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American Crime

American Crime poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Crime
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
8.3/10(12 votes)
Felicity Huffman Felicity Huffman as Barb Hanlon
Felicity Huffman (Season 2) Felicity Huffman (Season 2) as Leslie Graham
Connor Jessup (Season 2) Connor Jessup (Season 2) as Taylor Blaine
Lili Taylor (Season 2) Lili Taylor (Season 2) as Anne Blaine
Timothy Hutton Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie
Timothy Hutton (Season 2) Timothy Hutton (Season 2) as Dan Sullivan
W. Earl Brown W. Earl Brown as Tom Carlin
Ana Mulvoy-Ten (Season 3) Ana Mulvoy-Ten (Season 3) as Shae Reese
André Benjamin (Season 2) André Benjamin (Season 2) as Michael LaCroix
Angelique Rivera (Season 2) Angelique Rivera (Season 2) as Evy Dominguez

American Crime is an American anthology crime drama. The series centers on race, class and gender politics. Season 1 follows a racially charged murder and the subsequent trial, while season 2 tells you the story of a sexual assualt with a high school trying to cover it up.

The humble city of Modesto is far inland from San Francisco, surrounded by farmland. Parts are pastoral, while others are grittier with rising crime due to gangs, drug trafficking and addiction. All over the news are reports about a young couple who were attacked in their home. Matt Skokie, a war vet, was killed and his wife, Lily, was raped and beaten unconscious. This tragedy sends shock waves into the community, stirring up tensions across racial lines, and connecting victims, suspects, and their families. Matt’s father Chuck has flown in from Arizona for the grim job of identifying his son’s body. He and his ex-wife Barb haven’t seen each other in a long time and she is still angry with Chuck for his gambling addiction that destroyed their family. The police are about to arrest four suspects. Police get Hector, who proclaims his innocence, to give up petty crook Carter. He and his 20-year-old white girlfriend, Aubry, are methheads and always looking to buy. The investigation takes a turn when a search of the couple’s home reveals a disturbing secret. The case has just gotten bigger and the players will have their lives torn apart. A racially charged drama, from the point of view of the victims, the accused, and their families.

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The second season will cover a scandalous crime. All begins with a guy whose name is Taylor Blaine. This teenager and still an entire bunch of school children were at the school party. They had many common photos from this event which the guy posted in a social network. As usual, at such parties it did not go without alcohol. Drunk teenagers had fun on all cylinders until it became known that Taylor was raped. Two basketball players were accused of this crime. Both guys are famous players. They take part in the championship among the elite high schools. Statement about rape of Tyler has affected not only the victim's life, but also his school and the city as a whole. Crimes of sexual violence are very serious charges. Soon there many opinions arise about what happened, but mother of the raped guy trusts the son’s words fully. She is sure that everything was exactly how Taylor tells. Such a resonant case threatens to cause irreparable damage to the school and the entire basketball team, so the headmistress and the coach with all the forces try to save the reputation of their school. To tell the truth to do it turns out to be not so easy...

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Along with other professions the work of the police is also considered a dangerous profession. Each employee is at risk of losing health or life. Not excluded the loss of physical strength accompanied by mental stress. That is why the profession has a number of benefits. Being in the service the working has good wages and insurance and can retire earlier than all the other people and get rather big pension. Former colleagues do not usually forget their employees and sometimes invite them to hold lectures at schools or simple advice about what the sensational case. This time of retirement has come to our black protagonist. Not so long ago, he revealed the crimes and now retired from service. All will remember him as a non-conflictual person who has not acquired enemies among the civilian population. His life took place in a small California town where all know each other well. One day, the news that he was killed is rapidly dispersed throughout the police station. As it was difficult to believe. Who was able to raise his hand to quiet pensioner? Colleagues immediately accepted for investigation. The list of witnesses the only wife of the deceased which also suffered because the offender had the intention to get rid from unnecessary witnesses. Stocktaking police this murder was committed on the grounds of racial prejudice. Further steps of investigation showed that all is not so simple and racial hatred is absolutely innocent. Will the police come out on the right track in the investigation?

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