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American Housewife

American Housewife poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Comedy
Channel: ABC (US)
Status: Continuing
5.6/10(5 votes)
Katy Mixon Katy Mixon as Katie Otto
Diedrich Bader Diedrich Bader as Jeff Otto
Ali Wong Ali Wong as Doris
Carly Hughes Carly Hughes as Angela
Daniel DiMaggio Daniel DiMaggio as Harrison
Julia Butters Julia Butters as Anna-Kat
Meg Donnelly Meg Donnelly as Taylor Otto

Katie Otto, a confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, filled with "perfect" mommies and their "perfect" offspring. Katie's perfectly imperfect world is upended when her neighbor's decision to move notches her up from her ideal social standing and sets her on a path to ensure that doesn't happen, regardless of the consequences.

This series tells us about a woman, Katie Otto, who lives in Westport. She is a housewife and she has three children. As usually happens in such cases, Cathy gives all her energy for children and home comfort. That's why it is not enough time for herself. She became thick and she is called "the second most complete housewife in the city" as a result. But despite this, she is a very strong and proud woman. She would have to face with other moms, which will make fun of her. Because they are different from Katie. They have a thin waist, firm bust and sexy buttocks. They are supporters of healthy eating. That's why, the main character complex about it. She will have to prove her superiority. But it will be light moments in Katie's life. She will meet three moms and they become friends. They have different character and different children. And they will share family experiences with each other. Kate will find a new solution of her problems in the end. The story of this mommy close for many women. Watch the series with great pleasure.

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TV show American Housewife season 2 continues to ridicule such human vices as conceit, attempts to idealize the world around, and predilection to constant accumulation. The main heroine Katie Otto is an exemplary American wife and housewife, mother of three children and simply incredibly self-confident woman. She lives in a fairly rich and comfortable American city Westport, Connecticut, in which every lady seeks to look perfect and behave perfectly. Circle of Katie’s communication are the same unemployed housewives, who only manage to keep track of household chores and constantly primp. Only here the main character as well as in season 1 does not fit into their “perfect” team because of problems with excess weight. Moreover, it invariably causes keen jokes in the new episodes of season 2 American Housewife.

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The plot of American Housewife season 3 as before revolves around an energetic American woman. She never gets upset over trifles and proves tirelessly proves to society that housewives are worthy of respect. However, this time we will meet Katie not only as a wife and mother. The main character is a party planner now. Children are old enough and it's time to think about herself. Her husband fully supports her in all endeavors, so the family decides to review the household duties. As a result, a lot of new tricks and comic situations arise, of which Otto family wriggle out with honor.

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