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Black Jesus

Black Jesus poster
Genre: Comedy
Channel: Adult Swim
Status: Ended
7.2/10(316 votes)
Andra Fuller Andra Fuller as Fish
Andrew Bachelor Andrew Bachelor as Trayvon
Angela Elayne Gibbs Angela Elayne Gibbs as Ms. Tudi
Antwon Tanner Antwon Tanner as Jason
Carlos Acuña Carlos Acuña as Trigger
Charles Q. Murphy Charles Q. Murphy as Vic
Corey Holcomb Corey Holcomb as Boonie
Gerald 'Slink' Johnson Gerald 'Slink' Johnson as Jesus
Gerald 'Slink' Johnson Gerald 'Slink' Johnson as Jesus
John Witherspoon John Witherspoon as Lloyd

Black Jesus centers on Jesus living in present day Compton, CA, on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood, with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.

Black Jesus season 1

Black Jesus season 1 poster

Have you ever imagined would look like our world if Jesus lived among us? Comic story Black Jesus tells the story of a black man from the criminal area who decided to devote his life to Christ's purpose on earth. In California gang violence, murders and robberies occur daily. Only a black Jesus the owner of a sports constitution can bring order here and save people from sin. A man with his companions arranges fun giving the appearance of ordinary water into wine, smoking weed and do not forget the works of God. Despite the fact that Jesus can sometimes sin he does not miss the opportunity to convey to the people the holy truth at the same time repeatedly eating profanity. The protagonist and his associates travel to areas of California seeking to inform the people about the huge importance in the life of such feelings as love forgiveness and mercy. Walking around the city Jesus inspires people to perform good deeds. This series is not advisable to look deeply religious fans but if you do not believe in the existence of gods and enjoy watching TV shows rich black humor this project is uniquely you enjoy.

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Black Jesus season 2

Black Jesus season 2 poster

The sophomore season meets Jesus back from the mental hospital after a short incarceration. Now he is in streets of Compton searching for a place to stay. He is worried to find out that Fish returns to a criminal life, and his other disciples go through a bad stretch. Jesus wants to convince the band to lead a decent life, earning legitimate money and spreading the God’s words to people. But it is quite a challenging mission to fulfill. In the meantime, Jesus sets his hands on the church headed by an open to bribery preacher. Meanwhile, Vic takes the gang as being a terrorist organization because of sheer misunderstanding. What will be the conclusion of all this? The season two will emerge deeper into the characters in order to study their personalities and motives. The season is also full of surprises, fun, calamities and humor. The new characters will also be introduced in the second season of the Black Jesus series. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this brilliant show!

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