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Atlanta Plastic season 1

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Atlanta Plastic season 1 poster
8 episodes (277 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Lifetime Status:Continuing

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Atlanta Plastic season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Ugly Duckling Gets Her Day (air date: 2015-07-31)

Outspoken Roz reveals a shocking desire to her husband, which threatens their sex life... for at least a few weeks. Mother of four Tiffany decides it's time for a makeover, and ugly duckling Iris embarks on a journey to discover the beauty she has been in search of since she was a child.

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Episode #2: Garbage Bag Diva (air date: 2015-08-07)

When football defensive end Mike unveils his undersized package, Dr. Crawford has to deliver some tough news. Meanwhile, Dr. Baron undertakes an important surgery for her first ever transgender patient Vladimere. Shay visits Dr. Jones with her boyfriend, in the hope that she can rid herself of the trash bags she uses as cover-up and rejuvenate her relationship with the body she has always dreamt of.

360p (mp4 304.7 MB)
Episode #3: Runaway Patient (air date: 2015-08-14)

Dr. Baron takes on subdued patient Danielle whose life has left her in need of physical and emotional upgrades, but a simple operation could be the key to her future happiness. Dr. Jones meets Sasha, an outrageous personality with a medical secret that threatens to put her life at risk. Ken, a charming aspiring actor goes to see Dr. Crawford for a full body lift after years of dedication and over a hundred pounds of weight loss have left him with excess skin that holds him back from entering the dating scene.

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Episode #4: Surgery or Bust (air date: 2015-08-21)

Doctors Crawford and Baron are on opposite sides of the spectrum as Dr. Crawford takes on Mimi, a patient in need of a major breast reduction while his partner Dr. Baron works to enhance the chest of outrageous internet transgender sensation Sidney Favors. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones faces more serious issues when he has to make a tough decision on whether or not to operate on Twanna, a patient whose black market procedures have left her butt disfigured.

Episode #5: New Face, New Problems? (air date: 2015-08-28)

Atlanta stylist Joseph visits Dr. Jones in the hopes of getting rid of his man-boobs and finally becoming "South Beach ready." Meanwhile, Dr. Crawford is performing double duty this week as he toggles between Brandon, a patient whose painful childhood has resulted in a hatred of his entire body; and Toni, a mother of three who is trying to get beyond the physical and emotional results of her extreme weight loss. Will Toni finally fit into the wedding dress of her dreams?

360p (mp4 278.5 MB)
Episode #6: Surgery Sisters (air date: 2015-09-04)

Dr. Jones meets Prince, a Michael Jackson impersonator who just can't get beyond the man in the mirror. His nose is a painful reminder of his difficult father and he is ready for a change. Meanwhile, sisters Shari and Michelle visit Dr. Crawford and Dr. Baron and decide to have the same surgery on the same day. The sibling rivalry sparks a friendly competition between the doctors to determine which one of them will have the best results!

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Episode #7: A to Z Cup (air date: 2015-09-11)

Victoria's breasts are self-described as "negative A-cup" and she is begging Dr. Baron to make them bigger. Things are very different in the next room as new patient Annie unleashes her Guinness World Record breaking breasts on Dr. Crawford. Will he be able to manage all she has to offer? Across town, Dr. Jones flips his lid when he discovers a dent on Shonquis' newly sculpted rear end. Will she heed his warnings and reverse the damage? Or will his hard work fall flat?

Episode #8: Bat Wings to Angel Wings (air date: 2015-09-18)

Dr. Baron has a busy operating room with two new patients: Nicole, whose dramatic weight loss has left her with sagging skin that resembles bat wings; and Iraq veteran, Arica, who wants help getting her body back after returning from war and subsequently giving her mother a kidney. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones has full creative control in designing a new butt for former exotic dancer turned entrepreneur, Tia. Will he be able to pump up her posterior? Or will Tia's expectations be deflated?

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