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Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane poster
Genre: Drama, Family
Channel: BET
Status: Ended
7.8/10(174 votes)
Aaron D. Spears Aaron D. Spears as Mark
B.J. Britt B.J. Britt as Paul Patterson Jr.
Chiké Okonkwo Chiké Okonkwo as Lee Truitt
Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul
Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul
Lisa Vidal Lisa Vidal as Kara
Margaret Avery Margaret Avery as Helen Patterson
Michael Ealy Michael Ealy as Justin Talbot
Raven Goodwin Raven Goodwin as Niecy
Richard Brooks Richard Brooks as Patrick Patterson

Mary Jane Paul is a one-woman show: a successful TV news anchor, entirely self-sufficient – an all-around powerhouse who remains devoted to a family that doesn't share her motivation.

As Mary Jane juggles her life, her work and her commitment to her family, we find out how far she's willing to go to find the puzzle pieces that she, and society, insist are missing from her life as a single Black female.

American dramatic TV series Being Mary Jason tells us story of successful talk-show hostess at the height of her professional career. Talk-show conducted by Mary Jane Paul is very popular among its viewership. The series are based on the story line of one self-assured beautiful and not quite ordinary woman. You will witness her professional and private life. After some watching you will be able to answer the questions about the scheming at her official place, plot twists connected with her interior life and difficult situation with her family. Moreover her mother is very sick and Mary Jane looks after her. She appears to have a father, two brothers and a niece. The critics estimated positively the pilot version of this season, so the script writers gave serious thought to creation of several more seasons of this brilliant drama. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to see it!

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In the second season of Being Mary Jane we shall discover the main character biting off more than she can chew. Mary Jane is literally torn by domestic and business affairs. Her work at the cable network receives the new challenging turn at the moment she reaches a decision to work with more stories about the “Black experience”. At home her mother and niece being at loggerheads are waiting for her. They are literally on the warpath so the other members of the family should choose which side to take. Whereas both Mary Jane’s brothers try to put their lives on the right track and correct the past mistakes. Nevertheless the second season will show us Mary opening her soul and heart to some new man. She is ready and longs for a child. So, we are going to trace if she is successful in conceiving a baby. Furthermore the new series will be refilled by new interesting characters and plot twists. Make sure not to miss a single episode of this multifaceted life story of a woman.

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To begin with to be popular does not mean to be happy. Mary Jane does not suffer so much, but in her life that very single man does not appear. That man who will make her happy and will not hurt her. The girl has already had serious relationships, but she would prefer to leave this experience in the past. In new series she has to recover from those events due to which she got in the car accident. This accident resulted from that she got to know the facts that connected her best friend, Lisa Hudson, and her ex-boyfriend. Now except emotional wounds, Mary will have to cure physical ones. Parallel instance has become for a girl a sign that she has to sink into a reverie about the life she leads how. After all, she cannot stay long blind to the hints, which the fate sends to her. The main heroine has to rethink all that has happened to her. She should find true reference points and should put new purposes. Though, it hurts her both morally and physically, Mary Jane will start to move forward.

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Welcome to the preview of the series to Be Mary Jane season 4 . The main character was played by Gabrielle Union. The young girl who aspires to make a career is in the center of the plot. A lot of people envy her. The girl always dreamed about career of presenter. Thats why she constantly watched different shows and copied behavior of leading. She dialed the determination every day and building a career. Mary becomes the presenter of the talk show, and it becomes popular very soon. Mary is studying human, she sets a very tricky questions that are so interesting for the audience. But after a while the TV Director ordered her to resign. Mary leaves Atlantis and goes to new York. She dreams of a great love and got a job again. But it is often not enough time for personal life for people like Mary. Thats why she's still alone. She does not found the man, which dreams. She is very successful, there are crowd of men around her. Because many men dreaming about her -she is beautiful, rich, famous. But Mary wants to be loved not for wealth and appearance, but for her soul. And finally she meets a beautiful man. Mary thinks it was fate, but the beloved is cheating her with her best girlfriend. The main character enjoys the work again. What will happen with girl's personal life? You can see the series about this.

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