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Arrow poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
8.2/10(21424 votes)
Andrea Sixtos Andrea Sixtos as Zoe Ramirez
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande as cat valentine
Audrey Marie Anderson Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels
Ben Lewis Ben Lewis as William
Brandon Routh Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer
Byron Mann Byron Mann as Yao Fei Gulong
Caity Lotz Caity Lotz as Sara Lance
Celina Jade Celina Jade as Shado
Colin Donnell Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn
Colin Salmon Colin Salmon as Walter Steele

After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Starling City, welcomed by his devoted mother Moira, beloved sister Thea and former flame Laurel Lance. With the aid of his trusted chauffeur/bodyguard John Diggle, the computer-hacking skills of Felicity Smoak and the occasional, reluctant assistance of former police detective, now beat cop, Quentin Lance, Oliver has been waging a one-man war on crime.

Arrow season 1

Arrow season 1 poster

After a horrendous shipwreck the handsome playboy-billionaire Oliver Queen was declared dead. But after 5 years of absence he was discovered miraculously safe and sound on an uninhabited Pacific island. Awaited at home by the devoted and tender mother Moira, sister Thea and oldest friend Tommy, Oliver in fact undergoes a complete change of personality, beliefs and values. He really wants to correct his mistakes from the past and begins with an attempt to make it up with his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance.
To make the existing world into a better place Oliver becomes a superhero with arrows and a bow in a green hooded costume. He sets the final aim of irradiating crime in his hometown of Starling City and also globally. In the first season in all his escapades he is closely followed by his devoted and super-reliable bodyguard and chauffer John Diggle, who supports his employer in all ways. During the daytime Oliver is a rich and relaxed layabout chasing attractive girls but at night trying to keep his personality a secret he dresses up in his green costume and chases criminals. The story gets an intriguing twist when Laurel’s dad - Detective Quentin Lance – decides to catch this vigilante by all means.

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Arrow season 2

Arrow season 2 poster

Following the exciting turbulent events of season 1, season 2 of this blockbuster based on comics TV series continues to picture the breathtaking adventures and unpredictable life events of a hooded hero in green shooting the crime and other possible evil of his home city with his green arrows. This season starts in the following unexpected way: Diggle and Felicity resort themselves to the attempts of uncovering the precise location of Oliver Queen, who has departed without saying where some time before. Oliver becomes strongly aware of the disappointingly poor state of аffairs around him: Isabelle Rochev planning a hostile takeover оf Queen Consolidated, Thea flatly refuses to visit their mother Moira in her imprisonment, Roy is making unfruitful attempts to substitute Stella in all possible ways and Detective Lance triples his efforts trying to unveil the personality and catch the hooded avenger. Those present events are periodically interrupted with flashbacks form his past portraying Quentin balancing between life аnd death during his first isolation on the uninhabited Paсific island. Will the matters straighten up or do the opposite thing and go from bad to very worse? Will the things finally turn out alright for the handsome vigilante? Watch the season and find out!

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Arrow season 3

Arrow season 3 poster

In the end of the second season Oliver saves the town from the imminent destruction and now the story moves on. The plot makes the sharp bend and the season three prepares something new and special for us. After a victory Arrow becomes a hero in the opinion of the Starling City inhabitants. Crime rate decreases, people feel themselves protected, and Captain Lance dissolves the special-purpose task unit. Enjoying his success Oliver believes that he got the chance to arrange his personal life at last. He dates Felicity, but deadly enemy comes to Starling City the moment Oliver distracts. This makes him realize that he’ll never be able become Oliver Queen until the town needs Arrow. There is a possibility that Sara will return in the third season of Arrow. Keep track of the new dangerous adventures of Oliver and other characters of TV series Arrow.

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Arrow season 4

Arrow season 4 poster

We all know that the season 3 of Arrow had quite an unexpected ending, when Oliver Queen passed the title of the next Ra’s Al Ghul to Malcolm Merlyn. In the end Oliver and Felicity went away together to the happy future. But as it always happens the new trial and villains are waiting for our heroes to test their superpowers. In the highly-anticipated season 4 Malcolm Merlyn is not an Arrow’s rival any longer. The team of Oliver Queen is going to struggle against the new enemies, such as H.I.V.E and Damien Darhk. The identity of the latter one will be definitely disclosed after he tries to seize power over the Assassins’ League. Felicity will also face her arch enemy, a character, possessing the technological skills that could be compared with Smoak’s ones. Moreover, Barrowan will surely return for the season four of Arrow. The protagonist himself will give up his costume and look quite differently. All in all, the viewers of the Arrow series are definitely going to enjoy thoroughly the further developments in the DC universe!

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Arrow season 5

Arrow season 5 poster

A huge army of fans of the series Arrow waiting for the appearance of new episodes of the fifth season. All intrigued and expect a speedy release of the new and exciting story. What will please the new season and what will be the further development of events? Fabulously wealthy and influential protagonist of the history of Oliver Queen comes aboard and went to his extraordinary voyage. But this time his ship enters the catastrophe leaving Oliver Queen goes missing. Told reporters and rescuers the ship underwent a crash and survive in such a difficult situation it was almost impossible. For this reason all agreed on the view that the billionaire drowned. After two years of the tragedy is almost no mention of the events of that day. But suddenly the occasional ship the passing of one of the tropical islands of the Pacific ocean, shows a man who has similarities with John Quinn. After inviting person aboard and instilled him in the order no one had a doubt that this is Oliver Queen. It was decided to immediately bring Oliver back home where he was waiting, all as before in tears, nerves frazzled mother, loyal friend and beloved sister. Houses Quinn did not recognize anybody. And all because for all these years on the island heis more completely rethought and changed his attitude towards the rich and carefree life. In this regard Oliver takes a new direction and honest life which would make fundamental changes not only in his life but in the life of his native city.

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Arrow season 7

Arrow season 7 poster

Arrow had to reveal its identity and go to jail in the final of the previous season. As a result, millionaire and superhero Oliver Queen will get acquainted with the harsh prison laws and enter into a real battle for survival in the upcoming season 7. Prisoner No. 4587 will be waiting for a new encounter with criminals such as the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Derek Sampson (Cody Runnels) and Danny Brickwell (Vinnie Jones). And while Oliver redeems his guilt in a prison, a new defender will appear in Starling City, who will dress in an archer costume...

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