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Cooking on High

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 12

Air weekdate:   Cast: ,   Genre: Comedy Food   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

0 (0 votes)

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Luke Cage

Lastest episode: season 2 episode 13

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , ,   Genre: Action Crime Drama   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

8 (42 votes)
Luke Cage regained his honest name in season 2, and he became a real star with a reputation as a bulletproof person in the streets of his native Harlem. Despite the frenzied popularity, Luke will make new troubles. A character named John McIver (Mustafa Shakir) will bring them. He is also known as the Bushmaster. This criminal authority is hard, vengeful, charismatic, and most importantly, as invulnerable as Cage. Also, you should not write off the insidious Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) and Shades (Theo Rossi), who led the Cottonmouth empire and are eager to destroy Luke. But the main Cage’s enemy in the upcoming episodes will be Rosalie Carbone (Annabella Gloria Philomena Sciorra). This woman is a dangerous and powerful player in the criminal world, who has her own plans. In the first season of the superhero action movie, Mariah Dillard was in the shadow of Cottonmouth, but now she is ready to become Queen of Harlem and make it a wonderful place. Harlem can not withstand two devils, and three – and even more … As a result, the whole burden of the problems of the native New York area​​ will again fall on Luke Cage in the upcoming season. It’s good that there will still be a steep nurse Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) and the owner of the ultramodern bionic arm Misty Knight (Simone Missick) on the side of the hero. Moreover, the Iron Fist (Finn Jones) will appear in season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage.

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The Ranch

Lastest episode: season 3 episode 10

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

8.1 (22 votes)
The Ranch season 3 continues to talk about the strange family Bennett, who lives on the picturesque ranch in Colorado. Former semi-professional football player Colt, along with his brother Jameson, are trying to run a family business. Former military Luke Matthews (Dax Shepard) will try to fill the void in the new season 3, which formed after the dismissal of Danny Masterson, who fell victim to allegations of harassment. Luke came to Garrison on a mysterious matter and immediately reached an understanding with Colt (Ashton Kutcher) and Beau (Sam Elliott). However, the creators Don Reo and Jim Patterson are not going to go to extremes, and the replacement is not the case. Shepard’s participation will be limited only to the second half in season 3 of The Ranch. The first 9 episodes from the 20 planned are filmed with Masterson, and no changes are planned to be made.

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Lastest episode: season 2 episode 12

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Drama Mystery Science-Fiction Suspense   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

8.7 (93 votes)
Be the first witness as eight completely different nationalities of people from different parts of the world find in themselves a feelings which show them than that can not to see the others. Everything is already aware of the fact that everyone has five senses with the help of which, he establishes contact with the outside world. But not everyone has the opportunity to envisage events, feel those events before it happens. Exactly such a possibility will in the main characters of the series. They will can feel at a distance each other and communicate with each other at the level of consciousness. Initially, to them will not easy to set this connection, because they are all very different, each with his own way of life and his stereotypes. But with time, they will find a common language, will learn to control their abilities and will in able to accept each other such as they are. Time will pass, and on the horizon appears a man which will want to collect all these people in one place and destroy them. We think that for all will interesting to discover who and why wanted to do it.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender

Lastest episode: season 6 episode 7

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Action Animation Science-Fiction   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

7.7 (9 votes)

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Lastest episode: season 1 episode 4

Air weekdate:   Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary Special Interest   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

0 (0 votes)

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The Toys That Made Us

Lastest episode: season 2 episode 4

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary   Channel: Netflix  Status: Continuing

0 (0 votes)

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Lastest episode: season 3 episode 13

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Action Adventure Animation Children Fantasy   Channel: Netflix  Status: Ended

8.7 (10 votes)
Trollhunters season 3 continues to follow the 15-year-old boy, who became the protector of the trolls underground civilization. The main character was voiced by Emile Hirsch in the 3rd (and last) season instead of the late Anton Yelchin. Jim Lake has already learned a lot. He mastered the power of the magic amulet thanks to his new friends – good trolls. This amulet helps him maintain a fragile peace between trolls and humans. However, the Trollhunters team will have a tough and dangerous battle in the new episodes, because Gunmar and the resurrected Morgana want to sink both worlds into the darkness! Despite the cohesion and strength of our protagonists, they have to ask the famous wizard Merlin for help, restore his magical power and stand for the protection of the universe jointly. Thus, Jim is waiting for many new and exciting adventures, many of which lead him to both worlds at once … in the final season 3 of Trollhunters TV series or now Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia.

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Evil Genius

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 4

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: ,   Genre: Crime Documentary   Channel: Netflix  Status: Ended

10 (1 votes)

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Bobby Kennedy for President

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 4

Air weekdate:   Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary   Channel: Netflix  Status:

10 (1 votes)

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