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Between poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction
Channel: Netflix
Status: Ended
6.9/10(8 votes)
Jim Watson Jim Watson as Pat
Mercedes Morris Mercedes Morris as Renee
Ryan Allen Ryan Allen as Gord
Steven Grayhm Steven Grayhm as Liam
Jennette McCurdy Jennette McCurdy as Wiley
Abigail Winter Abigail Winter as Samantha
Brooke Palsson Brooke Palsson as Melissa
Jack Murray Jack Murray as Mark
Jesse Carere Jesse Carere as Adam
Jordan Todosey Jordan Todosey as Tracey

Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody aged 22 and older. The series also explores the power vacuum that results when the government quarantines the town within a 10 square mile diameter and leaves the inhabitants to fend for themselves.

Between season 1

Between season 1 poster

The events take place in a small provincial town. The inhabitants have lived a quiet life, until one day. Once an unknown disease killed all the citizens who were older than 21 years. The reasons are quite unknown and what you need to avoid is simply impossible to guess. The government has made a quarantine zone of several kilometers, thus leaving all teenagers alone. Now they should take care of each other by their own. Where will this lead? Let’s see.

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Between season 2

Between season 2 poster

Rows of foreign serials constantly replenished more and more new pictures which takes place in a certain area alienated from the outside world where life proceeds according to the established rules. More recently, the TV series "Under the Dome" was the most striking example of such a display theme. Once in the world there was a new project called Between. And although the stories of both series have significant differences yet there is similarity between them. Events series Between occur in a small town called Pretty Lake. More recently this town all felt blessed place until the horrific events did not violate this idyll of tranquility and peace. Unidentified virus begins to destroy the inhabitants of this town. The government can not figure out the cause of the epidemic but it was definitely clear that the infectiousness of the epidemic has reached the highest degree. Also it remains an open question about the electoral direction of this scourge that decimated the people who more than 21 years. Local authorities have decided to protect the territory of the city and to make thanks to the people for the preservation of peace with them. The heroes of the story, lost as a result of the epidemic of their older relatives understand that their fate will depend entirely on their own.

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