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Agatha Raisin season 1

Agatha Raisin season 1 poster
8 episodes (1326 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Jamie Glover, Katy Wix, Ashley Jensen, Matt McCooey, Jason Barnett, Mathew Horne, Lucy Liemann, Tim Stern, Rhashan Stone, June Watson Genre:Comedy, Crime Channel:Acorn TV Status:Continuing

7.4 (5 votes)

The main heroine of the story Agatha Reizin pleased that working in PR agency. She reached certain heights in her career than has opened an opportunity to receive an excellent profit. The thing is that at the height of the height of her career she decided to drop everything and leave London. On the threshold of a particular stage of life Agatha thought it necessary to give up everything that has to move to a distant village somewhere. She had a long-standing dream to live in his pleasure and now she has decided that now is a time to turn that dream into reality. To find a small house in a small town she began to settle. In order to make her home comfortable and beautiful the heroine went to the local shops in search of small items of decoration. As usual, the residents of small towns like this know each other and the emergence of new residents they are not always welcome. In such a situation was Agatha. Although at the outset this town seemed to her a very friendly ... The current situation begins to escalate the sense of alertness. The woman seems that people like something to hide or fear of something. They were visibly excited about the appearance of the heroine. Agatha Reizin always wanted to visit in the form of a detective therefore concludes that came her finest hour when she will be able to plunge into the world of investigation and try to find out the cause of vigilance of local residents. For the reason that people are not configured to enter into a dialogue with the woman she comes to little tricks and find out important information for her.

Agatha Raisin season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Walkers of Dembley (air date: 2016-06-07)

A walker is found dead on a local baronet's land soon after he declares war on her rambling group for trespassing on his land. Eager to solve the crime, Agatha convinces James that they should pose as a married couple and go undercover in the victim's walking group.

360p (mkv 417.1 MB)
Episode #2: Hell's Bells (air date: 2016-06-14)

Bell-ringer Amanda Ballard is found hanged in the belfry with a suicide note left beside her, but Agatha is not convinced she took her own life and enlists a reluctant Roy to help her research the case.

360p (mkv 314.5 MB)
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Episode #3: The Wellspring of Death (air date: 2016-06-21)

Roy lures Agatha back into the world of PR. She represents a local mineral water company -- but a murder there throws a spanner in the works.

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Episode #4: The Potted Gardener (air date: 2016-06-28)

On the eve of the village's best kept garden contest many of the entrants' gardens are sabotaged. Shortly afterwards James' other half Mary, a keen contestant, is murdered, following a row between the couple. Since Mary's garden was left virtually untouched Agatha initially suspects one of the other contestants, all of whom hated her, but switches her opinion upon meting Mary's spoilt daughter and sole heir, Beth., being wrong on both counts. However a new lead is opened up on the discovery that Mary used to be a singer and music provides a clue to Agatha solving the murder - and for good measure she also identifies the garden vandals.

360p (mkv 400.2 MB)
Episode #5: The Vicious Vet (air date: 2016-07-05)

Agatha dates handsome vet Paul Bladen but next day he is murdered, injected with an overdose of horse tranquillizer whilst at Lord Pembury's stable. Agatha spots that Pembury has a motive, as do Percy Parr, whose wife Harriet was seeing Paul, and spurned receptionist Chloe Mabbs. Then a villager about to divulge a secret about the deceased to Agatha is also killed in the same way. When the murderer kidnaps Agatha's cat in an effort to get her to back off with her investigation this inadvertently provides a clue, enabling Agatha to solve the killings.

360p (mkv 296.2 MB)
Episode #6: The Day the Floods Came (air date: 2016-07-12)

The day after Kylie Stokes' wedding to Zac Leeson the bride is murdered and Agatha promises her mother Freda she will find the killer. There are many intrigues surrounding the bridal party, including Kylie's affair with an older businessman whom she was seemingly blackmailing, a mysterious money gift given by Charlie Fraith and a jealous bridesmaid who apparently hated Kylie for stealing Zac from her . However it is an old photo in a local art exhibition which puts Agatha on the road to unmasking the killer.

360p (mp4 286.8 MB)
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Episode #7: Witch of Wyckhadden (air date: 2016-07-19)

Love is in the air for Agatha, but when a local mystic is found bludgeoned to death, she becomes embroiled in a most mysterious case.

360p (mp4 290.2 MB)
Episode #8: Murderous Marriage (air date: 2016-07-26)

The Murderous Marriage: When Agatha's first husband is found dead in a ditch the day after stopping her wedding to James, she must race to prove her innocence.

360p (mp4 290.3 MB)
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