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Another Period

Another Period poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Comedy
Status: Ended
7.6/10(14 votes)
Armen Weitzman Armen Weitzman as Garfield
Beth Dover Beth Dover as Blanche
Brett Gelman Brett Gelman as Hamish
Brett Gelman Brett Gelman as Hamish
Brian Huskey Brian Huskey as Victor Schmemmerhorn - Fish V
Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks as Chair/Celine
David Koechner David Koechner as Harold "the Commodore" Bellacourt
David Wain David Wain as Albert Downsy Jr.
Jason Ritter Jason Ritter as Frederick Bellacourt
Lauren Ash Lauren Ash as Hortence Bellecourt

Set at the turn of the century, “Another Period” follows the misadventures of the Bellacourts, Newport, RI’s first family, who have absolutely nothing to offer to the world, but who have so much money it doesn’t matter. The series focuses on sisters “Lillian” and “Beatrice”, who care only about how they look, what parties they attend and becoming famous, which is a lot harder in 1902.

The actions occur in the early nineteenth century in a luxurious mansion of a wealthy American family. In the centre of story is an unusual little family. That what happens inside this family, can not be called a normal family relationships. This is all supported by the fact that all her members lead a stupid way of life. A special role here belongs to two sisters. They are the most capricious and rude in this house. Comfortable living conditions for them a usual thing. They lead absolutely carefree lifestyle. They attach a particular importance to their appearance so every day spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Their behavior is often unpredictable. They allow themselves to drink and often throw food into servants. With regard to their husbands, they are actually not those who they are. In secret, they have close relationships with each other. But that's not all that's going on here. For example, their father, in turn, has a absurd affairs. He allowed himself to become a sex slave of his servant, who was once a prostitute. His wife at all " goes for an unknown destination." She plunged into the fashion so even beginning to use drugs. This family is capable of much ...

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Events, confusing comedy serial history, Another Period season 2, carry the audience at the beginning of the last century, in one of the most beautiful cities, a large United States. TV series heroes, is a huge family, living as they want and hardly interested in the flow of the surrounding world events. Two sisters Lilian and Beatrice, accustomed to a splendid and licentious life, so never in anything does not deny, even enthusiasm cocaine wine. Spoiled protagonists do not show interest in more serious pursuits in life, they appreciate only what they are interested in, it is a family inheritance, beautiful clothes, comfort and idleness. However, Lilian and Beatrice, are not the only spoiled in this house. Other family members also have their own skeletons in the closet. The husbands of two sisters for a long time do not pay attention to their wives, and lead a life together with each other in secret. Mother of girls seem completely freaking out. She has tried many drugs, and now just delighted with the morphine. The head of the family does not lag behind the other, he has come to the point that turned out to be at the mercy of one of the maids, who managed to seduce him and use for her own purposes.

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