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Black-ish poster
Genre: Comedy, Family
Channel: ABC
Status: Continuing
8.1/10(400 votes)
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson as Andre "Dre" Johnson
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson as Andre 'Dre' Johnson
August and Berlin Gross August and Berlin Gross as Devante Johnson
Jenifer Lewis Jenifer Lewis as Ruby Johnson
Laurence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne as Pops Johnson
Marcus Scribner Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson Jr.
Marsai Martin Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson
Miles Brown Miles Brown as Jack Johnson
Tracee Ellis Ross Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson
Yara Shahidi Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson

Andre 'Dre' Johnson has a great job, a beautiful wife, Rainbow, four kids, and a colonial home in the 'burbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this black family? With a little help from his dad, Dre sets out to establish a sense of cultural identity for his family that honors their past while embracing the future.

Black-ish season 1

Black-ish season 1 poster

This hilarious series in the direction of the caustic, managed with dexterity denounce Western clichés. In the center of the plot, is vain, prosperous niger has not experienced in his life path no sorrow or sadness. He is not an employee of any city coffee shops, not to work on a construction site and is not engaged in theft. The hero was able to succeed in the other direction, only through his own efforts. He took control in the corporate board. Mystic, exemplary doctor is his wife. Over the years of living together, they have got four children. The couple went through a lot. All of life seems so colorful that one can only live and humming. But as the show, subsequent episodes of the series Black-ish, successful niger overcomes truscheb black, but black essence, his inner world, on the contrary. Maybe things are not so bad? All the same, the protagonist bothered to climb the corporate ladder and almost rose to the vice president. Treat yourself to enjoy with a cup of tea and watching the incredibly fine satire, with current supply niggas family. Enjoy your viewing!

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Black-ish season 2

Black-ish season 2 poster

The second season of the Black-ish series becomes more dynamic and engrossing. Here the show introduces a new guest-star Tyra Banks. Her role is a variant of herself. She plays the best friend of Andre “Dre” Johnson. It is important to emphasize that a real friendship of a lasting consistency between Anthony Anderson and a famous designer and hostess of ‘America Next Top Model’ lies at the root of the plotline of the sophomore season. Another guest-star Zendaya will take part in the series. She will play Resheida, who is on friendly terms with Zoey. Resheida appears to have no father, so she begins to take Andre Johnson as her missing father, and sharing his opinion that all daddies should be esteemed and held in reverence. And it’s not even the half of the story - the most exciting developments are waiting for you with the second season of Black-ish! Do not miss it!

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Black-ish season 3

Black-ish season 3 poster

Of course it is very important to remember the history of his family and honor the memory of his ancestors, no matter which race belongs to the man and what his nationality. It must understand every normal person. On the basis of these statements Black-ish comedy series was created in which the event is based around such people. The protagonist of the family head of the African American Andre Johnson. It can be said that the life of Andre succeeded as his long-cherished dream come true. After all, not many representatives the ancestors of whom are immigrants from the African continent could rise in social terms as it was possible to make the main character. He has a good job of staying in office of the board member of large companies and not of any ordinary employee, he has a huge, a luxurious mansion located in the trendy area, and a beautiful wife and four children. But despite the fact that they live in a society among white people they remember and honor the history of their kind from its beginning to the end. Perhaps, therefore, one day a hero forces himself to think about things opposite the American dream and to rethink his whole past life and deeds however why he came to the end and he became rich and successful. Hence the question arises, whether the protagonist will be able to combine his real life with the thoughts that had settled in his mind and did not leave him.

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Black-ish season 4

Black-ish season 4 poster

Black-ish season 4 keeps to follow Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson, who like in all previous seasons of the TV show is trying to bring up in his children a love for cultural traditions of their people. The TV series Black-ish, though in a comic manner, raises difficult questions about the problems of national and cultural identity in today’s world. 4th season begins with the moment of replenishment in Johnson family. The theme of motherhood and postpartum depression will be affected in the first episodes of the new season of Black-ish. Moreover, the children are growing. And Zoey became a beautiful girl, who goes to college. This fact is very worried about daddy Dre. Andre Johnson, Jr. became a teenager with his problems. And twins sometimes throw up a lot of problems to their parents. Thus, the main problem in the relationship between the representatives of the two generations is that they perceive differently the possibilities of the black people in the United States. And the Johnson family will try to solve this problem again in season 4 Black-ish.

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Black-ish season 5

Black-ish season 5 poster

Black-ish season 5 is a continuation of the comedy, which focuses on Johnsons. They are the only black-skinned guys in their neighborhood that bother the father of the family Andre. Johnson family will face new funny situations and adventures in the new season. For example, new neighbors, who naturally did not reach an understanding with the black-ish family. Junior took a gap year in college, but is in no hurry to return home. And younger children start to face problems of growing up and a desire to get their own space.

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Black-ish season 6

Black-ish season 6 poster

“BLACK-ISH” is an American comedy serial by TV channel ABC and the sixth season will be available for the audience on September 24, 2019. For a long time there was no news about the extension of the series, and fans already thought the show was closed, but the news came from the producers. It will be the continuation about how Afro-American parents are trying to raise their children so that they have the right values and they remember who they are. Also producers gave the spin-off order to the series, already dubbed “Mixed”. The cast will be the same. So we will observe the development of events in new series.

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Black-ish season 7

Black-ish season 7 poster

Season 6 never answered several burning questions: how will Mr. Pops survive the breakup with Lynette, what family members will say when they find out that Rhonda is having a child, and how Andre and Bowe's dispute about where to send DeVant to school will be resolved, although he has not yet settled in kindergarten. Therefore, we are waiting for new series and answers to questions ...

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"Black-ish Season 8" is a sitcom about a prosperous African American couple with five children, divorced parents and numerous other relatives. Mr. Johnson is the father of a large family. He has four children, two of whom are twins. Johnson has a good income, so he can provide for himself and his wife and children. He lives in a very good area, his house is not in a mortgage and he has no debts. The only thing that really bothers him is that all of his neighbors are white, middle class. Johnson clearly understands that even some half a century ago, a person with his skin color could not live in such an area and be equal among whites. But if he clearly understands this, then his children do not seem to see the difference between themselves and their white peers, so Johnson is furiously trying to remind them of the history of his people and that not so long ago blacks were slaves. True, Andre does not have as much time for his family as he would like, because he is a member of the board of governors of the corporation, but he devotes every free minute to educating children.

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