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Aftermath (2016)

Aftermath (2016) poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Science-Fiction
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
6.8/10(12 votes)
Anne Heche Anne Heche as Karen Tupper
James Tupper James Tupper as Joshua Copeland
Julia Sarah Stone Julia Sarah Stone as Dana Copeland
Levi Meaden Levi Meaden as Matt Copeland
Taylor Hickson Taylor Hickson as Brianna Copeland

The Copelands battle for survival after civilization comes to an apocalyptic end -- and they are faced not only with plague – but the rise of supernatural creatures.

Biblical predictions are increasingly seen in the plots of the series. The Bible speaks of the day of judgment which will come suddenly, when no one will have to wait. Prophecies come true. The world was plunged into terrible chaos. The Apocalypse began on the planet. In the fantastic series Aftermath in the center of attention is an ordinary American family Copeland. The couple, Karen and Joshua have three children. The older daughter's name is Dana. She is very intelligent and resourceful girl which is not accustomed to be wrong. The middle daughter's name is Brianna. She is very romantic and she puts a happy family life on the foreground. And Junior Matt is not perceptible guy which goes to school and loves his family. Perhaps this family would have lived a happy life on, if the following events did not happen. On the Earth are frequent earthquakes, storms come to replace them. Tornadoes demolish houses with equipment, and tsunami covers the planet with tons of water. And meteor showers kill the people completely. In addition people are in the midst of mysterious events: the human soul attacked by evil demons, and human body want to eat huge flying creatures similar to dinosaurs. Copeland's family left his native city. It's important for them to stick together now. Or maybe fate will play a cruel joke with them and will separate them?

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