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Being Human (US)

Being Human (US) poster
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
7.5/10(1444 votes)
Amy Aquino Amy Aquino as Donna Gilchrist
Bobby Campo Bobby Campo as Max
Connor Price Connor Price as Keny
Deanna Russo Deanna Russo as Kat Neely
Dichen Lachman Dichen Lachman as Suren
Gianpaolo Venuta Gianpaolo Venuta as Danny
Jesse Rath Jesse Rath as Robbie Malik
Kristen Hager Kristen Hager as Nora
Kyle Schmid Kyle Schmid as Henry
Mark Pellegrino Mark Pellegrino as Bishop

Being Human is a series based on the UK series of the same name. It is a supernatural orientated around a vampire, ghost and werewolf trying to live under the same household.

Being Human is an American remake of British series of the same name created by the channel BBC. In a small house in Boston under the same roof live friends Aidan and Josh. Their lives are different from the lives of many others, as Aidan - a vampire, and Josh - a werewolf. Plus, they move to the house in which lives a ghost of a girl named Sally, who died under mysterious circumstances.

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In the Season 2 cliffhanger Aidan found himself six feet under after being banished and buried as punishment from vampire leader Mother. Sally became lost in a state of limbo and for Josh, events went horribly wrong when his plot to break the werewolf curse by killing his Maker Ray backfired, endangering Nora. Now, as the new season begins...

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New season opens with the roommates coping with Josh, who is permanently a wolf, although the full moon has a very different effect on him now, which drives Nora to extremes in order to get her husband back. Visitors from Aidan’s haunted past, including an elusive character bearing an uncanny likeness to his long lost wife Suzanna, as well as his maker Bishop, collide with the present and Aidan is forced to make impossible decisions affecting those closest to him. Sally finds herself trapped alone with the witch, Donna, but her newfound magical powers may be more than either of them bargained for.

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