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Blindspot poster
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Channel: NBC
Status: Ended
8.2/10(2088 votes)
Archie Panjabi Archie Panjabi as Nas Kamal
Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson as Patterson
Audrey Esparza Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata
Jaimie Alexander Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe
Jaimie Alexander Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe
Jordana Spiro Jordana Spiro as Sarah Weller
Josh Dean Josh Dean as Boston Arliss Crab
Luke Mitchell Luke Mitchell as Roman Briggs
Marianne Jean-Baptiste Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair
Michelle Hurd Michelle Hurd as Shepherd

A beautiful woman, with no memories of her past, is found naked in Times Square with her body fully covered in intricate tattoos. Her discovery sets off a vast and complex mystery that immediately ignites the attention of the FBI, which begins to follow the road map on her body into a larger conspiracy of crime, while bringing her closer to discovering the truth about her identity.

Blindspot season 1

Blindspot season 1 poster

We encourage you to become spectators of a dramatic history which will pick up the rapid pace of developments in the very beginning. Actions of the series take place in Times Square in the heart of New York City. Evening. The area is filled with many passers-by which are very hurry home. And the most amazing thing that absolutely no one will dare to pay attention to an unusual canvas package. Local patrol decides to raise the issue and questioned passers who owns the parcel. Each of them denied their right to possession of the package. After questioning, the patrol decided to look at it closer. He finds a note that says: Call the FBI. But the confusion was caused by not this inscription and what is inside this packege. He was expecting to see unusual for him a bomb but instead saw a living person. This person was a woman. Of particular interest is the fact that she was painted by tattoos. The patrol took her to the plot. The doctor found that she was absolutely nothing remembers and her complete loss of episodic memory. And the sad thing is that the memory is unlikely to recover. Besides the suspicion aroused a strange inscription on the back of a woman. It is the name of the Special Agent of FBI Kurt Weller. Kurt denied involvement in this and said that he was not familiar with this woman. Weight investigations has not helped to establish the identity of this woman. She is not found in the database. Meanwhile, the heroine continues to amaze of her abilities more and more. The investigation concludes that she is the kind of key to something terrible.

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Blindspot season 2

Blindspot season 2 poster

The series reproduces the mysterious story of the disappearance of the girl which passes in a series of gruesome murders and crimes. A member of the local police found a leather bag hanging from a label containing the inscription "Call the FBI." Special services immediately evacuate all residents and passers-by and then proceed with the inspection of the bag and pulled out the contents. All were surprised when they saw a naked girl in the bag painted tattoos. They take a mysterious stranger and taken her to the office for questioning. It turned out she absolutely does not remember anything even the way got into this bag and be among the lane. She remembers only her first name Jane Doe. It has been necessary appointments stud it was found out that the body of a girl is able to eclipse the memory of the drug was introduced. Moreover, the dose rate exceeded tenfold. Packed full name is Kurt Veller located on the blades of a girl was the only clue to the investigation. To summarize the data it was found out that a certain Kurt Veller is one of the special agents of the FBI. Kurt denies the fact of acquaintance with Jane so that the management gives him a place in charge of the case. Having studied the tattoo the secret services have come to the conclusion that it would seem separable from each other tattoos in fact are one which provides for the planned crime. Now Kurt has to solve the mystery and find the man standing at the head of the brainchild. What will be the further search puzzle picture of the events, you will learn watching the second season which will be presented September 22, 2016.

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Blindspot season 3

Blindspot season 3 poster

TV show Blindspot season 3 is the next chapter of the criminal drama series created by Martin Gero on NBC TV Channel. Viewers will be able to find out in the new season about how Jane Doe was in the mountains surrounded by monks. The third season of the series will be asmall reboot for the whole TV series. Moreover, the jump in time that took place in the finale of the season 2, gives writers the scope for fantasy about the stories of the characters. In addition, an important role will be given to Jane’s tattoos and their decoding in new episodes. The main heroine was the owner of another layer of tattoos. The keys, encrypted in them, will be the main theme of the next season 3 Blindspot.

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Blindspot season 4

Blindspot season 4 poster

The final of season 3 shocked the audience with an absolutely fantastic cliffhanger. Jane Doe lost the memory about the last three years of her life and once again became Remi Briggs, obsessed with the idea to infiltrate the FBI and destroy it from the inside. Action of Blindspot season 4 will unfold several months after the events of the episode "In Memory". Jane’s colleagues do not know not only about the awakening of her sinister alter-ego, but also do not suspect that the life of each of them is threatened now. Thus, we can conclude that a lot of dizzying plot twists are waiting for fans in the upcoming season 4.

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Blindspot season 5

Blindspot season 5 poster

NBC TV channel has prolonged this TV series on a fifth season which will become final. Previously, our heroes went to Iceland to find a way to stop an attack of Madeline Burke on Eastern seaboard. On a way to their destination something terrible will happen and completely change the course of events. A lot things have happened since the beginning. With the help of our tattooed heroine was prevented many catastrophes. But how will this unusual situation resolve? Will the mystery of the girl, who was found in a plastic bag, be solved?

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