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Annedroids poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Children
Channel: TVO
Status: Continuing
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Eleven-year old genius and kid-scientist Anne has invented and built her own amazing androids. Nick discovers Anne's secret junkyard laboratory and enlists the help of Shania to befriend Anne and her mechanical companions. Together they help solve Anne's scientific problems through real-life solutions.

Annedroids season 1

Annedroids season 1 poster

Anne wanted to create something that would be embodied in the life from childhood. Therefore, the back yard of her home has turned into a kind of space base, where they found the residence a variety of robots and facilities. In his laboratory Anne could spend time for hours worked on a new piece. Girl every time tried to make unusual artificial person who would be her friend. True friends come to visit her, as a museum and a watch new droids during a hours. But the most amazing of them was the latest development. A new ultramodern and very reasonable robot. Now androids collection was complete. But what it will do with these toys?

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Annedroids season 3

Annedroids season 3 poster

We continue the story of an unusual girl Anne and her friends Nick and Shania and android invented her. New adventures and development based on established physical theories continue to talk about pritsipe of machines and mechanisms in an accessible and understandable form for children. The main heroine of the history is Ann has been conducting great science experiments. She is never one. Around her there are always those which are also interested in the great scientific discoveries and the constant need to study something new and unusual. This girl is a deep interest among her peers. Friends see her is not just interesting, sociable and pleasant companion but also the greatest discoverer which is never boring. Surrounding do not cease to be amazed by her ability to create real miracles. Nick and Shania have supernatural powers so happy to help Ann decide the consequences of scientific experiments. Dear our regular spectators and guests! We invite you to try a new season of the adventure series that promises to get you into more interesting events of the secret world of science which has no limits. Here you will find everything that is far beyond your imagination. Do not miss your chance to be one of the team of young discoverers.

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