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24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller
Channel: FOX
Status: Ended
8.8/10(469 votes)
Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer
Carlos Bernard Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida
Mary Lynn Rajskub Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian
Mary Lynn Rajskub Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian
Alan Dale Alan Dale as Vice President Jim Prescott
Alberta Watson Alberta Watson as Erin Driscoll
Andrea Thompson Andrea Thompson as Dr. Nicole Duncan
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor as Omar Hassan
Annie Wersching Annie Wersching as Renee Walker
Benjamin Bratt Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro

Jack Bauer, agent of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) faces threats against his country and himself in this action packed show. Each season contains of one day, each episode shows one hour of Jack Bauer's day. 24 is the only action show in real time and gained a lot of fans during the years with this concept.

The plot of the new story of “24” saga unfolds four years after the developments of the eighth season. We see one day of man’s life who is considered to be a master of a counterterrorism on the one hand and “a superman against his will” on the other. Yes, this is Jack Bauer in his own person! Each of the miniseries describes only two hours of his life. The authorities, or rather intelligence services from different countries hunt for Jack but it is not so easy to catch a master, is it? CIA takes the most active part in his pursuit. Jack’s right-hand assistant Chloe O’Brian is under arrest for collusion with a federal criminal. But in British capital a serious terrorist attack is planned. Jack is going to sacrifice his health, life, freedom, whatsoever in order to save the innocent people. So, the action-packed storyline begins! Jack has to show miracles of ingenuity and try his own fate. And also he has to choose endlessly! Shall we wait for a happy end this time?

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Eighth season of 24 shows us Jack whose attention is attracted by the plot of killing of the President of the Islamic Republic. C.T.U. places in detention the reporter who is accused of being accomplice of the murderers. Jack and Chloe begin their own investigation and try to protect the President. The former FBI agent Renee Walker is assigned to fulfill an important mission – to find and neutralize a Russian gang of arms producers. The Russians are suspicious of Renee, whereas the negotiations between USA and Kamistan are conducted in hard words. The past of C.T.U. analyst Dana Walsh turns into a horror for her and she decides to tell everything to the police. The arms dealer is busy with his sons. In the meantime the actions of the President Hassan are of the paranoid nature. Dalia is at loggerheads with her father and at last understands an important thing for herself… All in all these series offer us perfect characters; huge quantity of special effects; deep emersion into the atmosphere; multifaceted storyline: political, criminal, personal; it is likely that you will want to see it for the second time to understand more deeply the motives of the characters. 24 is truly worth seeing.

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After the events that took place in previous seasons of 24 - four years pass. Jack is still on the run, hides away from CIA and former cronies, who are no longer on his side. He finds out that a horrible terrorist attack is prepared in the center of London, which must destroy a lot of people and buildings. The protagonist tries to prevent a disaster without understanding that he gets involved into a dangerous game and interferes with the sinister people’s political intrigues. The viewers of these series will be glad to see the return of the loveliest TV heroes including Chloe O’Brian, who became a true friend for Jack. James Heller who is not just a Secretary but the President of the United States and Audrey – Jack Bauer’s ex-lover also serve a prefect decoration for the series. These dynamic, cloak-and-dagger series relates you a story of a many-year-old persecution of an American agent. Nevertheless he is still on the good side and is not going to change it. Jack is ready to help and protect people especially when it comes to the citizens of his native town.

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