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Adventure Time season 2

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Adventure Time season 2 poster
26 episodes (2126 views)

Air weekdate:Daily Cast:John DiMaggio, Jeremy Shada, Niki Yang, Tom Kenny, Hynden Walch, Andy Daly, Jack Pendarvis, Tunde Adebimpe , Anne Heche, Tom Kenny, Lou Ferrigno, Jackie Buscarino, Madeleine Martin, Tom Kenny, Kumail Nanjiani, Justin Roiland, Paget Brewster, Roz Ryan, Jeremy Shada, Jeff Glen Bennett, John Di Maggio, Dan Mintz, Marc Evan Jackson, Kristen Schaal, Pendleton Ward, Alia Shawkat, Maria Bamford, Steve Little, Mariah Bamford, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Grey DeLisle, Maria Banford, Maria Bamford, Stephen Root, Justin Roiland, Maria Bamford, Dee Bradley Baker, Kent Osborne, Ron Perlman, Steve Little, Lena Dunham, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Kenny, Pendleton Ward, Rebecca Sugar, Polly Lou Livingston, Jessica DiCicco, Niki Yang, Olivia Olson, Alia Shawkat Genre:Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Family Channel:Cartoon Network Status:Continuing

9.7 (136 votes)

Adventure Time season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: It Came from the Nightosphere (air date: 2010-10-11)

Marceline's evil father goes on a soul-sucking rampage after Finn and Marceline accidentally release him from the Nightosphere.

360p (mp4 63.9 MB)
Episode #2: The Eyes (air date: 2010-10-18)

Finn and Jake try to rid themselves of a weird horse that creeps them out.

360p (mp4 51.3 MB)
Episode #3: Loyalty to the King (air date: 2010-10-25)

Finn and Jake are excited to meet the Nice King who has come to Ooo. They soon realize that he looks suspiciously like someone else they know; the Ice King.

360p (mp4 67.6 MB)
Episode #4: Blood Under the Skin (air date: 2010-11-01)

When Finn gets a splinter on his finger, he wants to get the best armor. In order to receive it, he must go on a quest to get the Magical Armor of Zelderon and survive one embarrassing situation after another.

360p (mp4 68.1 MB)
Episode #5: Storytelling (air date: 2010-11-08)

Jake is sick and demands to hear a good story full of romance, fighting and suspense.

360p (mp4 53.5 MB)
Episode #6: Slow Love (air date: 2010-11-15)

Finn and Jake agree to help a snail named Snorlock find a girlfriend.

360p (mp4 61.9 MB)
Episode #7: Power Animal (air date: 2010-11-22)

Finn is captured by gnomes who want to use his energy to power their infernal machines, and it's up to Jake to stay focused and rescue him.

360p (mp4 75.8 MB)
Episode #8: Crystals Have Power (air date: 2010-11-29)

Jake takes a pledge of nonviolence just before Finn is kidnapped by outlaws from the crystalline dimension.

360p (mp4 62.0 MB)
Episode #9: The Other Tarts (air date: 2011-01-03)

Finn choses to cross the Desert of Doom to deliver the royal tarts to the annual back rubbing ceremony.

360p (mp4 60.7 MB)
Episode #10: To Cut a Woman's Hair (air date: 2011-01-10)

A tree witch demands a lock of princess hair else Jake will be sucked into her bottomless bottom.

360p (mp4 51.5 MB)
Episode #11: The Chamber of Frozen Blades (air date: 2011-01-17)

Whilst the Ice King goes out to take Gunther to the hospital, Finn and Jake decide to sneak inside his lair and flex their ninja skills.

360p (mp4 58.6 MB)
Episode #12: Her Parents (air date: 2011-01-24)

Jake's relationship with Lady Rainicorn is in danger when he promises to meet with her parents, as both species had a long history of war with each other. However, thanks to Jake's shape-shifting powers, they mistake the dog as one of their own, but for how long?

360p (mp4 66.9 MB)
Episode #13: The Pods (air date: 2011-01-31)

Finn and Jake discover a box containing three beans. Planting them causes three pods to grow. Two of them are good and one is evil, but which is which?

360p (mp4 62.9 MB)
Episode #14: The Silent King (air date: 2011-02-06)

After defeating a evil king of goblins, Finn finds himself crowned as their new king. Unfortunately, he's unable to do anything for them due to the rules of the previous king including defending the goblins from the previous king.

360p (mp4 72.5 MB)
Episode #15: The Real You (air date: 2011-02-14)

Finn has to give a speech at Princess Bubblegum's science barbecue and seeks a quick fix to make himself smarter.

360p (mp4 83.1 MB)
Episode #16: Guardians of Sunshine (air date: 2011-02-21)

Finn and Jake get sucked into one of BMO's games and they have to defeat all three of his bosses.

360p (mp4 88.6 MB)
Episode #17: Death in Bloom (air date: 2011-02-28)

After killing Princess Bubblegum's plant when left to take care of it, Finn and Jake make a trip to the Land of the Dead in order to get its soul back.

360p (mp4 59.2 MB)
Episode #18: Susan Strong (air date: 2011-03-07)

Finn is excited to discover what appears to be a tribe of humans living underground near the Candy Kingdom, but gets more than he expected when he tries to teach one of them about the surface world.

360p (mp4 58.2 MB)
Episode #19: Mystery Train (air date: 2011-03-14)

Wanting to surprise Finn on his birthday, Jake takes Finn on a train, where they get wrapped up in a murder mystery.

360p (mp4 68.9 MB)
Episode #20: Go With Me (air date: 2011-03-28)

Marceline and Jake give Finn advice so he can ask Princess Bubblegum to see a movie with him.

360p (mp4 84.4 MB)
Episode #21: Belly of the Beast (air date: 2011-04-04)

In order to cure the stomach ache of a giant, Finn and Jake must break up a party happening in his belly.

360p (mp4 76.2 MB)
Episode #22: The Limit (air date: 2011-04-11)

On a mission to save soldiers of the Hot Dog Princess, Finn and Jake go inside a massive maze where wishes can be granted and where Jake's stretching powers are pushed to their limits.

360p (mp4 91.8 MB)
Episode #23: Video Makers (air date: 2011-04-18)

After discovering government warnings prior to movies for their film club, Finn and Jake decide to make their own, but get into a fight over the direction of their film.

360p (mp4 97.2 MB)
Episode #24: Mortal Folly (1) (air date: 2011-05-02)

Finn and Jake must go on a quest to find the Lich King (originally sealed away by Billy), while the Ice King pesters them for permission to date Princess Bubblegum.

360p (mp4 70.1 MB)
Episode #25: Mortal Recoil (2) (air date: 2011-05-02)

The Princess isn't feeling well and Jake starts to worry something might be wrong with her.. The Ice King is anxious to help, but does Finn trust him?

360p (mp4 70.7 MB)
Episode #26: Heat Signature (air date: 2011-05-09)

Marceline plays a prank on Finn and Jake by making them believe they're vampires, but it nearly goes too far when they're manipulated by her ghost friends.

360p (mp4 49.4 MB)
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