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Bravest Warriors season 2

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Bravest Warriors season 2 poster
12 episodes (1710 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Tara Strong, John Omohundro, Ian Jones-Quartey, Liliana Mumy, Alex Walsh Genre:Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction Channel:VRV Status:Continuing

9.2 (14 votes)

Bravest Warriors season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Aeon Worm (air date: 2013-10-17)

Beth and her horse find their way into the See-Through Zone where Beth decides to save her father, who has since become known as "Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips" in his service to the evil Aeon Worm.

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Episode #2: RoboChris (air date: 2013-10-31)

Danny creates a robotic Chris duplicate.

Episode #3: Mexican Touchdown (air date: 2013-11-14)

Plum returns to Bravest Warriors in this hilariously action packed adventure at an alien rescue. Danny and Plum team up to help out the adorable little aliens and Catbug is wearing a grass skirt?!

Episode #4: Hamster Priest (air date: 2013-12-05)

The return of Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips!

Episode #5: Jelly Kid Forever (air date: 2013-12-19)

Catbug Kills Jelly Kid and the news doesn't take to well to Danny.

Episode #6: The Puppetyville Horror (air date: 2014-01-23)

The horror... THE HORROR! The Warriors are stranded on a yellow planet and one by one they are... disappearing.

Episode #7: Catbug's Away Team (air date: 2014-02-06)

Catbug assembles an away team to save the day, while the Warriors handle things on deck.

Episode #8: Merewif Tag (air date: 2014-02-20)

Chris and Plum play a little Merwif Tag and little does Chris know... it makes them trade bodies!

Episode #9: Dimension Garden (air date: 2014-03-06)

The Bravest Children come across a potential brain sucker, growing in Beth’s Dad’s garden and causes Wallow to become highly suspicious. You can’t fool his dolls! But this doesn’t bode well… Wallow needs their help!!

Episode #10: The Parasox Pub (air date: 2014-05-22)

Chris Kirkman comes into contact with Catbug who is now... the Emotion Lord?! What the dickens?!

Episode #11: Season of the Worm (air date: 2014-06-05)

In the first part of a two part finale, hamsters flee from the invisible hideout and the Bravest Warriors need to figure out what the heck is going on! Wallow receives a Falcon Mod, Danny steps it up and Beth kicks butt!

Episode #12: Season of the Mitch (air date: 2014-06-12)

In the second part of the two part finale, Beth, Danny and Wallow face off against Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips and the Aeon Worm!

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