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Bizarre Foods season 8

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Bizarre Foods season 8 poster
9 episodes (286 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Andrew Zimmern Genre:Food, Special Interest Channel:Travel Channel Status:Continuing

8.3 (15 votes)

Bizarre Foods season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: Kazakhstan: Hunting with Eagles & Milking Mares (air date: 2015-04-13)

Andrew Zimmern heads to Kazakhstan in the heart of central Asia. He hunts for rabbits with a golden eagle, suffers a blow while milking a horse and feasts on everything from sheep brains to smoked horse sausage.

Episode #2: Taipei: Stinky Tofu and Iron Eggs (air date: 2015-04-21)

Andrew Zimmern hits the food mecca of Taipei. He faces down stinky tofu in a mountainside factory, learns the secret to turning eggs into hard-as-iron street food, and masters pulling the longest and strongest noodles.

Episode #3: Rome: Porchetta, Pecorino and Pizza (air date: 2015-04-27)

Andrew heads to Rome for tastes that stand the test of time. He feasts on lamb brains and veal intestine in the shadow of an ancient dump, eats cheese aged in millennia-old caves, and nets eel with Rome's last eel fisherman.

Episode #4: Dubai: Carp, Camel, and Cocoons (air date: 2015-05-04)

Andrew Zimmern heads to gleaming and gritty Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He learns the secrets to milking camels, fermenting fish in the desert sun, making musical organ-meat mush, and finding manna from heaven at the spice market.

Episode #5: Cold Blooded Creatures (air date: 2015-05-18)

The usual reaction to snakes or crocodiles is to run, but Andrew Zimmern catches and cooks them, eager to try everything from boa constrictors in Nicaragua to poisonous toads in Australia, to giant snapping turtles in Pennsylvania.

Episode #6: Panama: Beef Lungs & Love Potions (air date: 2015-05-25)

Andrew Zimmern heads to Panama City, Panama, one of the world's crossroads. He feasts on chicken-foot souse and iguana meat and eggs. Then, he hits the street for beef lung and aphrodisiac smoothies before noshing on Chinese-Panamanian kosher cheese.

Episode #7: Ho Chi Minh City: Rat Hearts & Porcupine Parts (air date: 2015-06-01)

Andrew Zimmern travels to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Hitting the city streets at night, he feasts on snails and duck tongues. On the outskirts of town, Andrew hunts for rice-field rats and gets a taste of farm-raised porcupine.

Episode #8: Peruvian Amazon: Giant Rodents and Biting Ants (air date: 2015-06-08)

Andrew Zimmern goes off the grid in Iquitos, Peru, in the heart of the Amazon. He wrestles giant paiche fish, hits local markets for grilled coconut grubs and smoked jungle rodents, and forages for giant biting ants with a tribal shaman.

Episode #9: San Antonio: Brains, Balls & Blood (air date: 2015-06-15)

Andrew eats calves' balls and crickets during his culinary tour of San Antonio, which also includes baby goats being cooked on an altar, cow heads being roasted in 6-foot pits, and the use of pig blood to decorate plates.

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