes to meet their father for brunch. When it becomes clear he isn’t going to attend, they all debate as to why he didn’t show. Tamar in particular gets very upset. On the flight back to Atlanta, Tamar, Trina, and Toni all shed tears. They all are heartbroken their father has let them down again. Towanda must stay strong and console them. Upon arriving back in Atlanta, Trina completes her food service work for her DUI.

Episode #10: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (air date: 2011-06-14)

The girls’ father attends a family dinner causing a huge blow up with their mom. Towanda delivers separation papers to her husband. Traci commits to moving to Atlanta but Toni decides she is moving to LA jeopardizing the Braxton album.

Episode #11: Braxton Family Reunion (air date: 2011-06-14)

Nationally syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams dishes with the girls – Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar – and gets the real scoop on: if Toni ever made the move to L.A.; how Trina felt about losing her wig-cap during her DUI arrest and where she and Gabe stand today; if Traci will get a chance to sing on-stage again; the status of Towanda and Andre’s marriage; and if the sisters are jealous of Tamar’s new found fame. Find out if Evelyn had a change of heart about her ex-husband and the girls’ father. And once and for all, who, besides mom, has had plastic surgery?! Don’t miss the chance to see what your favorite Braxton is up to on this one-hour special.

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