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Black Jesus season 1

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Black Jesus season 1 poster
10 episodes (5301 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Angela Elayne Gibbs, John Witherspoon, Gerald 'Slink' Johnson, Charles Q. Murphy, Corey Holcomb, Andra Fuller, Antwon Tanner, Kali Hawk, Andrew Bachelor, Carlos Acuña, Valenzia Algarin Genre:Comedy Channel:Adult Swim Status:Continuing

7.2 (11 votes)

Have you ever imagined would look like our world if Jesus lived among us? Comic story Black Jesus tells the story of a black man from the criminal area who decided to devote his life to Christ's purpose on earth. In California gang violence, murders and robberies occur daily. Only a black Jesus the owner of a sports constitution can bring order here and save people from sin. A man with his companions arranges fun giving the appearance of ordinary water into wine, smoking weed and do not forget the works of God. Despite the fact that Jesus can sometimes sin he does not miss the opportunity to convey to the people the holy truth at the same time repeatedly eating profanity. The protagonist and his associates travel to areas of California seeking to inform the people about the huge importance in the life of such feelings as love forgiveness and mercy. Walking around the city Jesus inspires people to perform good deeds. This series is not advisable to look deeply religious fans but if you do not believe in the existence of gods and enjoy watching TV shows rich black humor this project is uniquely you enjoy.

Black Jesus season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Smokin', Drinkin', and Chillin (air date: 2014-08-07)

Black Jesus and his gang fail at trying to score some good weed. To make matters worse Black Jesus gets detained by police and questioned.

360p (mp4 227.1 MB)
Episode #2: Fish and the Con Man (air date: 2014-08-14)

Black Jesus tells his gang that they must start a community garden. Standing in the way of progress is Vic, the Apartment Manager who threatens to bring all of them down.

360p (mp4 250.3 MB)
Episode #3: The Shit Heist (air date: 2014-08-21)

After being extorted by Mexican gangsters, they are left with no money for fertilizer for their garden, so they must execute a manure heist at the Compton Boarding Stables.

360p (mp4 168.2 MB)
Episode #4: I Gave at the Playground (air date: 2014-08-28)

The gang end up agreeing to help Boonie with a yard sale. His ex girlfriend shows up though to cause havoc.

360p (mp4 211.3 MB)
Episode #5: Fried Green Tomatoes (air date: 2014-09-04)

The gang is ready to quit the garden when they find the weed in the garden has failed, but they discover an abundance of "miracle" green tomatoes.

360p (mp4 253.8 MB)
Episode #6: Love Thy Enemy (1) (air date: 2014-09-11)

The gang bottle and sell their green tomato sauce and Ms. Tudi makes peace with the CCSWC.

360p (mkv 720.3 MB)
Episode #7: The Other Shoe Drops (air date: 2014-09-18)

Travyon forays into documentary filmmaking and discovers a saboteur pouring bleach in the garden.

360p (mp4 239.5 MB)
Episode #8: Love Thy Enemy (2) (air date: 2014-09-25)

The complex is in shambles thanks to Vic and Lloyd.

360p (avi 144.7 MB)
Episode #9: Gangsta's Paradise (air date: 2014-10-02)

Jesus decides to reunite with his friends from the "hood"

360p (mp4 280.9 MB)
Episode #10: WTFWBJD (air date: 2014-10-09)

While Jesus is on the run, the gang is left to ponder what would Black Jesus do in their shoes.

360p (mp4 256.3 MB)

Black Jesus season 1 promo

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