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Better Things

Better Things poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama
Channel: FX (US)
Status: Continuing
7.5/10(11 votes)
Celia Imrie Celia Imrie as Phil
Hannah Alligood Hannah Alligood as Frankie
Pamela Adlon Pamela Adlon as Sam
Pamela Adlon Pamela Adlon as Sam Fox
Alysia Reiner Alysia Reiner as Sunny
Celia Imrie Celia Imrie as Phil
Hannah Alligood Hannah Alligood as Frankie
Mikey Madison Mikey Madison as Max
Olivia Edward Olivia Edward as Duke
Patricia Scanlon Patricia Scanlon as Joy

An actress raises her three daughters while juggling the pressures of working in Hollywood and being a single parent.

For a woman it does not matter in which country she lives the child's education alone relying only on her own strength it is a difficult challenge. But the situation that has overtaken lively main character Sam is much more complex because she has custody of more than one kid and just three of the younger daughters. The woman is very difficult to make ends meet and provide the girls with everything they need. It has no special income besides she never made a brilliant career as an actress. A single mother is not a TV star she only occasionally plays small roles in the movies or on television. It happens that Sam often borrows money from her friends. What is really striking and what would not hurt many other people seek it's saving presence of mind, courage, optimism and good mood. The main character has a lot of friends which appreciate her positive stock character and friendliness. Also, Sam did not start against to anything binding novels with representatives of the stronger sex because she does not want to enter into a serious relationship claiming that her children will always be for her in the first place.

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Better Things season 2 from FX channel continues to follow a single mother named Sam, who works not the most in demand actress. The main heroine brings up three daughters. It is quite a difficult task, even for a full-fledged family. But despite all the difficulties that every day arise before a woman, she tries to cope with everything and believes that the better things are yet to come. The woman has no luck in her personal life, because she gives most of her life to either children or work. So, Sam continues to look after her children and tries to find love, which she has not had for a long time, in the new episodes of season 2 Better Things.

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We will meet again with Sam Fox, a middle-aged actress raising three daughters alone: an adult girl, teenager and baby. Sam still looks after her mother and tries to break through to Hollywood by filming low-rated shows.

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