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Wu Assassins

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 10

Air weekdate: Thursday 
Genre: Action Crime Fantasy  
Channel: Netflix 
Status: Continuing
Cast: , , ,  
0.0/10(0 votes)

A warrior chosen as the latest and last Wu Assassin must search for the powers of an ancient triad and restore balance in San Francisco's Chinatown.

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Police Camera Auction

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 1

Air weekdate: Thursday 
Channel: ITV 
Status: Continuing
Cast: ,  
0.0/10(0 votes)

Going inside the extraordinary world of criminal excess Police, Camera, Auction tells the story of the auction house selling off crooks' hidden riches.

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Love Island (US)

Lastest episode: season 2 episode 2

Air weekdate: Monday 
Genre: Romance  
Channel: CBS 
Status: Continuing
Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,  
0.0/10(0 votes)

The U.S. version of the Love Island begins as a group of single "Islanders" come together in a stunning villa in Fiji, ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships and, ultimately, relationships. Every few days the Islanders must couple-up – those who fail to find a partner to couple up with risk being dumped from the island. Islanders are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love doesn't always run smoothly. Challenges abound with new Islander arrivals and dramatic twists as friendships and relationships form. In addition to choosing their partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winner, who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize.

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Private Eyes

Lastest episode: season 3 episode 12

Air weekdate: Wednesday 
Genre: Drama Comedy Crime  
Channel: Global 
Status: Continuing
Cast: , , , , , , , ,  
7.3/10(162 votes)

Private Eyes follows ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade who irrevocably changes his life when he teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.

Matt Shade's post-hockey career hasn't exactly been a shining one. A stint in sports broadcasting led to lots of embarrassment and the kind of YouTube fame no one wants – and Shade sees working with Angie as an opportunity to redeem himself from his checkered past. And have a little fun, of course.

On the ice, he learned how to hustle, read people and anticipate their moves. Working with Angie, Shade discovers a fantastic rush of adrenaline, and realizes that he's found a new home where his skills still matter. Meanwhile, Angie took over her father's P.I. agency after his death, and she strives to keep his legacy alive. Each case is an opportunity for her to flex her smarts, strength, and strategic thinking. She's straightforward, clever, and knows her business inside out. Angie may find Shade naïve and well, annoying, but his passion and heart bring something special to her successful one-woman business.

Everett Investigations + Shade might just be Canada's new dynamic duo.

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Blood and Treasure

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 13

Air weekdate: Tuesday 
Genre: Drama Action Adventure  
Channel: CBS 
Status: Continuing
Cast: , , , , , , , ,  
8.0/10(28 votes)

Blood & Treasure is a globe-trotting action-adventure drama about a brilliant antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up to catch a ruthless terrorist.

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Lastest episode: season 1 episode 8

Air weekdate: Sunday 
Genre: Drama Crime Thriller  
Channel: HBO 
Status: Continuing
Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,  
6.0/10(5 votes)

Based on the 2012 Israeli series of the same name, Euphoria is a look at the brutality and pleasures of teen existence today. It follows a group of high school students as they attempt to cope through drugs, sex and violence in an effort to make sense of an uncertain future.

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